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Posted in: Toshiba to pay $3.68 billion for Westinghouse reactors in U.S. See in context

It looks like some folk still think nukes are a good idea. Nope. I have PV and an EV and will not pay for electricity or gasoline for decades.

Wind and PV are now around three cents/kWh, whiie powerfrom the new nukes is between 15 and 18 cents. Which one would you buy?

PV plus storage is now at 4.5 cents, one-third of the cost of new nukes. And no stable of expensive specialists needed, and no nuclear waste with which to deal.

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Posted in: How Comey's 'smoking gun' could kill the Trump presidency See in context

The facts are that Trump admitted he fired the FBI Director because of the "Russia thing".

There it is, Obstruction of Justice in his own words.

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Posted in: Australia to build first prison aimed at isolating militants See in context

Dubya did that. It got them organized and led to ISIS.

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Posted in: Trump dismisses 'fabricated' report of son-in-law's outreach to Russia See in context

Of all the information regarding Trump and the Russians, I find this most suspicious.

I think it may be a trick by those who support Trump to put it out so it can be trashed, like they did to Dan Rather with the evidence of Bush Texas Air Guard records.

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Posted in: High court upholds obscenity ruling against 'vagina artist' See in context

About half of all people on Earth have one of these.

I hope they don't look!

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Posted in: Unseating Assad risks unleashing even more chaos See in context

The Russians saw how easily the American goobers were emotionally-manipulated into the Bush Wars, and just did it, too. They inflicted Trump on us.

Now, our play-acting "president" has NO CLUE what he is doing.

Will it be Korea? Syria? Where else?

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Posted in: The reactors inside the No. 1 plant are full of unknown challenges. We have no choice but to use our available knowledge to create robots that can deal with these problems. See in context

5speed, it wasn't "hysterical housewives" who caused these disasters.

And your decision to ridicule the author seems to be based on much, of which you are unaware. The radiation is at 540 Sieverts. You will get a lethal dose in less than one minute. We have to use robots.

They have not gotten very far as of yet.

The conditions inside the three severely-damaged reactors are unknown, and what is known is surprising. Therefore, the challenges we will face are still unknown.

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Posted in: N Korean leader oversees special forces op as tensions soar See in context

I trust neither of those two flaming and unpredictable egos.

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Posted in: Video of passenger getting dragged off flight in Chicago sparks uproar See in context

Next, can we expect passengers to "stand up" to the airline and refuse?

I can see it.

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Posted in: Twitter case shows breadth of U.S. power to probe anti-Trump statements See in context

I served on a federal criminal grand jury in the Bush Years, and came away fearing my Department of Justice.

Trump has made it much worse. The Bad Guys are in charge now.

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Posted in: Revised law enables surprise inspection of nuclear plants See in context

Gosh, . . I wonder why I am so cynical regarding things nuclear.

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Posted in: Hope at home for Toshiba's nuclear arm after U.S. debacle See in context

Nuclear power is SO 20th Century.

We should have outgrown it by now.

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Posted in: Osaka High Court rules Takahama nuclear reactors can restart See in context

Make it clear that the politicians will be held personally responsible for any problems. If nobody goes to prison, this will just continue until we stop them.

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Posted in: California prepares for showdown with Trump over environment See in context

Putin would love for California to leave the US, and cripple the other 49 states, Mister Cleff.

We pay much more into the feds than we get back, like other blue states who support the parasitic red ones. Did you know Louisiana gets 40% of its operating budget as welfare from the Blue States?

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Posted in: California prepares for showdown with Trump over environment See in context

Rumpy is just trying to stop the future. Our house, the two on the sides of us, and two across the street have solar PV. It powers our house and automobile, for 15,000 miles last year.

California and the West can live very well without the rest of the nation, thanks.

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Posted in: Toshiba plans Westinghouse Chapter 11 filing See in context

Those two nuke projects include four reactors. None of that design has have been built or tested before.

The overruns in cost have plagued nuclear projects from the first ones, and it still seems to be a technology over which we have too little control..

Fortunately, the rise in practical alternatives has made this dangerous technology obsolete. Our house solar PV system in California provides the power for our house and electric vehicle, too.

It will pay for itself in four years and three months. And since we did it a year ago, the costs of PV have gone down, and the costs of power has gone up, and the evolution of electric transportation has begun.

Nuclear power is already too expensive, and we have yet to find ways to store the waste we have created in the past 60 years.

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Posted in: Trump, after stinging defeat, promises a 'great' health plan See in context

Is Trump tired of winning yet?

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Posted in: Trump, after stinging defeat, promises a 'great' health plan See in context

The man is a scammer, a flim-flammer, a cheat.

Sorry to have to say that.

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Posted in: Trump, after stinging defeat, promises a 'great' health plan See in context


The joke is on us.

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Posted in: Spying claim by House intelligence committee chairman renews fight over Russia probe See in context

How did Trump get to 70 years old without getting through the "terrible twos"?

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Posted in: Spying claim by House intelligence committee chairman renews fight over Russia probe See in context

Look up the Gerasimov Doctrine: Valery Gerasimov and assymetrical warfare.

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Posted in: Spying claim by House intelligence committee chairman renews fight over Russia probe See in context

Stooges of Putin.

Who'd have thought it would be the conservatives?

Pootie saw how easy it was for Bush and Cheney to lie the Americans into a war of mass killing and corporate profit.

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Posted in: Do you ever worry about your personal info or data being hacked or stolen online? See in context

I was hacked repeatedly when I was a Deputy Foreperson on a Federal Criminal Grand Jury, for 18 of the 24 months I served. Every time a certain topic came up, (which was embarrassing to the Bush administration), I would get hacked at home.

Who knew what was said behind those two sets of locked doors? It was all secret.

I no longer trust our Department of Justice, I fear them.

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Posted in: Trump says he'll honor 'One China' policy in call with Xi See in context

We are all holding on, hoping to survive the Age of Trump, and its coming disasters.

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Posted in: U.S. judge bars deportations under Trump travel ban See in context

How soon before everybody bans Trump?

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Posted in: Trump, spokesman slam U.S. media over inauguration crowd coverage See in context

Can we crowd-fund a billboard somewhere he is likely to see it with those two photos side-by-side?

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Posted in: What do you think will be the biggest difference between candidate Trump and President Trump? See in context

Nuclear weapons.

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Posted in: Open secrets - and Trump's wrath - will challenge new CIA chief See in context

This will be an interesting time. Trump cannot deport 20,000,000 people and build a big wall, so many of his extremist followers will not forgive him for being insufficiently violent.

At the same time, his extremist views are not met with agreement by his own nominees, so we may dodge some of the more extreme Trump positions.

But the last few Republicans each had to have their own Republican Wars. My real question is: "Will the Trump Wars be nuclear?"

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Posted in: I think most people don’t know about this, but Ambassador Kennedy was an exceptionally tough negotiator. When I could persuade her, I could persuade Washington, D.C., as well. On the contrary, when sh See in context

If you want to see something strange, just wait for the pick of Trump. He is likely to pick a billionaire owner of a house of prostitution in Nevada, or someone of equivalent experience and stature.

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Posted in: Japan's draconian marijuana laws against ongoing trends See in context

I have to use it daily for dream suppression, a legacy of military experience. For almost 50 years now, - and only had to kill three people today because of Reefer Madness. At last that is what they want you to think. In reality it calms you down without making you sloppy like alcohol does.

I cannot now go long without it, since we have no practical substitutes. Legally allowed to grow by my state, I choose to not do so, because of family concerns. I buy from legal growers who pay taxes.

Given its record, prosecuting folk for having it is neither humane nor indicative of civilized thought.

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