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Posted in: Firefighter scalds girlfriend's 18-month-old daughter See in context

Throw away the key this sick individual needs to put away for eternity....

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Posted in: Woman, daughter held over fatal abuse of woman's sister See in context

Cold Blooded Killers need to spend a long time in Jail to think what they have done.Their own blood mentally disable and this is what they do to her...lost for words RIP Kazue San

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Posted in: Parents arrested after 8-month-old baby dies of suspected malnutrition, neglect See in context

This couple needs to put in a cage and starved to death..Sick just sick...RIP Rito

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Posted in: N Korea presents detained American to media See in context

What was he thinking...oh and the church really...see another South park episode coming from this one bring it on....

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Posted in: Icelandic whalers suspend hunt; denounce Japan See in context

Dear Iceland this year we are catching our own we dont want your whales...

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Posted in: Australia unveils massive increase in defense spending See in context

Good move Australia

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Posted in: Pope vs Trump: 'Not Christian' to only build border walls See in context

Sorry about the walls you have around the Vatican...Protecting your billions and billions.The Catholic church is the richest religious organization in the world...Surely they can do a lot more for humanity than they are doing...Not to mention all the child abuse cases that are still going on in courts all over the globe...Oh no don't address these matters Mr Pope jump on the political bandwagon that will get you more votes for your religion.Now we don't want to lose members now do we that will mean loss of donations.Religion is very similar to politics just full of empty promises and smoke screens....

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Posted in: China deploys missiles on disputed South China Sea island: report See in context

They first said they would use the Islands for tourism.Now the truth comes out so what are the powers to be going to do about it...This could be the start of something big..I hope not..

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Posted in: Sea Shepherd struggling to find Japan's whaling fleet See in context

@WilliB just for thought....

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Posted in: Sea Shepherd struggling to find Japan's whaling fleet See in context

@ClippetyClop not to mention the ramming the throwing of flares..also the acts of sabotage they have I don't know which SS your thinking about..Not that I am for the whaling but I am definitely against the way Sea Shepard goes about its business putting peoples lives in danger on the high seas.

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Posted in: Sea Shepherd struggling to find Japan's whaling fleet See in context

What cant find them oh too bad..Lets call the government to get the coordinates yeah sure..I can see a really good episode of Southpark on this one..Last one was gold..

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Posted in: Australia introduces medicinal cannabis legislation See in context

Good move Australia.

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Posted in: Former baseball star Kiyohara arrested over drug possession See in context

@Oh,Pie!As as long term expat I can tell you its not how life is here its what you make it just like any other Country on the Planet.Yes the media will report on anything that will sell and this kind of story sells.He was one the best players baseball has seen.If a famous person in your country has some sort of scandal what its not on the news I don't think so.Or is this just your opportunity to do a bit of Japan bashing.All the other news North Korea,ISIS,Zika is being covered here all the time but its just that you probably only watch this site to get your view of Japan.Good effort on stereo typing though.

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Posted in: Australian accused of planning to pack kangaroo with bomb See in context

Skippy the suicide bomber...Ive heard it all now..Well that young man will be going to a nice Aussie jail for a long time..He will feel like a kangaroo after he gets bounced from cell to cell for the eternity of his stay .Then if he makes it out is another thing all together....

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Posted in: Nursery school employee arrested for child abuse See in context

Another nutter that needs to be locked away for a long time...If the other staff have seen her hitting and kicking children before why did they not report it or do something about it?So shes been getting away with this for a while by the sounds of it.Very brave little boy for telling his parents and good job of the parents for going to the police.

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Posted in: 20-year-old man arrested over fatal abuse of girlfriend's 3-year-old son See in context

Saw this on the TV absolutely sickening.The guy was 195cm 120kg and a Yak what an animal.Hope the Yaks inside do the right thing and deal with the matter and he does not make it out because the legal system here will fail this little boy and more than likely he will only get a few years.Come on Japan bring on harsher penalties for animals like this.RIP Ayato chan.

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Posted in: Dolphin activist detained in Japan says he's 'political prisoner' See in context

He did not come here as a tourist he came here as a activist....hes has no ties with SS yeah sure..then he got told to leave and refused..he put himself in this situation and only has himself to blame.

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Posted in: Japan's 'Tuna King' laments Tsukiji market move See in context

WIll be sad to see Tsuji go...As for bluefin tuna

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Posted in: Filipino women raped by Japanese WWII troops demand compensation See in context

@speed there is not enough gold in the world to do so sadly..

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Posted in: Childcare employee suspected of abusing infants in Nagoya See in context

Why is this kind of stuff in the news all the time..its just sick!This woman should be sterilized and never allowed near children again.Japan needs to set up a data base to put this lady on so it wont happen again.Also make the people that are working with children in all fields apply for licenses to do so.Meaning background checking criminal records etc etc.For a such developed nation there is a lot that is undeveloped....

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Posted in: S Korean students protest See in context

When will enough be enough its like the never ending story...

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Posted in: Police, McDonald's working together to ensure children's safety See in context

@SenseNotSoCommon totally agree!

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Posted in: Pressure mounts on Australian PM over Japan whaling See in context

Yes I think the issue will be spoken about for a brief moment.Malcom Turnbull is a business man his personal net wealth is around 80 million he is coming here to do business not to protest against whaling.I don't think Malcom is going to put Australia's security and trade at risk over the whaling issue that is not going to happen.He will probably be making announcements of awarding the submarine contract to Japan while he is here.The general public perception in Australia regarding Japan is not going to change due to this issue never has never will. If so well how about asking the farmers not to sell their products to Japan.Or all the miners not to work for Japanese companies.Or Australians not to buy Toyota's the list goes on.Most Australians will have a whine about whaling then light the BBQ throw on some kangaroo burgers have a beer and say..she will be right mate..end of story

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Posted in: Australia passes law to strip militants of citizenship See in context

Yes just charge them with treason and throw them in jail.Where they can learn to speak proper Aussie and make some really nice new Aussie friends.

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Posted in: Ex-girlfriend sues Charlie Sheen in first known lawsuit over HIV status See in context

This is just the tip f the iceberg there will be many more to come..

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Posted in: Japan's whaling fleet departs for hunt despite international outrage See in context

Australia was one of the biggest Whaling nations until the late 70s. Oh how times change ... The Australian government will do nothing. Simply too much to lose by upsetting Japan on this issue. Nor is a contract for submarines going to be used as a playing card to try to stop the whalers. People really need to look at the bigger picture. Next time you go to the supermarket check out the amount of Aussie beef that is sold here.That is just the start of it most bakeries in Japan use Aussie wheat. The list goes on and on.... Aluminum, Coal, Gas, Iron Ore are all massive export markets for Australia and guess who the number one client is.Not to mention the mining projects and investment Japan has there.So good luck SS think your out there alone.Will be very surprised if the Australian government intervenes on the matter.

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Posted in: Serbia asks Steven Seagal to train special forces See in context

They been watching too many movies...

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Posted in: Riots reported at Australian immigration detention camp See in context

These people actually want refugee status in Australia and this is how they go about it...Send them back to where they came from and see how they are treated there.Australia does not want or need these people in their Society.This is why Australia has taken such a stance on Asylum seekers they need to be screened and processed properly before being allowed to enter.This is nothing about race or religion its about abiding by the laws set. At least Australia does take in Asylum seekers there are plenty of countries that don't.

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Posted in: Bitcoin CEO spent embezzled funds on prostitutes: reports See in context

What else do you do with embezzled money?

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Posted in: Japan bows out of Rugby World Cup with 28-18 win over U.S. See in context

Great job Japan!!

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