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Gobshite comments

Posted in: Biden surveys collapsed Baltimore bridge, pledges help See in context

As if anything Joe proclaims means anything, senile old man

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Posted in: Israel finds the body of a hostage killed in Gaza, while talks will resume on a cease-fire See in context

A geriatric alco makes global decisions ?

Even Pelosi have turn against Israel support Google Pelosi Israel Aid

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Posted in: Japan to limit number of asylum applications to speed up deportations See in context

UNCONTROLLED immigration is causing all sorts of problems, economic migrants are NOT asylum seekers. I had to earn the right to live here, I don't see why anyone else shouldn't. Although Japan could be a little easier on true asylum seekers.

Some foreigners live in Japan advising against foreigners being accepted into Japan. What makes them so special?

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Posted in: Japan to limit number of asylum applications to speed up deportations See in context

Good, don't be like Europe, parts of which are becoming cesspits.

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Posted in: Scotland's government says a new law will tackle hate crime See in context

And a motorhome parked at her mother in laws thanks to creative accounting :-)

Nicola Sturgeon had the political skills

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Posted in: Google CEO slams 'completely unacceptable' Gemini AI errors See in context

@ Thuban In the Nazi military? Where did you study history? You'll be saying Hamas has gay fighters in Gaza next. Jeez.....

There probably were at least a few non-white people in the military of that size.

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Posted in: Leap year glitch disrupts driver license issuance in parts of Japan See in context

Still using Windows 95 probably

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Posted in: Japan eyes 20-year background check for those working in jobs involving kids See in context

Japan "eyes" a lot, does not so much.

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Posted in: McCartney reunited with his missing 'Beatlemania' bass guitar See in context

Come back when you are world famous and let us know how it's going

TokyoLivingFeb. 20  07:18 am JST

Why is this news??

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Posted in: AI plays cupid as Japanese authorities try to boost marriage rate See in context

Oh come on, this is Japan. If your coffee maker switches itself off when boiled, it's AI. Don't you know that?

This isn't AI. It's just a basic matching programme - dating agencies have been using them for years.

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Posted in: Are we about to find out moon's origin? Japan's space agency says it may now have clues See in context

10 minutes on the moon and already discovered something that NASA couldn't? Wow :-)

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Posted in: COVID patients again rising in Japan; experts warn of 10th wave See in context

Except It won't

Get a booster and stop the spread!*

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Posted in: Death sentence likely in Japan anime arson trial See in context

Nope, it will save the taxpayers a lot of money however

Will the dangling lifeless body of Shinji Aoba, at the end of a hangman's rope bring justice and solace, comfort and consolation to the bereaved.

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Posted in: Tokyo couple arrested over illegal cultivation of glowing fish See in context

You cat be arrested for breeding fish in a fish shop... who knew

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Posted in: Starlink helps communications in quake-hit central Japan See in context

But but, Japan inc just sent some junk to the moon, priorities eh?

Musk come to rescue, that's better than Japan Inc.

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Posted in: Fujitsu in firing line over UK Post Office scandal See in context

Now it seems investigators got bonuses for successful prosecutions.....

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Posted in: Fault responsible for Ishikawa quake may stretch 150 km: experts See in context

Suddenly.. how do I explain my 30 year salary working on this issue, in a country where earthquakes are frequent?

The faultline was unknown until recently.

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Posted in: Fault responsible for Ishikawa quake may stretch 150 km: experts See in context

”Experts” have only just discovered this small detail? Been sleeping until now it seems....

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Posted in: New Year’s Day quake in Japan revives trauma of 2011 triple disasters See in context

So why are people in earthquake prone areas still living in old properties liable to collapse? I'd feel much safer in my self built garden shed

New Year’s Day quake in Japan revives trauma of 2011 triple disasters

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Posted in: Ex-school principal kept obscene videos of female students in his office to prevent his wife from finding them See in context

arrested in September on suspicion of violating the child prostitution and pornography law 


charged with possessing 48 obscene videos and photos of female students

What's missing here?

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Posted in: Ex-Tokyo Olympics official pleads not guilty to taking bribes in exchange for Games contracts See in context

Salary bonus in his next job

What will be the sentence?

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Posted in: Top gov't spokesman allegedly received ¥10 mil in kickbacks: source See in context

What a shocker.... said no one ever

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Posted in: Eating less meat would be good for the Earth See in context

Complete nonsense

But experts agree that the urgency of climate change and the demands of a surging global population call for an overhaul of how humans get their protein.

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Posted in: Japan, China to hold regular talks on trade See in context

Talks on trade? Isn't Japan already flooded with Chinese produce? Not a complaint, I buy a lot :-)

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Posted in: Video chat service Omegle shuts down following years of user abuse claims See in context

Does Microsoft?

They won due to Omegle not verifying the participants' ages 

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Posted in: Gov't OKs Osaka expo construction budget of up to ¥235 bil See in context

Complete waste of money, and just like the Olympics, will be distributed in brown envelopes to a select few.

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Posted in: Air Self-Defense Force plane evacuates 46 out of Israel See in context

It's welcome. Good to see them helping non Japanese too

Japan's support for Israel

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Posted in: School's out forever in parts of aging Japan See in context

Japanese progress, innit

But cost 40,000,000 to bring up to standard.

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Posted in: 'AI' named Collins Word of the Year See in context

I remember the good old days when it was software

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