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Posted in: How should airlines handle obese passengers? See in context

Bigger planes.

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Men suffer from testosterone poisoning or at least 70 percent of them. They all seem to have only one thing on their tiny little minds.

And you've never noticed women competing over some cute guy ? As obsessed as any group of males ... sometimes even more.

Oh, and clearly guys have LOTS of things on their minds ... although sex obviously takes priority under certain circumstances. But hey - men, women, sex ... they go together. If a guy meets an interesting girl, well, industrial design and foreign trade law isn't going to be at the top of his priority list. Would you WANT it to be ?

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Posted in: 3,000 pairs of stolen panties found in home of underwear thief See in context

3000 pair ???

Clearly this was a man with a -lot- of spare time ! :-)

The "crimes" were very minor, though you've got to wonder how someone gets -that- obsessed with panties. Maybe he should have asked some of his 'victims' out on a date instead ?

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Posted in: Seibu Railways to introduce 'maid trains' See in context

Seibu are basically saying trains are sexual places, way to give out mixed messages, if a chikan gets caught he can just say the train was promoting it.

Packed tightly together like that, nothing to do but think about the people you're pressed up against ... yes, trains can be "sexual places". Nothing wrong with that, perfectly natural response.

Of course there's "thinking" and "doing" ... so naughty people should keep their hands to themselves (unless invited to do otherwise :-)

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The anti-smoking NAZIs are conditioning the population to be hyper-sensitive about the smell and bogus dangers of "secondhand smoke" - but ignore automobile exhaust, powerplant emissions, industrial facilities bleeding chemical vapors, brake-lining dust and a hundred OTHER things that are as bad or worse for the average man on the street than cigarette smoke.

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Posted in: Credible terror plot against Britain and France uncovered See in context

"Terrorists" ... or "annoyances" ? Your chances of dying in a tour bus crash are VASTLY greater than becoming a random victim of these extremists in europe. Refuse to be "terrorized" ... there is no cause, and it will lead you to endorse 'anti-terrorism' laws that will do far more damage to your civil rights than all the extremists combined could ever hope to do.

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Posted in: Do you agree with Japan's decision to release the captain of a Chinese fishing boat that collided with a Japanese patrol boat that was pursuing it near the Senkaku Islands in the East China Sea? See in context

If China wants to dispute Japan's ownership of these islands they should take matter to the ICJ. That would be the civilized way of disputing it. Of course I do not believe China has sufficient a case to win which would explain why they don't do it.

Does Japan have to wait for China to make a move ? Can't it put a case before the ICJ itself, asking for a final definitive ruling on the matter ? China would then have to argue its case, what little of it there may be, or just forefit any future claims.

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Posted in: Do you agree with Japan's decision to release the captain of a Chinese fishing boat that collided with a Japanese patrol boat that was pursuing it near the Senkaku Islands in the East China Sea? See in context

Whatever the legal status of these islands, I think it's important to choose one's battles, and this one isn't important enough to risk the possible economic and political fallout, much less an actual confrontation.


Pressing the issue would have caused far more harm than the minor, percieved, "insult" to Japanese pride was worth by anyones measure. The government did the right thing, even if it maybe wasn't the most popular thing.

And, it also has to be noted that the islands and surrounding waters ARE "in dispute". Ownership is NOT perfectly clear. Something should be done about this before the NEXT "incident". Is some kind of co-ownership or "internationalization" of the islands politically possible ?

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Posted in: 'Harry Potter' finale, part 1, leads year-end film lineup See in context

You've gotta love British "kiddie" films. They start off dark, and then progress towards black and horrific. Compare to traditional American "kiddie" cinema where everything just has to turn out more or less OK for everybody at the end.

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Mila has got to be the worst actress in Hollywood. She can't even make these brain dead characters come to life. She was cute, once, as a model. But her acting should be deemed a crime against humanity.

Could be the roles and writers you know ... the "action/fantasy" genre is often considered "frivolous" and prone to studios assigning the bottom of the barrel in terms of writers. Wooden dialogue and stupid scenes are ... well ... there's a point where even the best actors can't help the movie.

Jovovich isn't dumb, and I think she could be a decent 'B'-grade actress at least IF given good material. But she's largely stuck with the action/fantasy stuff so maybe this is the best we'll ever see from her.

Interesting though how there are now even college courses on "Zombiology" in the USA. Like vampires, there has now been enough material to create a fairly complete and consistent mythology.

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New inventions, or improvements on old ones, are so common now that there's a sort of "mental overload" at work and the sense of wonder or awe no longer functions.

Yes, something IS lost because of that ... however we DO gain mass quantities of neat-o, and occasionally useful, new inventions by way of compensation.

