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Posted in: Man arrested for distributing revenge porn in Fukushima See in context

I know people really want to trust a partner and stuff, but don't let them take naked photos of you. nothing is private now and everything will end up in the internet, eventually. Now if it's taken without your consent you should make a denounce, of course; but come on, don't take naked pictures, it's stupid and people WILL see it.

That goes for men and women. Somehow it's bad when it happens to a woman but if a guy gets his pics released he's the butt of the joke.

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Posted in: 17-year-old gives birth in toilet; dumps infant by river See in context

Poor things. Both the girl and the baby.

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Posted in: 4 things women are banned from doing in Japan See in context

This had interesting information, too bad it sounded preachy and radfem in the end.

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Posted in: Miranda Kerr’s photo shoot for Vogue Japan stirs up controversy See in context

I actually like the last two pictures.

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Posted in: Why do so many anime characters have non-Japanese names? See in context

Because the setting or the background of the character isn't japanese? there's a lot of anime with japanese characters, though the ones with western characters seem to be on the rising.

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