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Posted in: Video of pick-up artist grabbing Japanese women on street triggers online protests See in context

If he's talking his "how to pick up women" crap here in the US, it's obviously not very effective, as this is the first I've heard of the moron. I can also tell you, if he were to grab women here in the US where I live, and do the crap he was doing with those poor women in Tokyo, he'd either get his butt kicked severely, or he'd be arrested and locked up for assault. Most likely both. Here's the hoot of it, he'd probably be getting his butt kicked by a large group of angry women. So much for him being pick-up Casanova.

If you really want to meet a girl, all you have to do is talk to her. Be yourself. That's all you have to do. If it's meant to be, she'll like you. If not, than she's not the right one for you. It really is that simple.

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Posted in: U.S. serviceman apologizes for assaulting boy in Okinawa See in context

I know some are very angry, but I sincerely hope they do not blame all Americans or all of our service members for this criminal's behavior. Believe me, as a mom, I am totally outraged by what he did. The fact that he represents my country as a serviceman makes me sick. Burglary? Hitting a child in the process? Both of those actions are inexcusable. If anything, I have to commend the parents for being so calm. If it had been my child, and that criminal came before me, there is better than a good chance I would have attacked him in a murderous rage. Then again, if it had been me, I would have beaten him just for breaking into my house.

My thoughts are with the family, and I hope they can find peace of mind and move on towards a happy future.

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Posted in: Obama insists on tax hike for rich as part of fiscal deal See in context

First off, medical care would be more affordable if the pharmaceutical companies and malpractice payouts against doctors and hospital had been put in check over a decade ago. Second off, prices on goods and services are going to go up here in the USA as those who are in the wealthy one percent move to regain what they will be losing. And they WILL try to recoup those loses.

Okay, so my Federal income taxes do not go up as I'm blue collar, middle class, I'm still going to get finacially obliterated by paying more for everything else. The only way to fix this problem is to quit spending, spending, and spending. If I can be more frugal in my home, than the U.S. Federal Government needs to do the same.

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