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i saw in tv this demetia has a cure process injection to thier back goes to the brain the fluid gets out then the body moves like original,the prevention must drink vitamins E ,C and herbal,the brain protective agents is vitamin B12 if not maintain its needs muscullar injection . I experience this everyday as a care person provides a games as puzzle hard problem or toy which provides some difficult task to be done for fun.needs a nap ,enjoy animals and garden can help prevent this alzheimers too must be careful about this maybe is happen to me

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Oh I do make a baby for a future dont worry,but ill stop my good job the equivalent,this country many problems credit 962 billion yen imagine 752 yen a person equivalent wow I did bankruptcy already and then i have still credit.I saw many Japanese already bought mansion in other countries coz thier money at the bank no interest here in japan i did the way Japan is the best to live quite place.

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Hello to all Mothers how areyou.Im also a mother I know the feeling,I love my mother but she is not round,happy mohers day God take my mother 2 years ago,if shes living now im the most happiest people on earth.coz the greatest gift of all is Family,I got all I want in this earth,power,property ,kids,work,all wish was granted no need to ask more.

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oh im bored of study japanese i can understand what they say they write ,they force me to do more better writting and writting well maybe im become crazy ,the work of being with senile old people im fell im becoming soon.i mixed with english sometimes,i can get my salary and pay my bills and property being happy in my simple life no need to become leader and popular,im satisfied anyway idont step other feet.ja ne

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oh me i select ,i found of chating many country and met not for money,but he is good,and you can trust not only for small thing but for all,so many i found internet its funny but its true.some were only looking for fun and some for the rest of their life.others mind and attitude,internet makes you happy sometimes make you bad.

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hi I was there 2 times my company tour ,a beautiful place to eat coz at the roof deck of the hotel the place go round and nice to see the other place down.its expensive place and delicious,you see Japan at the top at night and the garden was wonderful ,the Tokyo tower etc.I took many pictures and remembrace when I was nice to eat again can eat all you want many times ,its yearly thanks giving all youre tireness and regret lost in a day tour , yeah Oh what happened to this business then?I hope can recover and become famous as well.go round and round restaurant its unique.

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hello,im simple and understanding for all gaijin and japanese,if writing papers come i bring some in the house i asked my kids coz maybe they will laugh my work,some i did but cant avoid i should write im headache in comes writing my hand written not clean and good,but i work professionally,im the worker of big company so i should teach and help in good way japanese especially the new and young without experience,many of them know me cant write well.ofcourse how about if i ask them to write in english?i know how to speak many language 4-5 ,its the ability of being a gaijin in japan my pasport were red japanese 12 years ago,drivers license gold,permanent job with all benefits,the expert of the company say to me 1-2 time that i should speak polite japanese well.i i asked my kids if somebody tell them they were half ? they said sometimes,they cant speak other langaugebut i saw they were good more than pure japanese ,from kinder they were leader until now. aspiring tv talents.their names i make japanese kanji,i was divorce from japanese and dont like to marry japanese coz so many experienced from them i re marry other country,but i served japan,i can take my pension well,and live easily this country good in many ways.unlike asian country.

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im filipina/japanese lived 18 years japan i both dont agree what they says about hostess and been married and divorce and re marry ,i did work both,as a person i want to experience hostess job,im bored at day japanese were noisy at all,so i want to met pinays i found happiness with them ,they cooked delicious at the bar,im been there for eating and play but with salary 3 days 4-5 hours but work at the company 5 days a week,so i want to experience again care giver worked then i take exams same as japanese kanji to become permanent then they trained me 3 months ,i passed all im here 4 years now,this job is low salary not 1000 yen per hour but work same as teacher and nurse,obligations is very important at his job,coz life saving,they wants more filipino the manager told me coz branches open again and again 14 branches and 1 big hospital.they known filipino were trusted,loving,interesting,thoughtful,understanding.and so many qualities,as as me,dont say bad to others ,as a person coz person is not perfect but love them with all youre hearts as the bible says

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