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Prime Minister’s Official Residence.

Surely 宮廷 means Imperial Court.

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When you put them in your wallet, your notes will now be in order from lowest to highest Nope, not in my part of Japan. Maybe its a western Japan thing, but here they normally hand me the notes with the highest on top, which means I have to reshuffle them lowest to highest.

I'm pretty sure that's because of the problem of whether they only gave you change for a 5,000 when it should have been 10,000.

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gogogo: It might be wrong. I usually suspend judgement.

The story being leaked is that Kotani bought five tickets through the internet but had two more than he needed and asked the other guy for help in selling them.

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From Japanese language sites, Kotani was a friend of the yakuza from way back.

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You can see the interview she gave to the media in March here, from 1:07: She apparently doesn't have eye problems but kept her eyes closed for the duration of his interview. A liar. http://www.fnn-news.com/news/headlines/articles/CONN00281114.html

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To guarantee production the goverment sets prices, which if they're not careful can lead to massive overproduction. Rice has the same issue. They paid people not to grow rice. I'm not sure where that one is today. Europe had this problem as well. Butter mountains. Wine lakes.

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No. The arrest warrant was issued Tuesday, yesterday. The incident happened on May 30. From the Mainichi report I think the woman and her male friend went immediately to the police in May. Of course we need to suspend a little bit our judgement but it's looking very much as if Alvarez was guilty.

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This was on the Mainichi TV news yesterday. A male friend was going to be meeting her at the hotel.

The DNA was from his saliva apparently. They even attempted to interview him on the street,

from before he left Japan, but unsurprisingly he had "NO comment."

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Take a look at the pictures of the guy. He was in good shape.

His wife is Finnish apparently.

Most likely he wanted to pay off debts.

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Harry Gatto

The incidence of heat related health conditions is relatively low in United Kingdom. There are around 40 cases of heat-related deaths per million population per year.

The risk rises in hotter countries, for example, it is high among periods of time such as Hajj, the annual Muslim pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia. In Saudi Arabia, the incidence of heat stroke varies seasonally, from 22 to 250 cases per 100,000 population.

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In June 2013 there were 526,575 Zainichi, Koreans in Japan. Of whom 373,689 held permanent resident status. There are also nearly 300,000 naturalized Japanese citizens who were formerly Koreans.

This quote from wikipedia is useful for understanding issues:

Pro-North Zainichi who maintained their Joseon nationalities have been called "North Koreans in Japan" in English by >writers such as Sonia Ryang. While this term is technically correct, it is somewhat misleading. Zainichi Chōsenjin, as >they are called, in the vast majority of cases settled in Japan before the modern state of North Korea was instituted, >and in most cases originate from the south of the Korean Peninsula. Their status as "North Koreans" is based almost >entirely on their historical ideological loyalties

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The part-timer said, "Are you back?" Mata kita'n desu ka?

He said, "Yes, I am." mata kita yo.


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She's guilty as hell,

but there are others as well.

For those of you who can read Japanese,

have a look at this please:


It seems 23 others at Waseda are guilty of using cut and paste.

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One interesting thing is all the co-authors on the papers. For one of them the authors are:

Haruko Obokata, Teruhiko Wakayama, Yoshiki Sasai, Koji Kojima, Martin P. Vacanti,

Hitoshi Niwa, Masayuki Yamato & Charles A. Vacanti

It seeems Obokata alone wrote the papers and the others get their names put on and seem productive.

Or am I missing something?

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NHK is not a monolith. In fact many of the program makers are rather leftist.

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Where there's smoke, there's fire.

What a stupid comment.

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It would seem very clear to me that things are not very clear here.

And yet we have a whole bunch of people spouting off.

It's the Internet. Not to be taken very seriously.

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The latest on this story is that Sakuragi had a suitcase of shoe samples that he'd received from the wife of a Nigerian business acquaintance. This is where the drugs were. http://sankei.jp.msn.com/world/news/131118/chn13111815160011-n1.htm

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Sakuragi was a member of the Unification church in 2002. http://web.archive.org/web/20030316193906/http://www.ifvoc.gr.jp/new_page_592.htm

Be ready for some surprises as this story develops.

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He's guilty as hell. He told someone from the Japanese consulate "I just accepted someone else's suitcase. I'm innocent" http://www.mbs.jp/news/jnn_2055122_zen.shtml

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@roten The poem shows that textbooks for kids were very simple in an age where many had low levels of literacy.

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I saw it on Sunday. It didn't grab me. It was a strangely monotonous experience. One thing I don't like is all the smoking.

Filmmaker Hayao Miyazaki was one of the first public figures to start a cigarette fund, and sent over nearly 1000 boxes to smokers in Tohoku. A case-hardened smoker himself, Miyazaki said in a TV interview that in times like these, nicotine is a source of nourishment, and that it was folly to apply normal health standards to those under severe strain. Did the ¥700-per-pack bit of news cause him to spit on the floor of Studio Ghibli? One sincerely hopes so.


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Still nearly 300% down from the Nikkei December 29th, 1989, right?

Down more than 100%? How does that work?

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The news yesterday had four cases in Kyoto over the previous two days. Same basic procedure each case. A call from 'son' to to mother in her 70s saying he's changed his phone number. (He has a cold explaining the strange voice.) Later a call to say money is needed. Can he meet her with the money in a coffee shop? Just before he's supposed to arrive, a call to say he's been involved in an accident. Someone else will be there to collect the money.

In the case above the 'business man in a suit' was wearing a surgical mask and had dyed hair, which later struck the woman as strange.

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smithinjapan - Read up on him and you may learn something.

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I'm with wipeout on this one. People misunderstand what diurectic means

The idea that drinking beverages containing natural diuretic substances, such as caffeine, actually drain fluid out of the body (i.e., creates a net loss in body water content) is simply a misunderstanding of the diuretic action.

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spudman - I can't any report of the thief being arrested. You sure you got that right?

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While deflation is apparently good for individuals, it is bad for the economy as a whole because it encourages shoppers to put off purchases in the knowledge the same product will cost less next month.

This is poor economics, something economists are finally getting to realize.

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“I gave a homemade cake to my boyfriend for Valentine’s Day, and when White Day rolled around, all he gave me was a cake that he baked,” grumbled one 32-year-old woman.

I went back to the original Japanese. The problem was that the guy's cake tasted better than the girl's!

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@yubaru Well, maybe not to everyone and certainly not to his mother, but it looks to me like a letter

that is sent out phishing. Here's an example. http://naname.cacao.jp/wp/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/47b47243.jpg

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