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Giulia comments

Posted in: Tokyo Olympic athletes to be exempted from virus entry bans See in context

While people with valid COE and a job waiting for them in Japan are still stuck abroad...


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Posted in: Gov't to let foreign athletes enter Japan under certain conditions See in context

And people with job offers and work visa (new entry) still can't enter Japan and risk their jobs... Are you kidding me?

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Posted in: Japan, Singapore to resume short-term business travel from Sept 18 See in context

Now that residents are finally able to re-enter, I wish Japan could start thinking about easing restrictions on new expatriates (with work visa permits) from everywhere not just these countries... it's been more than six months already and we're still stuck without being able to start our jobs. It's really tough and the more we wait the the scarier it gets because our companies can't wait forever. I say this here hoping that someone might hear our voices. No one talks about us.

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Posted in: Suga set to join race to succeed Abe, media report See in context

Please no...

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Posted in: Tokyo area population outflow exceeds inflow for 1st time See in context

About time! Way too many people in Tokyo.

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Posted in: Japan to lift re-entry restrictions on foreign residents from Sept 1 See in context

Currently I live in Australia. I was supposed to move and work in Japan, I have been issued 在留資格認定証明書 (Certificate of Eligibility).

Does anyone know if someone like me will be eligible as well?

Or, this is for permanent residents only currently?

I'm in the exact same situation, I was supposed to move and work in Japan, have a CoE and had my visa issued back in March. Unfortunately, since we never had the chance to cross the border the first time, we're still not considered actual residents by Japan.

It makes sense in a way, but at the same time we are also stuck outside without being able to start our jobs, which is not exactly a joke and puts us in a very difficult position... since this is what should be considered necessary travel we should also be allowed in, in my opinion.

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Posted in: Japan to ease entry restrictions for foreign students See in context

Foreign students from where? I don't understand. This writing is confusing.

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Posted in: Anti-mask group in Tokyo slammed for 'cluster festival' See in context

These people don't even deserve health care in case they catch the virus. They are just selfish.

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Posted in: Japan, Singapore to ease COVID-19 travel restrictions from September See in context

The agreement between Japan and Singapore will cover short-term business travelers as well as expatriates and other long-term residents, the Japanese Foreign Ministry said.

I completely agree with letting in long-term residents and expatriates (aka people who had obtained a job in Japan but couldn't start it because the borders closed and now are stuck without an income--I am one of them). But why short-term business travelers?! What's the point?

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Posted in: Hawaii says Japan is considering it for travel resumption See in context

"Considering" -lol!, I wouldn't hold my breath as NZ, who hasn't had a case of community transmission in 3 months, is still on the list of countries whose citizens are banned from entering Japan.

I'm not trying to defend Japan or anything but I think that the actual reason why they haven't opened to NZ and Australia yet is because both of these countries don't want to open to Japan. I think they want to open to each other first. Japan is set to resume travel (and visa applications) with both Vietnam and Thailand around these days, so it's pretty clear that is NZ and Australia not wanting to open rather than the opposite (and they are right, considering the spike of cases in Japan).

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Posted in: Japan to grant re-entry 'gradually' to foreign residents stuck abroad See in context

Given the current situation in Germany and Europe as whole, the German government is doing the Japanese a favor.

Read the actual numbers before writing nonsense. Most of European countries that were hit hard by the virus a few months ago like Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium etc are doing so much better than Japan. Even the UK is doing better than Japan right now.

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Posted in: Japan's travel ban has hit 85% of European businesses there: trade lobby See in context

The funny thing is that Japanese citizens can now enter Europe (apart from Germany that asked for reciprocity). This is a joke. Considering that right now most of European countries are doing way better than Japan that has at least 500 cases a day, the EU should have just followed Germany's decision and should have kept the entry ban!!

Shame on you Japan

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Posted in: Virus testing centers may open in Sept at 3 airports See in context

9000 PCR tests? Funny. That's less than the amount of tests that the small region I live in Italy conducts DAILY (since March).

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Posted in: ACCJ urges Japan to end 'double standard' re-entry rules See in context

Apparently, Japan is still considering whether or not easing the re-entry ban on allowing re-entry of long-term residents is something possible. But hey, they are already planning on letting athletes enter Japan for the Olympics. Isn't that exciting?!

I have no words left to describe this behavior. Only insults.

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Posted in: Japan to discuss easing travel ban with China, S Korea, other countries See in context

Dear Giulia - don't be too upset that they have barred you. In my opinion they have no idea how many people are positive in Japan, and the atmosphere surrounding foreign residents here is very right wing. This is a wonderful country and the people are friendly, but this current regime have a right wing agenda and this decision is an example of that.

Yes I know, unfortunately. It's just upsetting to see that while other countries let in foreigners (and by foreigners I don't mean tourists, but residents or people who obtained working visas) without any problem, Japan is thinking about businesspeople instead. We have our jobs there and we can't start simply because they decided that since we are foreigners we are more likely to carry the virus than Japanese business men. It's unfair, and living with no income is not a joke. Shame on them.

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Posted in: Japan to discuss easing travel ban with China, S Korea, other countries See in context

Giulia, I'm in the same exact position like you. I've been waiting to enter Japan for three months with no job and no income. Uuuugh so annoying.

No one seems to care about our situation. We aren't like students, we should be able to enter ASAP as well! We need to work too!!!

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Posted in: Japan to discuss easing travel ban with China, S Korea, other countries See in context

I don't get this "businesspeople" thing.

What about residents!!

And what about ordinary people who held a valid work visa (that got suspended so they're left with CoE) and have their job in Japan but they can't start it because of travel restrictions?! They aren't residents yet but they aren't like students or tourists! They are stuck outside with no salary!!

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Posted in: EU to reopen borders to 14 nations, including Japan but not to U.S. tourists See in context

Where is the reciprocity though? Japan should open to the EU too. Permanent residents should be let in first, of course. It's unacceptable that Japanese people will be able to travel freely to EU countries but European people who have been living in Japan can't enter. It's unfair.

Also, I see very few people talking about work visa holders who were left out of Japan before entering and now are stuck outside without a job and income (they have a job in Japan, they just can't cross the border to start it). They also need to enter soon!

We can't keep the world closed until we have a vaccine, it's impossible. People need to go back to their lives! Tourism, of course, should be prohibited. But there are so many people struggling because of this that are being ignored, and it has to stop.

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