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Posted in: Guesthouse owner arrested for slashing guest who sprinkled too much pepper on his own food See in context

I have a first-hand experience of being a guest at Foolery Guesthouse. I was physically attacked by Genryu because I wanted to SLEEP (You know, as you do in a place you pay to sleep at.) BTW, this is NOT a restaurant! It's a guesthouse that people pay to sleep at during their travels. Genryu slashing a guest for putting pepper on the food he prepared is not because he is an accomplished chef at a restaurant.

He is renting his house out to travelers. There are multiple reviews outlining the dangerous and violent nature of the host and idk why he still has his business even after being arrested for something like this.

so it is possible that death threats and knife-play are a part of their regular relationship, but these criminal charges might suggest otherwise.

I really dont understand the point of this being mentioned. If it is not proven or explicitly stated by the victim that "knife-play" is just "a part of their regular relationship", there is no need to suggest this in the article -- it downplays the crime and misleads readers. Friends who "knife-play" wouldn't criminally charge each other, I believe.

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