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Elvis once said 'I sound like nobody'....to me he sounded like 'everybody' as he listened to all that pop culture offered when he was young.....his first recording for his mum was 'My Happiness' an old 'Ink Spots' number. When he recorded their 'That's When Your Heartaches Begin' he even used their recitation technique part way through the recording. He did not have the high voice of their lead singer but his ballad style was influenced by him. But he also liked Mario Lanza and wanted to sing like him....thus 'Its Now Or Never' leading to a pop opera style in later years. Has anyone sung 'What Now My Love' better? He was originally a Country and Western Singer...he won a singing competition singing 'Old Shep'...a maudlin song about a boy and his dog (the dog died come the end of the song...of boredom probably!).....his blues delivery (on his first LP) of such as 'That's All Right Mama' were initially a joke as Sam Phillips let him and his musicians have the Sun Studios for a year to develop a saleable style......and he and the musicians did some blues numbers for a laugh....and it worked. But his desire and admiration for 'real' singers (not just mouthing words through thin voices covering a limited range) never left him and, it has been said by those close to him, that's all he saw himself as....was a singer. He never really understood all the acclaim. He even once (as he was not easily recognizable without his 'stage attire') entered an 'Elvis' singing competition outside the 'Graceland' gates. They realised who it was when he started singing.....after the vote he came fourth! As 'Elvis' himself once said during a press interview "Its difficult to live up to an image". And it was...and in doing it with all the isolation that came with it, and the boredom, it killed him. Elvis was all of us.

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*Article 9 of the Constitution renounces war and* bans the possession of military forces and other "war potential."

If you abolish a Constitution that 'renounces war' then you are saying, in effect' you welcome war. There is nothing presently in Japan's constitution that prohibits it from defending itself. The debate is alarmist fantasizing.

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Re Oldman_13:- While Naomi was born in Japan, her family moved to the United States when she was only three years old. In fact, Naomi only relinquished her U.S. citizenship last year in order to represent Japan at the Olympics (that was supposed to be this year). She was a United States citizen for most of her life (and currently lives in Beverly Hills, California), is culturally American, speaks English fluently but doesn't speak Japanese as fluently, etc. She has every right to highlight issues of systemic racism and police brutality in a country where she spent most of her life as a citizen of and still clearly identies more with.

Then why is she representing Japan if she has no interest in hi-lighting human rights issues there? Last I knew she is even represented by IMG Japan. No doubt she is possibly a confused young lady. Representing the USA might de-confuse her and everyone else. As for the Olympics...its original purpose was to stop warring factions for its duration and come together for sporting events. Introducing and accepting political protests are the opposite of it. Personally, with so many annual or bi-annual 'world Championships' in various sports, I think it outmoded and would be best discontinued. I certainly didn't miss it this year.

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One more thing: Japan is very racist and biased toward some groups more than others but it is definitely biased against anyone not Japanese. I have heard horror stories from people from Australia, Canada, the U.S., Africa, Vietnam, Korea, Taiwan, black, white, you name it.

The Ainu are Japanese and they were in Japan before the present day Japanese stole it from them and now discriminate against. In the USA...the Native American (some still live on reservations)...known as the First Nation....had the same fate that historians regard as genocide. Selective history has no value at all and there is plenty of that involved after the police responded to a trader concerned about being passed a dud note to purchase something and that the suspect (known to the police) resisted arrest. The police used the prescribed method for a suspect resisting arrest. The suspect had a variety of conditions that might have been best looked after at home recuperating. Eventually 'we' will get to hear / see (such a strange notion) the 'evidence' and the fair trial which articles in the USA Constitution promises (even if 'obviously' guilty) will commence instead of the 'worldwide' kangaroo court presently played out which virtually makes a fair trial impossible. If I was the defense council I would be quietly confident of a 'not guilty' verdict.

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Naomi Osaka, the world's highest paid sportswoman, says the voices of prominent athletes can be more influential than those of politicians and is determined that hers will be heard on the subject of racial injustice.

Well...good. So Naomi will champion the cause too of the Native Americans and the Ainu in Japan (not to say discrimination in Haiti too)? No doubt her popularity will soar...although not, perhaps, among her sponsors. Good to see she has overcome her shyness.

