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Posted in: Clinton, Trump seek to quieten critics in New York primaries See in context

Trump is getting pittiful. I have not heard anything about core issues from him All he talks about is nothing but BS as always. Who cares how New Yorker he is. He is getting too old.

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Posted in: Abe sticks to script on sales tax hike plans after deadly quakes See in context

You may not like it but it is well over due to save National Health Care. Otherwise it will be on the collapse. Why nobody are talking about a paycut of politicians salary? Interesting.

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Posted in: Mars Food tells customers to go easy on the pasta sauce See in context

Go easy on everything WHITE including sugar, udon, pasta, rice and bread because global type 2 diabetic people are on the rise tthat is linked to too much carbohydrate we are consuming .and high tech gaggets keeping us on couch

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Posted in: Russia, Japan agree to Putin-Abe meetings this year See in context

Because there many things to be discussed between Russia and Japan except those poor islets. Tourism, joint business projects etc

You cannot compare Okinawa to the Northern Islands. It is moron. The Northern Islands were stolen by the thief (Russians). All tourism, oil investment should not be discussed. Are you wlling to negotiate with a thief who stole your property? The Russians budget is based on oil price and the price of oil price is almost at the bottom. Putin is in trouble. This is THE time to negotiate aggressively for returning the Northern Islands. That`s the reason I said it.

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Posted in: Russia, Japan agree to Putin-Abe meetings this year See in context

Make sure you guys demand Putin that the Northern Islands belong to Japan and all need to be returned without question. Okay? I have nothing else to say. Just do it.

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Posted in: Trump works to get campaign back on track before Wisconsin votes See in context

I'm not claiming to have any more insight into what is going on than anyone else but at least you can't say he doesn't think outside the Professional Sellout Lawyer Politicians Box. . :)

Think outside of box? He is just ignorant. He is just stupid. He is everything what you are not.

He does not know anything about the abortion legal issue Roe vs Wade. He does not know a role of NATO, Japan/US Peace Treaty, Geneva War Criminal Treaty and nuclear proliferation. That's why Putin loves Trump. If he becomes US President, the hell will break loose and Russia and China will take us over to the World War III..

Donald Trump's Unusual Plan to Lower the National Debt: Sell Off 19 Trillion In Government Assets

As president, Donald Trump would sell off $16 trillion worth of U.S. government assets in order to fulfill his pledge to eliminate the national debt in eight years, senior adviser with the campaign Barry Bennett said. "The United States government owns more real estate than anybody else, more land than anybody else, more energy than anybody else," Bennett told Chris Jansing Sunday on MSNBC. "We can get rid of government buildings we're not using, we can extract the energy from government lands, we can do all kinds of things to extract value from the assets that we hold."


Hey, I live in the Rockies with lots of greens and fresh clean air. The Rockies are beautiful national treasures.We will make sure we will pass this beauty to the next generations. These land developers are salivating now. They are behind Trump. They will chop up greens for lumbers. They will cut these land for golf courses and ski slopes. No thanks. We will do everything to stop this jerk. Remember, this is not Amarillo TX ugly town with no greens and petrolium smelly air.

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Posted in: Trump again slams NATO allies despite Obama plea See in context

bass4funk, why do you defent a jerk? If you are conservative republican, I would not do defent Trump at all. He is actually destroying your party. Like Sen. L. Graham once said to media that having Trump and Cruz is being shot by bullet or killed by poisoning. It is a good analyis because two are not really representing your party's ideology. If Regan were here today, he would not be elected as US President bdcause he is a common sense Republican.

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Posted in: Trump again slams NATO allies despite Obama plea See in context

See what's gonna happen in Wisconsin. People of Wisconsin are very smart, rational, civil, intelligent and well informed bunch unlike Trump whose bottom is beginnng to fall apart Trump is a big fake. He does not understand the legal issue involving Roe vs Wade on abortion issue. I wonder if he has a college degree

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Posted in: Trump again slams NATO allies despite Obama plea See in context

Trump is a full of sh#ts again. Please remember that NATO has been fully engaged in fighting against terrorists and Afganistan

Without NATOs help, US cannot fight alone. Let's get it streight here. Enough said.

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Posted in: Trump revises abortion stance after backlash See in context

Trump is spoiled, ignorant and arrogant, He has no business in politics because he does not understand issues. He is a big fake. Enough said.

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Posted in: Sanders beats Clinton in Alaska, Washington, Hawaii See in context

While I am very happy for Sanders, this is a good reminder of past mistake we made having Ralph Nader splitting Democratic voters and at the end, ultimately we lost the race to the Republican. Sorry I am too sober for you guys..

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Posted in: Violence at Trump events continues despite security layers See in context

Have you ever heard him speaks? He is very provocative. He has been promoting HATE and division in US.

He is blaming everyone else but himself. He is everything what we are not. . He needs to go down to trash bin!

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Posted in: Trump rebounds in White House race; Sanders surprises Clinton See in context

To All Republican voters in America

I was watchng the Republican candidates press conference filled with substances (whose hands are bigger?) last night, it is sad to say that you Republican voters might want to call this an election, but the rest of the world is viewing this as your IQ Test. And this is not looking good at all . It is becoming an entertaining show for non intellects like DWST.

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Posted in: Sanders victorious in Michigan; Trump keeps winning See in context

Stunning, Sanders took Michigan!! This is huge!

