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Posted in: Black bear mascot Kumamon to become YouTuber See in context

There is nothing wrong with having a little fun while promoting. If anyone feels they are "ruining" something then don't watch the channel. Simple as that! And so what if they make money. Isn't that the point of promoting tourism to Kumamoto?

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Posted in: Historic Kyoto temple first in Japan to offer gay weddings See in context

onagagamo: Committing to a life long relationship, whether it be through marriage or other ceremonies, is first and foremost about love. There is NOTHING meaningless about it! Just because a marriage is not recognized by the government doesn't make it any less of a loving bond.

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Posted in: Kiki sighted on a broomstick in front of famous shrine in Tokyo See in context

Hey titaniumoxide! You and all the other haters need to lighten up. If you don't like a movie (especially one you've never even seen), then don't go. By the way, Kiki's Delivery Service was a novel BEFORE it was an anime. What about the novel purists that hate it when a novel is made into an anime?

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Posted in: Eminem, Swift top weird YouTube Music Awards See in context

That's all the mention that Girl's Generation gets?????? They beat out Demi and Gaga by over 3 MILLION votes!!!

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Posted in: Robot Restaurant See in context

The Robot Restaurant is more of a cabaret show. They serve drinks plus you get a small, but tasty, combini type bento with admission. The show contains everything I love about Japan. Pretty girls, robots, dinosaurs, and even Kung Fu Panda! A lot of WTF-ery and a whole lot of fun! Note there are women in the audience who enjoyed it too. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WtshzvVMCMs<>

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