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'The torture of Theresa May'

The British Electorate voted to leave the EU....the single market, customs union, EU court of justice and manage its own affairs. Those 'affairs' include a Monarchy, a Commonwealth of some 50+ countries (several of those have their Parliaments opened by our Queen...many other attributes. It is not extreme to insist the result of a vote is respected and carried out as Parliament itself pledged to do in a large majority vote after the referendum. Mrs May's problems is, after some 2 years of maintaining the referendum result would be carried out, she then tried to push through a 500 plus legal document of pledges the opposite of the referendum result. If she is on a stretch rack then she placed herself on it. Furthermore....there is no such thing as 'No Deal'. 'No Deal' with the EU maybe but even that will have aspects of a relationship such as the unreported reciprocal arrangement passed by the EU in September for mutual airport landing rights. Jan 21st negotiations cease. March 29th the UK leaves the EU (by law) and takes up already ongoing WTO (World Trade re than Organisation) rules which many other countries around the world enjoy. The EU will lose more than the UK in trade if they can not make a trade agreement with the UK. Any transition is bound to have problems...we save at..but at the end of March there will be no transition period and, the biggest downside of all for the EU, no money from the UK....we save at least 39 billion. To describe that as 'crashing out' relies on bias and exaggeration which the writer seems to have plenty of. And attending meetings of past it politicians clinging to the wreckage of their own careers and un-elected pompous Lords who are supposed to have an allegiance to our Monarch and Country and not that of a foreign power, might be the wrong place to catch the public mood. No doubt they will wave 'some polls' about....so what's new? They did all that before the referendum. No imagination...that's their problem.

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With the Ump acting the he did, makes you wonder?

Serena has record on this type of tantrum....'a losers smokescreen'. In her past she threatened a female linesman, over a call, she would have her shot....does no-one remember that? She was heavily fined for that and made a public apology. (and the line judge made a correct call anyway!). Does no-one recall the nationality of that line judge? She was Japanese too. Hmmm!

Serena had decided the first warning ('coaching by her trainer') was incorrect...she actually told the umpire he was wrong to issue the warning and didn't know the rules! The later racket smashing came after she had at least broken Naomi's service (2nd set) but served 2 double faults and Naomi broke right back. After that Naomi had a 15 point advantage (penalty awarded against Serena for racket abuse) in the next game (on her service) and Naomi, despite Serena's antics, kept her cool and served her game out to love. At some point she told the umpire 'he stole' (the umpire assumed) some points and advantage from her (???) and she could be heard pleading how caring she was and that she had a baby etc etc......yes, she lost it. Sad for such a great champion playing someone who idolized her and with such conduct not what anyone should judge as 'a role model'. Serena looked overweight around the middle and simply couldn't move fast enough. Naomi saw that and blasted high speed shots at Serena she couldn't reach. Serena tried to serve harder but she couldn't do that consistently either. The real champion that night was Naomi Osaka...she did not allow herself to be intimidated by Serena's pointless (no pun intended) tirade and won with the additional credit of not just being the best player but the 'better face of the game' for the future. Shame on the spectators for booing the umpire...I've seen him a number of times and always fair. Two officials actually came on to the court to try to sort it out but Serena continued her abuse. One male and one female...and you could see the female official was remonstrating Serena the most. And 'her trainers coaching?'. He admitted in an interview later that's what he had done. The camera's just happened to spot him doing it. It does not matter a jot whether Serena saw him or not. It is now up to Serena if she wants to work even harder to compete and win at the very top level or just call it a day. Tennis should have no room for such behavior from 'icons'. A 20 year old kid showed how you can be polite, pleasant, tough and talented, play by the rules AND pick up three and a half million dollars (or quids?) by working hard and, get this, made to feel she should apologise for it. WELL DONE NAOMI OSAKA...JAPAN (and the USA!) should be proud of you.

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I can not forgive Premier Abe for quetioning the apology for the Japanese WW II War Conduct. Many of people such as myself trusted the Japanese word on this matter including as expressed by The Emperor and past Prime Ministers. For nearly 20 years I had worked to place mainly Japanese musicians before the public as a public relations policy to present the Japanese people as warm, pleasant and looking to the future, not the past and try to blame everyone but their past atrocities and false premise to build an empire for the benefit of the countries it occupied and commited terrible crimes in. The issue of 'comfort women' also was ignoring facts. One wondered what happened to all those people that were going to sue publications for false accusations? It simply did not happen as they had no case. It was tottaly unfair to the youth of Japan to regurgitate issues apologized for and should have been left alone. It compromised the honor of Japan.

