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Posted in: Self-driving cars not ready for U.S. roads, experts warn See in context

based on what I seen in New Zealand and Aussie drivers self driving cars could not possibly we any worse, It can only be an improvement

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Posted in: U.N. to consider validity of China's claim over disputed islands See in context

using the continental shelf argument you could say all of Japan belongs to china ... I dont think there is any scientific arguments one way or the other.

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Posted in: Samsung to contest U.S. verdict in favor of Apple See in context

this just shows how stupid Californian juries are, if they had brains they would be working and figured out how to get out of jury duty.

if samsung used some hardware technology (not design) that apple had or actually copied some software from apple (line for line) then they would have a case. but copy a design? that can not be something you can patent.

the jury is STUPID STUPID STUPID people.

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Posted in: Samsung exec 'offended' by Apple rip-off claim See in context

the whole concept of suing over design is like Ford motor company suing all the other car manufactures who make cars using the colour black or the position of the brake pad... stupid. let the market place decide whos got the better product.

software and design patents are just hurting innovation. no one company has exclusive right to a market just because they had a cool design. Most software patents should be found invalid. Or better yet just send all the lawyers to the fukashima power plant swimming pool.

apple has number of problems with there product, competitors provide some alternatives (like a bloody standard usb connection to upload and down load files to the device!!!)

people should have choices, what the point of having capitalist market without competition.

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Posted in: Panasonic develops artificial photosynthesis system generating organic materials from CO2 See in context

yep more details. ... plants only 0.2% efficient and that makes all the plant mas in the world wow.

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Posted in: China to land first moon probe next year See in context

we should have colony on the moon by now instead everyone been making bombs and bogus investment funds. our space program has gone nowhere for years. the space station has 6 people that's pathetic. humans need to do some things really big together not war. technology and expansion is the only answer to our continued survival. and all those idiots that say we should solve problems on earth first, the space program gave us computer, sat communication, weather forecasts, cell phones, many other technologies we can use to solve these problems. we wouldn't even know there was global warming with out the technology we have developed because of the space program. It has paid for itself many times over.

the Chinese going into space is good thing. maybe it will get the USA, Japan and Europe to get off their bums and do something

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