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Posted in: Business lobby says Abe gov't can't rely on nuclear energy See in context

Is not a nuclear FUSION reactor safer than the traditional FISSION reactor? Being the main advantage in terms of SAFETY that if you pull the plug on FUSION, it stops? Pull the plug on FISSION and it just keeps on FISSION. Another considerable plus is that the radioactive elements at play in a FUSION reaction,decays over a matter of years rather than centuries or more as they do in a FISSION reaction.A middle option should also be considered as an alternative at the meantime, until the most suitable solution is found.With all the present technological advancements it will be for almost certain,just a matter of time.

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Posted in: How to avoid being a 'third-rate patient' See in context

It´s not easy to be a Physician...dealing everyday with people´s illnesses (although they are trained for it)...I believe patients should work and cooperate with the doctors in trying to resolve the problem.Also,it´s nothing wrong with a second and even a third opinion...but within respect and the first opinion...(False-positive test results are more common than we think) perhaps a lab limitation at times.

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Posted in: Diet member wants Japan to get with it on tattooing See in context

I personally wouldn´t want any sort of hanko stamped on my body...just saying...

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Posted in: 23-year-old woman found dead in Kanagawa apartment See in context

Perhaps they will try to extract DNA samples from around her body,if any was left, also, perhaps footprints from the area.She might have been pregnant and also having an affair with a co-worker...whoever was either had the key or took hers from the apartment.He or she took the time to lock the door for some reason.

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Posted in: Japan's first 'naked restaurant' to ban overweight diners See in context

I thought sensual dancing was prohibited in restaurants...

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Posted in: U.S. Navy slaps drinking ban on 18,600 sailors in Japan, ends liberty See in context

It's an irrelevant comparison. poor choice of words in my opinion since had it not been for MacArthur and the New Deal would have been in place doubtful Japan would be where it is today and not the 52nd state of the US as spoils of war, remember it was Japan that attacked the US not the other way around, and easily could be realistically like Korea broken in two parts down the middle one side US the other Russia, but on the other hand China is a key interested party in all this with a broken alliance and these incidents only handing Japan towards China.

****Japan was already one of the five world powers until the WW2.Japan is a Sovereign and an independent nation. Japan defeated Russia during the WW1 and was about to repeat during WW2.Japan will do fine with it´s neighbors and probably play a key role on their full development, Japan´s balanced and constructive leadership will always be crucial. God Bless the ALLIANCE.

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Posted in: U.S. agrees to waive restrictions on Japanese military component imports See in context

All these advanced technologies will someday be used entirely to explore deeper space,,,

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Posted in: Sea Shepherd founder Paul Watson rams whalers for a living See in context

Watson said the original charges from Japan — the world’s biggest whaling nation — date from 2010, when a Japanese whaling vessel cut a $2 million Sea Shepherd boat in half.****

It intrigues me for many years the fact that a piece of a junk boat, mainly made of plywood and covered with some resins,and that was offered in the market in NZ for 1 million dollars,soon was ANNOUNCED TO HAVE BEEN BOUGHT FOR 10 TIMES MORE AT THAT TIME, AND PROBABLY INSURED FOR THE SAME AMOUNT AS WELL.And not too long after, it I wonder if the insurance covered it...very strange indeed...(Sea Shepherd founder Paul Watson rams whalers for a living)

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Posted in: China says Nanjing more worthy of remembrance than Hiroshima See in context

Anyone knows they hide the fact that MAO TSE TUNG committed genocide against more than 3 million of it´s own they distract the attention with exaggerated numbers and events...blaming others for their own weaknesses and vulnerabilities...

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Posted in: Baby boy falls to death from 6th floor in Kyoto See in context

Too many infants falling unattended these brings tears to my eyes...

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Posted in: Obama arrives for summit See in context

Is she a Geisha?

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Posted in: A-bomb survivors want Obama to meet them, apologize in Hiroshima See in context

I have read some international experts affirming, that an embargo against a nation was considered a declared act of war, by the League of Nations, at the time of WW2.So,Japan,going naively by the book, responded in self-defense targeting only, at first, the military installation of Pearl Harbor. Nevertheless, all wars are sadly events, usually results of failed diplomacy, Fortunately, the U.S and Japan became the best of allies, and both sides took great lessons from such a tragic event in history.