Japan needs to move forward....its educational and family / social structures are backward and the suicide rate is shameful for such a supposedly civilized nation. There are judicial moves to loosen Japanese people from over-work (the reason for many suicides). It has many wonderful people with extraordinary talents and add much to the world which is now so globally intigrated that no-one can ignore the image they present to the world and how it is seen. Even North Korea will have to take account of that and, in many ways, it does...and wants to.

Turiko Koike might just be what Japan needs but it is too early to say as her policies are not yet fully revealed nor her new party. It is unusual that a politician having led a landslide victory in Tokyo elections should now say she does not intend offering herself for election as Prime Minister. Perhaps that will change...if the electorate want her to then it is up to the electorate to 'invite' her.

The courtesy of Japanese people is welcome but I wonder with the ritualistic aspect of it wether it stops them being in touch with their emotions. Repression of emotions can bring ill-health. I am full of admiration for what the Japanese represent and what they have achieved but it needs to understand its own history to be able to move forward. I hope it does.

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The leaders also agreed to cooperate in arranging special grave visits by former residents of the islands by plane in September. Such visits had originally been scheduled for June, but were cancelled due to bad weather.

'NEWS TO-DAY!'. Putin gives Abe permission to visit own islands for a day or two....barring bad weather again!

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In an ironic nod to Brexit supporters' rallying cry of"Global Britain", Tusk, a former Polish premier, signed off a tweet confirming the Japan deal with the words "Global Europe!"

The Chinese will take note! And the USA...and the UK and its Commonwelath countries. The cry of 'The let them eat sushie' not quite so fresh as the fish need to be...and we take our fishing rights back. And instead of buying Japanese cars (which will go up in price) we will buy Chinese or Amrican or make more of our own and undercut Japanese ones....and their chocolates made from rice! Is this what they call 'negotiating?'. But wasn't Junker complaining about an empty chamber the other day...evidenced by footage showing it to be....well, empty. And the Abe government on the slide after the worst vote ever for the LDP in the Tokyo elections outsmarted by a female politician. Four years a-coming but not signed yet? Abe full of ideas except none of them work out...I suspect this will yet be another one. Yet another example of Abenomics.

A true account of something I was told years ago comes to mind. A product being made for a Japanese buyer. Everything was questioned and changed from the original...even the color. It was a plastic product. Come the presentation and the Japanese buyer still hovered. Frustrated the seller asked what now was wrong..."We have done everrything you requested". The Japanese buyer replied "Ah....but I don't like the smell!'. I am not sure why that came to mind right now.

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Things may work out, of course. It’s just conceivable that May could deliver a Brexit success

Well, what an interesting article. But did it need to be so long? Surely 'Peter Apps thinks Prime Minister May could bring a great success' would cover it. Beyond that, Mr Apps seems to be stretching his reporting skills with an abundance of supposition but lack of facts. Of course, we all know that much hope is being placed by some that the UK will stay in the EU after all (despite the fact that triggering article 50 does not allow that)...... the problem is they do not actually state what 'Remain' means and what terms they want to 'Remain' or indeed what 'Remain' would look like or if they would want a 'Hard or Soft' Remain. What some term a 'Brayin'. Its all a bit vague really.

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Tony W. Today 09:24 am JST

'Who cares if we are under surveillance if we are not doing anything wrong? Better surveillance than a free rein for terrorists, criminals, tax dodgers and the like!'

But what if it was 'terrorists, criminals and tax dodgers' that constructed and ran the government? And also whenever you went into the bathroom for the most private of private functions you would not mind being observed there too? Or, in the name of gathering statistics for the 'health of the nation' how many times normally 'private acts' with your wife or girlfriend or such as same sex relationships.....all, all would be ok to be observed by 'the government'? After all....you would be doing 'nothing wrong'....at least not by to-days standards!!!

Those concerned about 'mass surveillance' in Japan need not worry too much. The 'world' would know (thanks to such as Mr Snowden) and Japan would find its Tourist Trade plummet, its once wealthy subjects poverty stricken and attempts to flee the country useless; its representative abroad shunned at conferenece tables.

So it is in the interests of those wanting to bring such measures in not to bring in that which will inevitably lead to their own diminishing status they so desperately strive to presently protect. Recent examples of the UK's own 'surveillance' measures had the perpetrators of recent atrocities being 'waved' under the security services noses but they still got away with their crimes. 'Legislators' are full of silly people like the MP who thought the death penalty should be brought in for suicide bombers!