But I still leave the battery out of my cell phone unless I actually need to call someone, in case of emergency. So many new inventions are about "connectivity" ... but I think being "over-connected" has many serious downsides. At this rate we'll be "Borg" in just a generation or so.

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Posted in: Smoking scenes on the decline in movies See in context

Smokers have joined several other minority groups in what I commonly call the "new Jews". Persecuting a "new Jew" is politically correct and government approved ... kind of like it used to be considered proper to persecute regular Jews ... and "blacks", and "catholics", and ... and ... and ..... you know, all those "threats" to a decent pure world. Any old excuse or exaggeration or outright lie will do ... and you can hate with impunity.

Same look & feel - and hatefulness - as good old anti-semitism.

Anyway ... now would be a great time for a movie director to put out a film where only the "good guys" smoked ... and the twisted, sour, "bad guys" didn't :-)

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Posted in: Japan fattens textbooks to reverse sliding rank See in context

Aren't there enough suicides from educational overload already ?

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Posted in: Paris Hilton leaves for U.S. after being denied entry into Japan See in context

Hmmm ... why do so many people hate Paris Hilton ? Jealousy. She's pretty, she's rich, she's in with all the most interesting people. Her life is fab - yours is, well ..... who's even interested ?

Now as for her "criminal career" ... come ON now ! She's a minor issue. She has fun the same ways umpteen million other people do - including plenty of Japanese - and suddenly she's not good enough to be in Japan ? Too dangerous ??? Sounds like more jealousy, hiding behind a convenient excuse.

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Posted in: U.S. struggles with image in Pakistan See in context

The USA wouldn't have to worry about its "image" if it were more genuine in the first place. Pakistanis aren't interested in, or convinced by, our professionally-crafted "image of the week".

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Posted in: What are some of your candidates for the worst movie of all time? See in context

"Ishtar" was awful. Technically "Battlefield Earth" was even more awful ... but it's so incredibly awful that it's fun to watch.

"Zardoz" was, well, "interesting" ... so heavy ideas in an imperfect wrapper.

And "2001" ... that's not a "movie", it's ART.

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Posted in: Are kids old enough to be playing adult games? See in context

One should be careful of blanket statements about "kids". Some ARE "little adults", some are idiots who can't be trusted to tie their own shoe.

When it comes to young people doing something "dangerous" the first line of authority is those who know them best, their parents. Government can also step in sometimes, but procedures should be provided for a case-by-case evaluation - is THIS young person suited for the activity in question - instead of just taking the easy, lazy, path of a one-size-fits-all policy.

The last girl who attempted a world-round cruise was sharp, tough, extremely capable and level-headed. In crisis she did the right things. It would have been ridiculous to deny her the chance to so something extraordinary. The next girl however ... who knows ? Somebody should check into her character and capabilities before just sending her off to sea, but "she's only 13" or whatever should not be cause enough to deny her.

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Posted in: Discovery Channel gunman shot by police; 3 hostages safe See in context

So I guess it's official then ... "environmentalism" has now become one of those political crusades people kill for. It had been at the "terrorism" level for a while - mostly involving 'animal rights' extremists - but this seems to have escalated into overt gun-in-your-face tactics now.

Mr. Lee won't be an isolated case, but the first in an escalating series, a precedent-setter, a martyr. Bet on it.

And yes, SOME of his concerns do seem valid. The human population has grown to unsustainable levels and is reaching the point where large-scale resource wars are likely to break out and whole populations of "have nots" may dry up and blow away.

Crazy Ted Kazinski, the "unibomber", also had some valid points about the elite using technology to oppress everyone else.

But in both cases, their SOLUTIONS were seriously inappropriate and really did nothing to help their causes.

Mr. Lee thinks 'Discovery' network shows ought to become nothing but propaganda organs for his particular set of views and 'solutions' - support him 101 percent or DIE. A 'taliban' variant in my humble opinion ... on a crusade to convert, or exterminate, the 'infidels'.

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Posted in: America feels ready to snap See in context

In America, the very IDEA of an "America" - a unified people - has been steadily deteriorating ; I'd say since the 1950s, most definitely since the 1960s.

The forces of political, social and class division steadily outpace and overpower what cohesive influences remain. Even right after the 9/11 attacks, there were loud voices calling for unity, for action ... and plenty of equally loud voices saying how we "deserved it", what an awful country we were and that we shouldn't do anything but apologize to our attackers.

This increasing divisionism is not a vast conspiracy, but a predictable emergent property of the kind of "democracy" practiced in America.

If you want to stand out in a crowd in the USA - be it in politics, business or 'media' - you have to "one up" the competition. Otherwise you'll remain un-noticed, a nobody. This has led to a sort of "devils deal" between politicians and the news media.

In order to make money, a media company has to offer "interesting", "compelling", "controversial" material. Politicians quickly came to understand how they could use this to their advantage by presenting more extreme positions than their opponents. Say outrageous things, suggest policies that you KNOW will enrage the opposition.

