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Posted in: Akie Abe reportedly in hot water with mother-in-law over school scandal See in context

They ARE money-making enterprises. They get plenty of public funds. Correct me if I am wrong.

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Posted in: Couple in their 90s die on same day after happy lifetime together See in context

Statistically, the chance of a married couple dying on the same day is less than one in 1 billion.

Someone needs to go back to schoool. I checked the original Josei 7 article. They give that figure for the chances of dying at the same time. Still problematic.

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Posted in: Japan suffers longest consumer price fall since 2011 See in context

minello7 - If the TV you're thinking of buying would be 5% more expensive next year, you'd be likely to rush out and buy it now. In Japan it's going to be 5% cheaper next year. Why not wait? That's the theory, but in reality the effect is minor in current conditions.

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Posted in: Dentsu received labor bureau warning 4 months before employee’s suicide See in context

I don't think people understand this properly. Dentsu want to make sure their employees don't have any kind of life outside Dentsu. If they have regular overtime they can't have any hobbies. They are slaves. Exactly what Dentsu want.

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Posted in: Japan swimsuit teen's eel ad pulled over sexism claims See in context

Southern Japan is here: https://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E5%8D%97%E6%97%A5%E6%9C%AC

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Posted in: Reductions and exemptions of school fees, scholarships other grant aid programs need to be expanded. See in context

Should it not be rephrased? I've checked. The survey showed that one in five students who dropped out of school did so for economic reasons.

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Posted in: There's only two ways to continue an all-male line. One is to have concubines, which I don't think the people of Japan would accept ... The other would be to have lots of collateral families, which wo See in context

sensei258 - It's you who needs to check your books. The mother of the Taisho Emperor was a concubine.

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Posted in: Ruling bloc wins landslide in upper house election; voter turnout at 54.7% See in context

@keika1628 Japan needs to wean itself off the idea that the old companies need to be all supported.

Some should be let go to the wall. Japan's zero inflation is a key point to understanding its historic economic experience. But if they brought back positive interest rates ordinary people might be more wiling to spend money.

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Posted in: Japan's ruling bloc wins landslide in upper house: exit polls See in context

Mainichi estimate turnout at 54.70 percent. The figures we were seeing, such as "36.14% as of 7:30 p.m.", were for voting on the day. More than ever poeople voted in advance.

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Posted in: 'Regrets, I've had a few' -- and that tattoo may be one See in context

It states that 14% of people regret their tattoo

It states that was a figure in 2012, but that a poll last year said nearly a quarter of people regretted getting a tattoo. As more cop on.

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Posted in: Tight spot See in context

The gentleman with the tattoo is quite obviously yakuza.

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Posted in: Happy Mika Mifune says divorce finalized See in context

@Moonraker His daughter doesn't want to see him.

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Posted in: Man gets suspended prison sentence for keeping deceased mother's body in suitcase See in context

Mods- the story needs to be changed. It was a suspended prison sentence.

Moderator: Thanks. It has been corrected.

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Posted in: Why is the UK called Igirisu in Japanese? See in context


It's usual to say 'pan' derives from Portuguese pão. You're the one who needs to fact check.

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Posted in: Asahi Kasei confirms data fabrication in 360 buildings See in context

I don't see any serious discussion of what exactly has gone on here. I suspect it's more along the lines of reams of documentation has to be submitted, most of it unnecessary, so they cut corners on it. Can anyone explain in more detail?

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Posted in: Japan’s top baby names for 2015 See in context


As an example, Souta, pronounced from an English person would say it would be SOta, (the so pronounced as the word "so") but in reality the name is Shota.

You're mistaken. SOta is the correct pronunciation. Both for 颯太 and 奏太.

I AM in favor of Hepburn style in most cases.

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Posted in: Rent a hot guy to make you cry, then wipe your tears away See in context

I can find an article going back to January 2014 about Zenbei Kanrui Kyoka.

It says the 'zenbei' comes from the expression zenbei ga naita, which is used in Japan to advertise American movies - 'a movie that had all of America in tears'. Sometimes I feel the nuance is almost 'which we Japanese will watch stonily unmoved, but doing our bit for international understanding.'

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Posted in: 3 elderly residents of nursing home fall to their deaths in 2 months See in context

MBS TV had a short interview with the former employee yesterday.

He seemed guilty. It's only a matter of time before he's arrested.

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Posted in: Couple found dead in Tokyo apartment See in context

Oops! Missed your comment educator-san.

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Posted in: Couple found dead in Tokyo apartment See in context

Japanese media say the guy was about 100 kilos.

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Posted in: 13-year-old girl from Fukushima Pref missing since June 24 turns up at police station See in context

Interestingly the Japanese media have stopped giving her name now that she's been found.

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Posted in: 3 dead, 2,901 hospitalized due to heat exhaustion in May See in context

Here's the age breakdown: 65 and over 46.6% 18 to 65 32.1% 7 to 17 19.4% Below 7 2.0%


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Posted in: Plum job See in context

My bad.

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Posted in: Plum job See in context

Prime Minister’s Official Residence.

Surely 宮廷 means Imperial Court.

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Posted in: The art of giving and receiving change in Japan See in context

When you put them in your wallet, your notes will now be in order from lowest to highest Nope, not in my part of Japan. Maybe its a western Japan thing, but here they normally hand me the notes with the highest on top, which means I have to reshuffle them lowest to highest.

I'm pretty sure that's because of the problem of whether they only gave you change for a 5,000 when it should have been 10,000.

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Posted in: Scalper arrested after selling McCartney concert ticket for Y80,000 See in context

gogogo: It might be wrong. I usually suspend judgement.

The story being leaked is that Kotani bought five tickets through the internet but had two more than he needed and asked the other guy for help in selling them.

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Posted in: Scalper arrested after selling McCartney concert ticket for Y80,000 See in context

From Japanese language sites, Kotani was a friend of the yakuza from way back.

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Posted in: 'Black widow' with seven dead partners arrested See in context

You can see the interview she gave to the media in March here, from 1:07: She apparently doesn't have eye problems but kept her eyes closed for the duration of his interview. A liar. http://www.fnn-news.com/news/headlines/articles/CONN00281114.html

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Posted in: Seasonal celebrations threatened by nationwide butter shortage See in context

To guarantee production the goverment sets prices, which if they're not careful can lead to massive overproduction. Rice has the same issue. They paid people not to grow rice. I'm not sure where that one is today. Europe had this problem as well. Butter mountains. Wine lakes.

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Posted in: Arrest warrant issued for former GM of Grand Hyatt Tokyo over sexual assault See in context

No. The arrest warrant was issued Tuesday, yesterday. The incident happened on May 30. From the Mainichi report I think the woman and her male friend went immediately to the police in May. Of course we need to suspend a little bit our judgement but it's looking very much as if Alvarez was guilty.

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