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Posted in: Syria warns U.S. against unilateral strikes on Islamic State See in context

Bass, they would have to deal with the Russians,lol. The US would be in a mess and it would be bad for the world. I have one question what's the difference when the US unilaterally goes into a country to fight and kill for it's interest as opposed to another country like Russia, doing it but to a lesser extent just supporting it's interest.

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Posted in: American man arrested over theft of car with children in back seat See in context

From our comments we seem to be showing that Americans self-esteem is compromised or just low. People from all countries have the potential to do bad things. Most news are about Japanese and you don't read of any Japanese saying, "Why did they mention that he's Japanese?" It's time to grow up!

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Posted in: Samsung says patents developed by Google engineers, not Apple See in context

It will be the Apple way** or the highway for consumers if Apple have their way: resulting in Higher prices for phones apps and everything related. Apple is fighting consumers not samsung. ** It's sad.

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Posted in: Controversial whale meat sent back to Iceland See in context

Here is a good Conspiracy to think of; Iceland is being squeezed not because anyone really cares about whale meat, because this is not the first shipment but because in recent times Iceland became friendly to Edward Snowden and the US is using their long hand of influence wherever they can to hurt anyone who seem to be showing understanding to his plight.

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Posted in: Defiant Ecuador drops U.S. trade deal over Snowden case See in context

Oh Yea! from the many comments it seems to be A SAD DAY for Americans right to know, for Americans have been successfully brain washed ( we are no longer different) just as the governments of other countries have been successful in conditioning their people,now in the land of the free, people know they are not free but can't be bothered. People now believe in a greater outside enemy and so sacrifice their liberties and freedom to fight for the cause. It's the simple TRUTH that governments fight for control of the people. The most important thing is for the government to control it's people if it fails at this that government will fail as we have seen. If someone tries to liberate those captives that person would simply be the enemy of the government as seen.

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Posted in: Australia PM hits out at critics amid leadership turmoil See in context

Australia's Prime Minister and group seem to enjoy wasting the countries money as the government brings a case against Japan in the United Nations court trying to claim that Japan is in breach of international obligations in an effort to withdraw their whaling permits. This means that Japan is permitted to whale so why waste money on a clear fact. If Australia is not in a R they will surely be after wasting money on things like this. It's the Prime Minister's sad effort to get support form people.

Australian government advisor, said this case would be difficult to make and this is why no previous government tried.

Why create stress between counties, and waste tax payers money, when it it logical that scientific whaling will not be stopped. This road leads to the BIG "R" RECSION! R**SION IS COMING! For AUSTRALIA!

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Posted in: Korean campaigns for removal of Japanese flag from French stores See in context

Sad! SAD! SAD! When Education Can't Help Such Ignorance. Some supposedly good minds are going to waste. SAD! They are stuck in a false past breading an internal mental cancer that is only going to hurt them more than anyone else, eating them from the inside. It's sad when your mind is your enemy. Free your mind to do more to fly like the birds to achieve more. Sad to always rewind the same sad music, you never get the time to listen to something new,to experience the joy that the new sound can bring. PLEASE try to BLESS the WORLD with Peace, The sad past is over! Lets's enjoy the now! Free your minds from the mental cancer, no one can do it for you.

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Posted in: Apple clashes with Amazon in e-book case See in context

Yea, It's like the Apple way or the high way.

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Posted in: Boston bomb suspects believed to be Chechen brothers; 1 dead, 1 on the run See in context

It's too easy to shoot and kill, then we will never know the truth and conspiracy theories will start and we will get nowhere. These professionals should do it the hard way which is the only right way. Get them alive and get to the bottom of what's causing seemingly good Americans to go bad.

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Posted in: Chinese frigate locked radar on Japanese navy vessel See in context

If China wins in this confrontation the world of peaceful countries loses. I think it's just a matter of time but china must fall. Half of their entire population is being affected by their poor air quality. Which will soon affect other countries as it gets blown their way. They are getting desperate and doing simply CRAZY things. Their foreign ministry is saying their government did not know about it because they know this would not be in their favor to start a war. China is like a bad design that has to be scraped and start over. I suspect that in this situation sadly Japan would have to sacrifice some people first before the US strikes back in defense of them and the world of peace.

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Posted in: Groups criticize Japan for carrying out executions See in context

Japan's death row inmates should be sent to the countries where they think they should not be dealt with under Japanese law. Put them into those societies or their prisons then all will be happy.

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Posted in: U.S. warns Japan child custody laws could harm bilateral ties See in context

igotchu It seems that someone got You! When you marry a Japanese person most likely you marry into their culture or you need to know about that.The ladies believe that the child should be raised by it's mother so it is a natural reflex when you devorce them or separate you give up both.If you are lucky then they give up their right but till the law in their land change and their culture dies out then this is how it will be. Don't hold your breath!

I have heard that Lots of the foreigners who acted cool and kind to show that they were better than the Japanese guys or say they will liberate the Japanese from the chains of their culture fail and are not kind anymore. The Japanese guys understand the Japanese ways and laws but the outsiders don't. They are caught in a limbo because of their ignorance.

Igotchu words:- (4) Their government has to pay transportation and hotel fees for all foreign parents who has to come to Japan for the reunification. We want action now, not words! If they don't wanna move let's just take it to the next level.

The foreign partner didn't understand the Japanese system or simply the ways of the Japanese people read japanisch post you can learn some things from there. The ladies enjoyed the thrill, it happens in the US too, it does not have to have the element of international marriages, but it did not last and the money also so you want the government to pay for your trip to Japan now. How about that lets say:-Governments should pay domestic trips in the US also.

As OssanAmerican said you will have to pay alimony or all your money when the Japanese revise their laws to be American laws !! will you be ok?

The ones to blame here are the adults involed who brought inocent children in their mess,not governments or cultures. It is sad that Two adults who said they love each other can't come to an understanding for someone they love their own flesh and blood,but they put pressure on governments to understand.

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Posted in: Hatoyama says he wants more equal ties with U.S. See in context

OssanAmerica We Americans have proven to be incompetent in all we do,I don't think it'S wise for any country to follow us in Irac as those countries have realized or afganistan as you have been suggesting for the Japanese SDF. America should have article 9!

It's trickery to suggest it's a good Idea for SDF to follow these useless missions, as the former American president did to the nation. ALPHAWOLF is right:..If we pull everyone into our mess hole there would not be anywhere to run too (Like Japan) when our county falls flat. I don't see any terrorist trying to attack Japan or a plane of Japanese.I feel unsafe on a plane to America with Americans now.All this beacuse of the many brilliant Ideas we have come up with.

If each country just took care of their business and leave the other to do the same and only help if ask too then we would not be in this mess.

U.S. worn the Japanese then had their presence there to keep control, the people are peaceful and after so long they can still hear the US planes flying over them,the same sound of war,tormenting them they can't even hear their friends and family talking to them on the phone. The people are being oppressed only for the US gains.

There should be a relationship of friendship equal gains not a relationship by force.Allow people to be friends don't force them too. The President of the country is saying they would want more equal ties,that says it all.50/50 is ok if we are friends they may choose later to give 60/40 in another pie that we would only get 0%

Is there any foreign county's Miliatry base on US soil? If there is one is it not right that the people of the US or US president to decide if they want it or not?

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Posted in: Santa cleaners See in context

Merry Christmas Everyone Ho!ho!Ho!

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