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Posted in: Figure skating icon Hanyu announces divorce; blames slander, stalking See in context

How does Samit Basu know it was a same-sex marriage? Very unlikely it was.

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Posted in: Takarazuka theater actress' suicide due to overwork, bullying: lawyer See in context

It's an unfortunate fact that it's often the worst people who get to the top.

Willima Blake's simplistic blaming of the victims is not useful.

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Posted in: Woman becomes pregnant via IVF donor sperm after husband's death See in context

The first sentence of the Japanese version of the Kyodo article clearly states it was a third party donor.

Children's rights, which should be paramount, mean that much of this fertility treatment should not be allowed.

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Posted in: Listen up, ladies and gentlemen, guys and dudes: Terms of address can be a minefield, especially as their meanings change See in context

I feel like you didn't read the article or make note of how it mentions the phenomena of taking back words that have been used to demean or insult them, making them their own, and using them in-group as a way of resisting the insult.

Not the case at all. She's just kept using the term since her teens.

My oldest sister, on the other hand, is ready to pounce at anything that doesn't fit in with what we enlightened are supposed to believe.

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Posted in: Listen up, ladies and gentlemen, guys and dudes: Terms of address can be a minefield, especially as their meanings change See in context

If you are talking about someone over 18, they are not a "girl".

My sister, in her 50s, will talk about herself and friends as 'the girls'.

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Posted in: Japan school absenteeism at record high of nearly 300,000 in FY2022 See in context

3.2% of elementary and junior high school students missed more than 30 days,

up 0.6% over the previous year. That's big. Those commenting that the students

are learning stuff at home need a reality check.

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Posted in: Angry North Korean See in context

Just watched the highlights on TVer. Shouldn't have been a penalty. (Not what I expected.)

I'm no fan of North Korea but the comments about 'off to the gulag' are BS.

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Posted in: Japanese gov't plans to seek court order to dissolve Unification Church See in context

Scientology operates in Japan but they were unable to register as a religion.

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Posted in: BBC 'urgently looking' into issues raised by Brand report See in context

I always found him hard to listen to. Annoying, self-entitled git.

It's no surprise if he's guilty - but principle of innocent until proven guilty still stands.

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Posted in: Centenarians in Japan hit record 92,139; women account for 88% See in context

Unfortunately many of these people are in poor health and being merely kept alive by unscrupulous medical institutions.

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Posted in: Hokkaido police officer leaves gun in convenience store See in context

No real need for Japanese cops to be carrying guns as standard procedure. It's a legacy of the US Occupation and the high crime rate in the late 1940s.

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Posted in: Millions of Americans believe aromatherapy works – but for many doctors, it still doesn't pass the smell test See in context

I see an explanation that 'essential' here is an abbreviation of 'quintessential'.

"(T)hese natural liquids are drawn from the very essence of the plant" Jordan Rubin.

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Posted in: Waived indictment allegedly offered to ex-assembly member in vote-buying scandal See in context

Wait a prosecutor create false confession to build a winning case against justice minister?

It's not a false confession. Kawai gave Kido money to buy his vote.

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Posted in: 4 Chinese arrested by Japanese police for smuggling 700 kg of drugs See in context

Reporting who is committing the crime is important for understanding the crime.

Political correctness may be such in Canada that you're not supposed to do this, but fortunately Japan hasn't gone down that route.

There are Chinese gangs in Japan in active competition with yakuza (who are usually a mix of Japanese and Korean), such as 'doragon', with perhaps 800 members.

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Posted in: Japan's child population falls for 42nd straight year to new record low See in context

The reality is the number of kids is going to keep falling for the forseeable future. Japan is hardly alone in this.

In the past societal expectations were such that nearly everyone got married and had children. One good aspect perhaps is that fewer people who never should have children will have them.

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Posted in: South Korea restores Japan to trade 'white list' See in context

The Democrat Party have plenty of their own problems - among others a former leader, Song Young-gil, has just admitted that bribes were paid to get his position in 2021.

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Posted in: Spending by foreign visitors to Japan jumps sevenfold in 2022 See in context

2022 was about 20% of the peak - 2019.

This year will be much more - 80%?

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Posted in: Police urge cyclists to wear helmets ahead of mandate on April 1 See in context

July and August are hot. Helmets?

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Posted in: Tokyo police arrest 8 over alleged ¥20 billion investment fraud See in context

a 4 percent monthly return 

You don't have to pay 4 percent per month to borrow.

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Posted in: Philippines to return 1 of 4 robbery suspects to Japan in coming days See in context

Watanabe, 38, is facing a separate charge in a Manila court for violating a law on violence against women and their children.

This is a fake story. So that he can't be extradited he had his Filipino girlfriend file this charge.

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Posted in: 'Luffy'Japan robberies head suspected to be behind Manila fraud ring See in context

Apparently one of them pays the equivalent of 60,000 yen for a VIP room in the Manila holding center (not quite the luxury you might expect, but he's not in a big room with a load of others). There's also footage of him using a smart phone contacting people in Japan from a couple of years ago. Guards have to be bribed to get the phone. These top guys couldn't be returned to Japan because they filed appeals against their detention.

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Posted in: Japan's foreign worker population hits record 1.82 million See in context

From G7 countries: 81,175, 4.5% of the total.

Of these: 34,178 from the US.

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Posted in: Japan decides to ease medical rules on COVID-19 on May 8 See in context

The current system is a massive waste of resources. Medical institutions wonder how much longer the gravy train can keep going.

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Posted in: Japan reports 96,392 new coronavirus cases See in context

It's not clear at all what's happening here. Every person who dies is tested for covid. When we get the figures for excess mortality October-December 2022 we'll know more.

It's just been annnounced that deaths were 30% more than expected in England and Wales for the first week of the new year.

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Posted in: Japan reports 54,378 new coronavirus cases See in context

Deaths aren't particularly related to the day before.

It takes time for deaths to be collated. One old man I saw in figures only had his covid infection confirmed the day after he died.

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Posted in: Japan reports 108,281 new coronavirus cases See in context

One thing that became clear with the last wave in August and September was that Covid had never ripped through the population, unlike in North America or Europe. With that wave and the current one finally we've reached a figure of where there have been over 30,000,000 positive PCR tests.

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Posted in: Japan reports 132,071 new coronavirus cases; record high 503 deaths See in context

I had a quick look. Shukan Gendai, a bit of a rag of course, said in November that medical institutions can get 10,000 yen for doing a 'free PCR test' that costs them 3,000 yen. Unscrupulous institutions were having people take mutiple unnecessary tests. Most people should just take an antigen test themselves and isolate if it's positive. The beloved day's case number, already an understatement, will become more of an understatement. However, people with more serious issues will easier be dealt with.

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Posted in: Japan reports 133,361 new coronavirus cases See in context

Lots of people are getting covid. People will die having covid but to say they've died of covid is often a stretch.

In Kyoto 48.6% of beds for covid patients are taken. Of beds for serious cases 7.8% are taken.

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Posted in: Tourists warned about fake volunteer guide near Kinkakuji in Kyoto See in context

Looking into the story further it seems the guy has mental issues.

Riding the bus he mumbles and shouts abuse. I don't think he gets many customers.

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Posted in: Yoko Ono's ex-husband, avant-garde pioneer composer Ichiyanagi, dies at 89 See in context

She was married????

Twice before she married Lennon.

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