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Posted in: Man arrested on suspicion of killing 10 stray cats See in context

Another sick sob give him some stress in prison for a while...

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Posted in: Nursery school teacher who forced boy to eat wasabi-laced chicken gets suspended sentence See in context

Pathetic really just pathetic.....

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Posted in: Prosecutors seek 3 years in prison for bawling ex-lawmaker Nonomura over fraud See in context

Watched this on the news yesterday seems hes got a bit to cry about now.He failed to show up to court numerous occasions keept putting it off he should have just got it over and done with.Nomura was wearing a wig the first time he appearred in court he was bald in the first place.

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Posted in: Australian teenager charged with plotting ANZAC Day terror attack See in context

@CItizen2012 Yes plotting terrorism is enough to get life in prison in Australia the laws are in place to protect the people not to help would be terrorist.Nothing weird about the police not disclosing anything as it will all come out in court where substantial evidence will have to be given.Good on Australia for taking such steps to try to prevent terrorism.

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Posted in: Renewed gun debate in Australia 20 years after mass shooting See in context

@Peter Payne when was Australia ever gun-less?

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Posted in: Nadal, Nishikori advance to Barcelona Open quarterfinals See in context

Go Kei!!!

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Posted in: Musician Prince dies at his Minnesota home at 57 See in context

RIP Prince.

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Posted in: Nagoya woman arrested for setting boyfriend on fire See in context

What fruitloop but Japanese women tend to go a bit nutty at times once you piss them off.Wont be showing this story to the wife might give her ideas...

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Posted in: Murder charge dropped against American in case of woman found floating in bay See in context

@Danny Bloom lets hope so...

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Posted in: Murder charge dropped against American in case of woman found floating in bay See in context

Lost for words on this one...Just feel for family and friends of Mariko they will never get closure on this.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for killing 6-year-old son in Osaka See in context

This is in the news so often a bit too much RIP Little Boy there is no way that you deserved that no matter what the circumstances.May this lady spend long time in jail for what she has done how about a whole life time that she took from her own son would be justice.But knowing Japan don't think that is going to happen sadly another life goes to waste another murderer will more than likely not get the punishment they deserve..

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Posted in: Chinese military aircraft makes first public landing on island in disputed sea See in context

@Paul_Barbara yes unfortunately large powerful countries do as they please.Covering up a reef in the Ocean and building a landing strip vs taking people off a Island that was already there seem to be a bit different to me especially when that happened in the 60s its not even logical to make that comparison.So what ever China does now you can compare with something that happened 50 odd years ago and deem it righteous.If your going to go to the trouble of copy and pasting comments at least do a good job of it.

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Posted in: Chinese military aircraft makes first public landing on island in disputed sea See in context

No consideration for the environment at all just cover some reefs up and build a landing strip..This is so typical China....don't care about what anyone thinks says just do as they please...Not to mention they are not even near mainland China..

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Posted in: Pope brings 12 Syrian Muslim refugees to Italy aboard his plane See in context

Considering the Catholic church is loaded to the eyeballs with wealth think they could do a bit more for humanity...

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Posted in: 2-year-old boy dies after being confined in plastic storage case See in context

Sick just sick really lost for words RIP Yukiya

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Posted in: Assistant professor arrested for filming up girl's skirt See in context

Another pervert...He should be put on a watch list of offenders!!Whats going to happen to him well not much..Really Japan come on you need to put harsher laws in place regarding offenses against minors get with the program!!!!

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Posted in: 63-year-old man beaten, run over in Ibaraki See in context

Sounds like a alcoholic rage he will have plenty of time to dry out now..Lets hope the victim recovers fully..

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Posted in: McDonald's Japan wonders where its customers went See in context

Get a new CEO would be a start..

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Posted in: Prosecutors open probes as world's wealthy deny 'Panama Papers' links See in context

Nothing new here the rich and powerful have been at it since the start of time...

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Posted in: Man hits 72-year-old after being warned about smartphone use while walking See in context

@Lockke yeah I have been in that situation many of times but the reality they are just jijis nothing better to do with their time.It is a part of living in Japan dealing with the jijis in the best way you can being polite I find with them once you turn and speak to them in politely in Japanese they seem to soften up pretty quick.After all we all are guest of this wonderful Country respect goes a long way here.Saying that this jijis actions are not acceptable in any society.

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Posted in: 1-year-old girl dies after being hit by car driven by father See in context

Sad sad story RIP little one

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Posted in: Huge tax leak exposes Putin aides, world leaders, stars See in context

No surprises here

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Posted in: Man hits 72-year-old after being warned about smartphone use while walking See in context

If it was some big foreigner on his phone texting away sure these people would not deliberately bump into them..No the people who deliberately bump into other people look for the weak ones...that is now my friends is the true definition of a coward...@Commodore Shmidlap (Retired) I will chip in for the ticket!

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Posted in: Man hits 72-year-old after being warned about smartphone use while walking See in context

Smart phone walkers annoy the crap out of me..but never thought I deliberately want to walk into them..why bother really...

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Posted in: Obama criticizes Trump's comments on Japan, S Korea acquiring nuclear weapons See in context

Drump at it again....The last person that America and the rest of the World needs at the oval table...Dump the Trump rather see the Hoff run for president.Hey in America anything is possible it might actually happen..

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Posted in: Obama seeing China leader as South China Sea tensions rise See in context

The sleeping Dragon is waking and when it does who knows what will happen...

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Posted in: Man attacks women with hatchet at Fukuoka real estate agency See in context

A lot of real estate agents here are ruthless with no morals so its no surprise to see this in the news.Hes got a long time ahead of him to think about what he has done..Hope the ladies make a full recovery.

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Posted in: Mother dies after jumping from 8th floor with 3-year-old son See in context

Another sad piece of news what happens behind close doors nobody knows and ever will.RIP Mum and hope the little one makes a full recovery.

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Posted in: Man arrested for killing wife with hammer in Nagano Pref See in context

Shocking crime poor children now they have to grow up with knowing their own father murdered their mother that is something that little minds cant understand and will haunt them for the rest of their lives.RIP Naomi San.May the father spend a eternity in jail for this despicable crime he has committed.

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Posted in: Japan executes two death row inmates See in context

@idir13013 tell all that to the victims families...the facts are they are cold blooded killers and they do no deserve the right to live after taking innocent lives.So what we should keep these murderers alive for what may I ask...humanity maybe they should have thought about it a bit more before they committed the horrendous crimes..these people have no respect for human rights and certainly do not deserve them now do they..

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