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Posted in: Trump or Cruz? U.S. Republicans face tough choices as primary race churns forward See in context

SenseNotSoCommonMAR. 08, 2016 - 07:59AM JST

Nutter or lunatic? Tough choice indeed.

You took it out my mouth Funny.

Tonight Trump said to the audience to raise hands if they are going to vote for him tomorrow. Believe or not, Hitler used to do that to his audience. What a jerk.

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Posted in: Peyton Manning to retire after 18 NFL seasons See in context

His speech was very authentic and emotional. I know there would not be nobody like Peyton again. thank you, Peyton.

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Posted in: New rancor, tough talk in Clinton-Sanders Democratic debate See in context

While I begin to liking Sanders because he seems to be very authentic, we need to be very careful. I have not forgotten how Ralph Nader of Green Party split the Democrats into two and lost the Presidential electio to the Republicans. We need to make sure we do not repeat that mistakes again for this election..

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Posted in: New rancor, tough talk in Clinton-Sanders Democratic debate See in context

Unlike the Republicans debate filled with personal attacks and substances, Hillary and Sanders actually talked about policychanges if they were elected. That's very refreshing for change, and I liked that. Thank you very much. I could not lisgten to their speech until I came back here in US from Japan. Well, I am beginning to like Sanders. He is more like a professor while Hillary is a social worker. LOL.

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Posted in: Tokyo 2020 feeling flush as toilet firm becomes sponsor See in context

it would supply “high performance” toilets that are “comfortable, stress free, and easy to use”

Does it wipe my butt by fake hand?

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Posted in: Obama bans U.S. imports of slave-produced goods See in context

Yes, including Walmart items from mainland China, pleeeese!

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Posted in: Sharp accepts bailout from Foxconn parent See in context

Shame and very regrettable as Japanese bankers are not willing take risk to keep Sharp in the camp... Nissan, Sharp and what is next? Old Japanese non productive senior managers have to step down. They are nothing but dead weight!

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Posted in: Trump notches 3rd straight win in Nevada caucuses See in context

This is a death of the Republican Party today.

It really shows you there is no better candidate than Donald Trump whose speech is filled with substances just like Hitler did. Wake up American voters!!

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Posted in: Japan stocks dive after Europe, U.S. sell-off See in context

We are repeating 2008 all over again. Japan Nikkei tanked more thanf 5000 yen that is relative to the price dropped during the Lehman collapsing.

This is just a beginning. There are 3 causes; 1)China passing on their problems to the world. 2)Oil price is still tanking. 3)US, Europe, Asia are in cometitive deflation including currency, wages and so on. Chesapeke Energy is filing bankraptcy that is a troublej.

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Posted in: Stock shocks See in context

The market has tanked over 5,000 yen since last month that is relative to the Lehman collapsing period. The market will go down further around mid of April. It is not the end. Be ready.

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Posted in: Broncos dominate Panthers in 24-10 Super Bowl win See in context

First of all, congrats to all who are fanatic fans of Broncos. We earned the trophy as well as the players did.

I've been trying to explain to some friends who don't care much for football why this night means so much to me. It's hard to explain what a sports team means to you and why, since in the grand scheme of things it might seem pretty trivial and insignificant. But i think the Broncos for me symbolize my hometown and have always been a focal point around which my family and my friends have bonded. , i realize in my living memory i have stuck with the broncos through the craziest of ups and lowest of downs with jake plummer, jay cutler, kyle orton, tim tebow, and peyton manning-- almost two decades of disappointment. Year after year, i expected something to happen, and finally, that thing has happened, and now i don't even know what I'm feeling. I guess more than anything, I am thinking of my home city, my family, my childhood, Mile High Stadium, all the years of emotional energy spent on my team that wears orange and blue. I am enjoying this spcial moment in Tokyo 9000 miles away. The tear was rolling on my face in joy when we finally did it. It has been a long journey, but it is now very sweet.

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Posted in: Republicans debate as no-show Trump taunts from afar See in context

Hahaha. People spoke. He did not do very well in Iowa. Yey!

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Posted in: Cruz defeats Trump in Iowa; Clinton, Sanders in tight race See in context

Cruz is not American born, so that he will not be qualified for the Presidential race unless we amend the Constitution.What are we going to do with this trouble maker? He has never been liked by his own party since the day he shut down the government and spoiled a reputation of Republican party. .

I am surprised Clinton and Saunders are in tight race. Free University and free of everything sounds too good. My parents always taught me wisdom that I never buy anything if the story is too sweet.

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Posted in: Republicans debate as no-show Trump taunts from afar See in context

Trump is avoiding hard questions for damage control. When he gets involved in shouting match, he himself does not know what comes out from his mouth. Democracy starts with public debate in good faith.. If he is not willing to do that, then he is disqualified to be the candidate, period. He is FIRED!

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Posted in: Sleeping in on weekends may help reduce diabetes risk See in context

Do not kid yourself. Stay away from Frig. Run away as fast as you can from sweets and everthing WHITE. And keep your ass moving. Once you get Diabetic Medication, it is harder to get off. .

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Posted in: With one week to Iowa, Trump and Cruz deepen feud See in context

It is getting crazier and crazier to watch these two shouting match every day.. No wonder they are appealing to the Blue color high school graduate voters. It is sad American politics are getting this low.

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