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Beautiful princess Aiko "Happy Happy Birthday to you". May all your dreams and wishes be fulfilled. Be always Healthy and Happy. They are all Beautiful and for the crownprince Handsome in this pictures. What a happy family. Wish all goodluck, Happiness and goodhealth.

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How romantic and beautiful the sight is.

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Alphaape views in this regard is very correct. If you just only knew the cultures of women in Asia. They are more valuable in the sense than any other Creatures in the world. That is why mostly the traditonal Japanese men are having monetarily support to their wives and take good care of them not only for emotional security but financial security too. On the ancient times they give dowry's to their fiancee before marriage and give some big amount of money to their (women) fiancee's Parents as thier gift. The Japanese men of today mostly age at 40's above according to thier levels of financial stability , mostly give a huge of gifts towards their new wife's as a sign of great appreciation to become a wife of them. I am not a Japanese but I can see some evidences in mostly Filipina women and korean women who got married by the Japanese men. The gifts are big like example: A big house in the Philippines and in Japan, cars, business and supports every month to their families in their origin countries plus thier monthly allowance. This means that Japanese husbands are very responsible of giving pleasures to thier wife's not only emotional but in financial. So Su-Chan already expect this kind of way in their Japanese culture tradition of Marriage life and so feel down when she is not yet married in these days that she is already becoming 40's. It is about thier culture genltemen not as a sign of paying them back or a kind of stupidity if they could marry a man who cannot afford the kind of life they wanted to be. Remember, It is about their cultural aspect of marriage.

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wonderful pictures makes us smile...

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Yeah he is a loser and his spiritual mind is too weak. Vengeful person ends up nothing. He is not an open minded person. A selfish greed person. He don't understand important things in life. He cannot admit his defeat to a love one. I think he does'nt really love her. True Love is to give one's love a freedom of choice.

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Bow wow wow!!!why there are many Psycho scenes in Japan?

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Anti zombie, You're a symbol of a new generation husband. You are a fair husband. Goodluck to your happy marriage life.

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It's been a long years that Princess Masako experienced depression because of her surroundings (IHA)working people. Why can't she suggest to her father-in law to let those harmful IHA working people leave the palace and let them resigned from work. Then replace them to some Professional, competent, trustworthy, loyal plus stress free maker new IHA personnel. Change some suffocated system is also for the betterment of her health, peace of mind and emotional being. I bet the princess can move easily, can comply her duty as a crown princess and she can even help in an extra ordinary way in bringing accomplishments and excellency towards their majestic Royal Family Imperial Household.

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You're absolutely correct, KitsuneYoukai... Brilliant mind

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