Your reward ... the news media will fight over who gets to put your face and your interviews on their TV channels and newspapers. "More extreme" = "instant fame" and free publicity.

Now the news media people aren't stupid ... they understand this game and are willingly complicit. Indeed, if you're "almost interesting" they'll try hard to MAKE you a "controversial" figure just to attract an audience (Sarah Palin is an example).

So, populist politics feeds the news media and the news media feeds populist politics. This creates a positive feedback loop wherin the clearest path to more money, more fame, is to become more and more extreme. The easiest path is to divide the population into groups of your choosing and set them against each other. Polarization = profit.

Unfortunately, this game, this positive feedback loop of ever-escalating extremism and divisionism ... in the end it can lead only to calamity. It's like a jet engine with the throttle stuck on full ... revving faster and faster until it explodes.

Both the politicians and news media bet that it won't explode TODAY, not on their watch. They bet that they can extract their rewards and get clear before the shrapnel starts flying.

Of course for the ordinary citizens it's not a game - and it's they who stand to suffer the most serious injuries. If America really does come apart along its fault-lines it would be a disaster for its people. Large well-organized nations suffer the most when that organization breaks down. Even worse, unlike in the 1860s, the "sides" in America have no geographical locus. This means "the enemy" is likely to be the guy next door. When neighbor hates neighbor there is no end to what evils may be done.

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Posted in: Mexico captures reported drug lord 'The Barbie' See in context

People like "Barbie" are what Mexico and others get for helping the USA with its puro-fascist "drug war". The results of this 'war' have been ten times as bad as what it imagines it can/should defeat.

Just because Americans are never happy unless they're on some great crusade for 'purity' of some kind or another doesn't mean other countries ought to become equally stupid and sign on.

There are plenty of other ways to look at and handle 'drug use' other than a militaristic "bigger hammer" approach. Of course those wouldn't pipe so much money into the 'drug war' industry or justify meddling in the affairs of other countries, governments and people ....

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Posted in: Do you believe that Al-Qaida was responsible for the events of 9/11 See in context

Who are "they" ? This attack was several years in the planning, slowly infiltrating the terrorists, training some to fly, getting everything coordinated. Are we to belive Clinton and Bush were both in on it ?

Sorry, but this attack was classic al-Qaida from start to finish. It didn't need any help from "them".

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Posted in: Osaka man arrested for employing 50 high school girls as prostitutes See in context

jamal2609: Japanese morality may be different from "western" morality, but on the subject of child prostitution there seems to be quite a bit of agreement. Please check out Article 34 of the Child Welfare Law. If you won't draw the line at the age of 18 then where will you draw the line? If she's old enough to utter the word "yes" then she's old enough to consent to sex?

Take a look around, Japan, USA, Europe, wherever ... you see all sorts of laws - some quite extreme - about who can have sex with who, exactly how old they're supposed to be, of what relation, exactly under what circumstances - and yet there's an absolutely constant stream of these "outrages" in the press and you know what's reported represents only a small fraction of what's really going on. Humans are very sexual, they fancy what they fancy when they fancy it and all the policemen or imams or whatever can't do much about it.

So let's get real for a moment.

If you want an "age of consent" with a rational base then I'd suggest returning to the sensible old time standard - puberty. It was good enough for 200,000 years ... and then everyone fancied that they'd become 'sophisticated'. Well, maybe the societies became more complex, but the people did not. Same biology as always.

Once the hormones kick in desire leads where desire leads and girls are gonna find guys whether Ma and Pa and preacher Joe like it or not. The outcome kind of depends on whether Ma and Pa and preacher Joe raised their girls to be naive idiots or whether they taught them the real 'facts of life' instead of the Disney version before puberty arrives and bad-boy gangster types with expensive cars become irresitably attractive.

This constant escalation of the 'age of consent' has essentially criminalized human biology - which just happens to keep police/court budgets nice and fat, odd coincidence.

Now rape, coersion and some kinds of exploitation are an entirely different matter. Mere sexuality does NOT justify the use of violence or threats or dangerous deceptions as a means of satisfaction. That's where biology ends and "crime" begins.

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Posted in: Osaka man arrested for employing 50 high school girls as prostitutes See in context

There is something about a 16/17 year old girl having slept with 70, SEVENTY men that just strikes me as plain wrong. How used and washed up must she feel?

Japan isn't quite as into that medieval puritan nonsense as europe and America - and what homegrown "puritanism" exists has a different flavor too. Rather than feeling "used and washed-up" the woman is probably happily counting her thick wad of money and looking forward to a wider variety of fun in her future.

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Posted in: Business caters to sexual needs of disabled See in context

Disabled people are STILL people ... with the same wants and desires as everyone else - but often far fewer opportunities to satisfy those desires.