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Posted in: Superjet technology nears reality after Australia test See in context

I believe Japan already developed such a plane more than a decade ago.It was from Mitsubishi and called "Sonic",they supposed to put it in the market,then all the sudden we couldn´t hear or search nothing about it.The project seemed to have disappeared or vanished,but,similar plane seems to have surfaced as a secret military weapon in certain country,(Sonic Boom)

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Posted in: Messy 'manshons' less visible than junk houses, but just as filthy See in context

The Japanese are well known to be very clean, even from the time the first Europeans arrived in the 16th century.But after the WW2 ended, and a more consumerist society arose,it probably became overwhelmed by trash.So,some,probably kept it at home,unlike in some other places that will make the streets their garbage disposal bin

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Posted in: 7 injured after car hits pedestrians in Kobe; driver arrested See in context

He might be suffering from early stage of dementia or a lack of sleeping...

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Posted in: China says Japan relationship should be based on cooperation, not confrontation See in context

Should stay firmly on course, and not give in to forked tongue manipulators...

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Posted in: Japan misses out as Australia awards sub contract to France See in context

I believe Japan wasn´t truly interested in the project, because it would actually lose money if it went through. Now, I foresee Japan having to rescue the said venture in the future, probably even financing it due to the slowing and splitting of the EU.And not to mention with the fast development of Japanese technologies,soon these classes of subs will be outdated,and probably drone types will be replacing the present ones.Also,the electronics in theses vessels are probably mainly from Germany, Japan and the U.S.So let´s wait and see, best of luck to our great ally Australia.

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Posted in: Murder charge dropped against American in case of woman found floating in bay See in context

What kind of occupation did really she had?

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Posted in: 3 reasons Japanese movies today suck, according to distributor and producer Adam Torel See in context

Japan can´t be great about everything and at all also need to catch a breath...and leave room to others as well....(jokes aside) I watched the "The Makioka Sisters" lately, and I really considered it a work of art.

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Posted in: 6-year-old girl falls to death from 43rd floor balcony in Osaka See in context

If I am not wrong, lately, some similar incidents happened where children were also involved...also with the elderly...but the later usually are murder or suicide...of course some couple might offend...because neglect...

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Posted in: Handmade in the UK: Quality products draw Japanese buyers See in context

I have been promoting British products,especially shoes,to all people I know...The U.K seems to be an oasis for high quality goods with very affordable prices...especially leather goods...they have pride on what they produce...

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Posted in: Court rules against Taiji museum for barring Australian activist See in context

An act of terrorizing public places.especially,where lots of children and the elderly are put in danger by the commotion it can cause, should be strictly outlawed.

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Posted in: German submarine builder warns Australia of risk of awarding contract to Japan See in context

Just remember VW...and see what you might get for half of the price...

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Posted in: LDP to tackle 'taboo' of expanding foreign labor force See in context

How about bringing the Nijkkeijin from Cuba,since the country is opening up,and some more Brazilians since the situation there is a bit slow...just trying to help...

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Posted in: Mutations, DNA damage seen in Fukushima forests: Greenpeace See in context

I believe the worst was Chernobyl in Russia,the second was Three Miles Island in the U.S.A and and the last in Fukushima Japan.

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Posted in: 41-year-old woman found strangled to death at home See in context

Who prepared her breakfast or school meal if any?

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Posted in: Study examines little-known WWII internment camp in Alaska See in context

It´s interesting that Japan didm´t create internment camps to Chinese and others foreigners during WW2...these foreigners could just go about their business as usual freely...and so was the country of Brazil who had the largest Japanese population in the world after Japan,,,they also didn´t intern foreigners unlikee their neighbouring countries like Peru,Bolivia etc...

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Posted in: Mysterious thieves on bizarre train strap binge See in context

Perhaps they should check pawn shops and internet auctions...

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Posted in: Australian scientists offer new hope for paraplegics See in context

Australia and Japan should team up in such a field...

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Posted in: Kathy Matsui takes stock of Abe’s 'womenomics' reforms See in context

I have read decades ago that French people work on average 6 hours a day and that they were trying to reduce it to 4 hours I wonder if that is the future to most developed nations ...and also to a world even more highly technological...

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