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Posted in: North Carolina welcomes historic visit by Kishida See in context

There is an old adage, "If you build it they will come". Create an economically beneficial stopover route to Charlotte with perhaps a few flights a week. Japanese people love visiting new destinations.

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Posted in: In Asia, Trump finds more than ever he's among friends See in context

Many of my Chinese and Japanese friends support Trump. They may not all like him personally but see the big picture. Counterfeit products and stealing Tech is entrenched in the Chinese culture. Born from being constantly behind Japan and the West.

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Posted in: Surprising number of Japanese kids still bathe with their parents up until high school See in context

To clarify the writer. In Japan they are not bathing in the tub. The tub is only for soaking. The water is steaming hot and the tub deep, typically up to ones neckline. Cleansing occurs at the shower next to the tub usually. This is done sitting on a low wood stool washing ones body then pouring buckets of water over yourself to rinse off soap and there is a handheld shower at sitting level. Soaps are absolutly forbidden in the tub.

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