Only the most mean-spirited hard-hearted self-righteous sadistic puritan would complain about this service. I'm sure it's not "perfect" ... but it's going to be a LOT better than nothing.

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Posted in: Audiobooks of 4 Woody Allen works released See in context

Such a pity that Allen is contributing to illiteracy.

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Posted in: Taiji mayor defends dolphin hunts See in context

Isn't about time to stop inventing reasons that make it OK to kill off dolphins and whales ? There are no more reasons ... and were never very many in the first place.

There are other tasty and nutritious critters that can be bred in mass quantities and sold for far less money than whale or dolphin ... chickens and turkeys come to mind ... and aquaculture of fast-growing fish has become a big business now.

Dolphins can sometimes be a nuisance to open-water fishermen, but in truth their numbers are too small to put any REAL dent in the catches. Netted aquaculture areas are going to be immune to hungry dolphins anyway.

So, just leave them alone.

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Posted in: Fixing American 'dumbocracy' See in context

"Democracy" only ensures that the most POPULAR course of action will taken, not the CORRECT course of action. Democracy is not a panacea, nor is it mechanism for discovering truth. It is actually a horrible and dangerous way to run a country ... which simply happens to be slightly less horrible and dangerous than all the other ways humans have run countries over the ages.

Yes, an educated electorate CAN make more rational decision, but WILL it ? So far as I can tell, the answer is "No", or at least "probably not".

Politics, like religion, has a considerable emotive content attached - what you feel is as important as what you know - and this means that both logic and education can disappear when it's time to put that 'X' by a candidates name.

In the USA right now, the single over-riding concern in choosing political ledership is what political PARTY they're associated with.

You see, everyone from the OTHER party is a stupid, uneducated, greedy, vile, anti-American scuzzball .... so it hardly matters if YOUR candidate is an idiot pushing idiotic policies so long as he's with YOUR party.

Anywhere you find strong partisanship you'll find a similar situation.

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Posted in: U.S. consumers pushing beyond sake to Japanese whiskies See in context

Strictly from the health standpoint, you're better off with sake at around 30 proof than with whisky at 80+ proof. You can get stinking drunk on either, but sake will be easier on your insides than anything approaching germicidal concentrations of alcohol.

Distilled spirits ruined British working-class society in the mid 1700s. See "" ... a good lesson for preferring lower-proof beverages, or at least putting some water in your whisky.

Party on dudes.

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Posted in: Obama says Muslims have right to build mosque near ground zero See in context

The most shocking thing about this entire episode is how few Americans actually understand the concept or practice of "inalienable rights". Apparently if someone makes you angry for whatever reason then they no longer have any rights and you can stomp all over their religions or ban their churches or shut them up or anything you want.

Sure, there is good reason to be angry with certain Moslems, maybe even Islam-in-general ... but not even all the dead and all the grieving relatives over-ride the inalienable RIGHT for other Moslems to put a mosque on any commercial/private land they damned well please for whatever reasons they damned well please.

Other peoples rights can HURT ... other peoples rights can make you ANGRY - and if/when YOU need some of those inalienable rights yourself you'll understand why that doesn't MATTER. The rights are more important than 'democracy' or mob emotion or any individuals likes, dislikes or hatreds.

Any excuse to take a short-cut over the rights of "some people" means those in power or your good neighbors will soon find excuses to walk all over YOUR rights. They can always find SOME excuse ... unless NO excuses are allowed.

If Americans cannot see this, then it's a lost country - well on its way to some totalitarian hell. May as well just make bin-Laden the new Emperor Of America and be done with it.

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Posted in: Obama says Muslims have right to build mosque near ground zero See in context

Obama is correct - under US law and its guiding principles, any kind of "church" is fully protected against government meddling. The US government isn't even supposed to SEE a "church" per-se, it's no different from a shoe store or resturaunt or aquarium. The 'religious' aspect must be ignored lest the government seem to be preferring one religion or denomination thereof or religion-in-general.

Sorry ... but it HAS to be freedom of religion for ALL or very quickly it will be freedom of religion for NONE.

Or perhaps you'd like to explain just why the US govt should become a lot more like the Taliban ?

It doesn't even MATTER exactly WHY Moslems want to build this edifice in that spot, wouldn't matter if they came out and said it was supposed to be a "statement" or "insult" or assertion of Islamic superiority. They have the absolute right to put the mosque there, period, and a couple centuries of law will back up that right.

Sometimes (often, actually) being right can be UNPOPULAR. Of course such instances are the most important time to BE right.

In truth I'm kind-of suprised seeing a modern US president actually take an unpopular stand in defending constitutional principle. Usually they're far more concerned about their ratings in the political polls. Award one goodie point to Obama, this time.

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