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Gloobey comments

Posted in: Erika Sawajiri's divorce drama continues See in context

she is still hot so i care

Waste your time caring about a lot of 'hot' women, do you? Like you'll ever get your hands on her...

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Posted in: Autopsy reveals woman found dead in Kofu was murdered See in context

wearing a navy blue and white checkered mini-skirt and long black socks.

What was her nationality.....? Know any western women who dress like that? She may have been from elsewhere in Asia, but to me that desription alone is enough to say she was Japanese...

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As welcome as this news obviously is, al-Qaida's reaction to this will be one of two things. Either they will now thrash about aimlessly like a headless chicken or they may put some previously agreed plan into action.

I read somewhere just a few days ago that al-Qaida had smuggled a nuclear device into Europe somewhere that was to be detonated should bin Laden be killed. This intel may be pure fabrication but it came from a high ranking al-Qaida operative currently being held at Guantanamo Bay.

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Posted in: Japan's Christians celebrate Easter amid disaster See in context

“I am so blessed,” Oyama said. “I really feel God’s great power.”

OK, but wasn't it God's great power that caused all of this death and destruction in the first place? If we follow your logic and God is all powerful, where was he when he was needed?

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Posted in: Once the nuclear crisis is brought under control, should TEPCO executives face criminal charges at some point in the future? See in context

I was blissfully unaware that ineptitude was a criminal offence in Japan. If that is the case, when can we expect the Kan administration to be indicted...?

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Posted in: Mother arrested after stuffing bread in 2-year-old son's mouth See in context

The key phrase here is '... 4-month-old daughter.' This may well be a case of post natal depression or possibly just stress from having to look after two young children. Not all women are text book mothers. Strange that she would deny the charges, though. She should admit what she has done and ask for help.

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Posted in: Mother accepts kindergarten graduation certificates on behalf of missing daughters See in context

Very occasionally in life, words are useless. Any meaning they might have is lost. This is one such occasion...

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Posted in: Does freedom of speech include the right to yell "Fire!" in a crowded theater, yell "Shark" at a beach or joke about having a bomb on a plane, for example? See in context

Is this a serious question? C'mon, it can't be a serious question...can it?

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Posted in: Kinoshita, Fujimoto hold big wedding party See in context

Kinoshita warned Fujimoto to “think about what comes later,” if he ever attempts to cheat on her.

There's nothing like a marriage built on trust, is there?

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Posted in: Kan calls Medvedev's isle visit 'unforgivable outrage' See in context

Can anyone adequately translate the phrase 'possession is nine tenths of ther law' for me? It would be really useful around about now....

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Posted in: Do you think Tatsuya Ichihashi, the suspect in the killing of British teacher Lindsay Ann Hawker, should have been allowed to write a book for publication before his trial? See in context

I guess all of the "NO" voters do not understand "democracy" in all it's aspects. There are some rights ALL citizens have, regardless of what they have done

Democracy is for the law abiding. He is a self confessed murderer soon to be a convicted murderer and thus he does not have the same rights that law abiding members of society have. He has chosen to live outside of normal society and the benefits we all enjoy are no longer open to him. I don't personally think he has any rights at all, but maybe that is too extreme. I know for an absolute fact he wouldn't get to write and publish a book in the UK...and the UK is the birthplace of modern parliamentary democracy of the kind you you mention.

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Posted in: Do you think Tatsuya Ichihashi, the suspect in the killing of British teacher Lindsay Ann Hawker, should have been allowed to write a book for publication before his trial? See in context

No, ebisen, you are completely missing the point. He is guilty, we already know that. This book is an insult to the memory of a murdered girl and her family and is an abomination.

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Posted in: Megumi Yasu appointed 'takoyaki' ambassador See in context

Well, it is an important position so I'm very glad to see that they have their best woman on the job... . . . . . . . . FFS....

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Posted in: Trick or treat See in context

My gal and I are hitting Roppongi tonight

That's nothing to be proud of, I'd keep it to yourself if I were you...

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Posted in: What do you think of the banking system in Japan? What are the pros and cons? See in context

Why isn't possible for my wife and I to have a joint bank account the way we did in the UK? I assume it is because Japanese husbands don't want their wives to have easy access to their money...

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Posted in: 11-year-old boy playing on roof falls to death See in context

...And the parents were where exactly?

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Posted in: Hamasaki achieves dream of appearing alongside canine father in Softbank ads See in context


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Posted in: Spray fresh See in context

on the top podium...where the Aussies belong!

So, you're Australian then.

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Posted in: SMAP kicks off international tour See in context

Maybe if they go to europe they can call it the Asia Europe tour

And why would they do that? Nobody has any idea who they are in Europe.

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Posted in: Gay pride See in context

I thought Japanese were very understanding and receptive to fairies... every time you turn on the TV some she-male is giving a make-up or cooking lesson...

Ah yes, but that's different. They're on TV and therefore 'talents'. That's acceptable and, I would imagine, this isn't. Let's face it, tolerance is in very short supply in Japan.

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Posted in: Aqua Squash See in context

ALL tobacco advertising should be banned and tobacco should be illegal!

Yes, tobacco advertising should be banned but it would be impossible and very ill davised to ban tobacco outright. Remember the opportunities prohibition gave the Mafia? The Yakuza would have a field day.

If the Japanese want to smoke, that's their business.

It should be prohibitevly expensive to smoke. Fags are WAY too cheap in Japan.

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Posted in: Reaching for the universe See in context

She may be beautiful...but you'd never tell it from this photo. Artistic it may be, but she looks awful.

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Posted in: Cheers See in context

Are your lives so horrible that you have to blast everything you see?


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Posted in: Who do you think was behind the sinking of a South Korean warship on March 26? See in context

I am not a fan of this or any other American administration, but anybody who seriously thinks that this crime was perpurtrated by the Americans is soft in the head in a fairly major way.

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Posted in: Hatoyama apologizes for plan to move Futenma base within Okinawa See in context

Enough said. Japan cannot exist without the USA.

Of course it can't. Nowhere could possibly exist without the USA, could it? Shame on all of us for ever thinking otherwise.

...not American, are you by chance?

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Posted in: Want to look like Aki Hoshino? Read her book See in context

My all-time favorite. Who cares if she has brains...look at her!!!!

Yeah, great if you like plastic.

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Posted in: Should same-sex couples be entitled to equal social security benefits? See in context

It was only legalized over the West since the 1960s

...Fifty years ago.

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Posted in: Should same-sex couples be entitled to equal social security benefits? See in context

I think that's a good indication that the majority of foreigners in Japan came here because it's difficult being gay back home.

You're kidding, right? The stigma that surrounds homosexuality in Japan is positively medieval.

I think it is unfair that one of them could then theoretically quit his/her job and become a dependent of the other, thereby claiming taxpayer benefits that they are making no contribution towards

What, you think people can just quit their jobs, claim benefits and live off their partner any easier because they are gay? I am guessing by your statement that you are American and therefore have no concept of a welfare system that is there for the benefit of all, regardless of social standing, race or sexual preference. Am I right...?

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Posted in: Nikkatsu revives successful porn genre of ’70s and ’80s See in context

a woman who “has something inside her uterus that is screaming to get out.”

Could this be the greatest quote in human history? There is an ultra cheap horror movie waiting to be made here.

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