Protect your privacy at all costs....no-one else will accept for the warnings of people prepared to be stateless such as Mr Snowden. With his experties he could make a lot of money providing he turned a b;ind eye to what he realised was wrong. The truth matters...even if we do not like it. To live under regmies that constantly strive to live in a carefully constructed web of lies would lead to the end of civilization as what would we have to protect it? No-one can protect that which they do not know the reality of.

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After the latest chemical attack by the Assad regime

Mr Orr starts off with an assumption he tries to pass off as fact...and on top an assertion there has been a whole string on a regular basis of 'chemical attacks' by the 'Assad Regime'. There is plenty of evidence of chemical attacks by rebel forces and other atrocities...but that does not fit the story line does it: 'Assad is a monster'. I should not have to point out his interviews in English shows him to be a more intelligent and literate person than the latest pretender to take charge of 'The Worlds Policeman': President Trump. How odd this 'chemical attack' was less than one week after the USA bombing disaster in Mosul where 200 civillians lost their lives. And a subsequent 'show piece' pointless bombing of a Syrian Airfield (and a few more maimed and injured there)..and the electoral poll findings of a Trump slump so sabre rattling at North Korea whilst the declared 'Armada' was found a week later a 1,000 miles away heading towards Australia. North Korea may be difficult but to condemn them for wanting to protect themselves with nuclear weapons when defenceless middle east countries are invaded and wasted by forces claiming to uphold democracy and peace. I note how Mr Orr has his model soldiers and cardboard battlefield in place and done his calculations.......but he leaves out the human misery on all sides and the negation of a country doing its best to come to terms with USA policy post-World War ll that tried to lay waste to now North Korea, Vietnam (what about THOSE chemical weapons then Mr Orr!), to Iraq, Lybia, Afghanistan and other countries they were trying to create 'in their own image'. The list is seemingly endless counting in Macarthyism ('reds under the bed'....even Charlie Chaplin barred!), the Cold War, breaking an agreement with Russia not to place weapons on their border (causing the Cuban Missile Crisis) and even watching whilst the IRA collected money from Irish-American's used to buy Semtex from Gadaffi whilst Gerry Adams was wined and dined at The White House....(and that was brought to an end due to 9 / 11 when the USA found what it was like to suffer the results of terrorism.). And, to our shame, nearly always supported by a British Government. If Assad has blood on his hands 'we' have been bathing in it.....and it can not go on. We now know the only true principle involved is testing grounds and markets to sell USA and Bristih weapons to keep the American and British workforce sated on consumerism whilst large parts of the world are poverty stricken and war torn.

What the USA is really scared of is the growing power and economies of China and Russia and others joining them whilst the house of cards economy built on ever increasing inflation and trade....akin to a chain letter rampant sold to the insane.....collapses (as it did during the banking crisis....not far from completely) never to recover and plunging the world into a modern 'Dark Ages' crisis.

And there you have it in the appendage of Mr Orr's 'expert assumptions'......USA hawk McMaster and counter insurgents in Iraq study Mr Orr......fat lot of good that did anyone on the end of the human misery it caused. Its all about 'fisticuffs' isn't it Mr Orr....not one mention of trying to understand 'thy neighbour' and asking him how we can live peacfully together whilst accepting 'their family' wants to live a different lifestyle to 'ours'.

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I don't know why you changed it....it had more 'body' before and everything clear. There is too much white space. Why? Did it not strike you there was or did someone say "Look at that white space...fantastic....just what we wanted". As for comments / views....where are my past ones? Deleted? No warning everyone's past views were going to be deleted? Maybe its there somewhere but I can not find them nor can another viewer I note.

Everything is so huge...is this so those flicking through on a mobile 'phone can read the text? Going to 3, 4 and 5 news stories on the righ of my LapTop screen.....just the three headlines take up a third of my screen on the right.

It looks like someone in the office one day said 'Hey, lets have a re-design'...someone was dispatched to put the kettle on whilst a few of you fiddled around waiting for the kettle to boil.

So...no...sorry. It just does not work for me.....and, judging by others comments, an uncomfortable mixed bag tending towards the 'grudging' when there is anything positive. I would not be happy if I were you.

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In the latest twist to the ballooning school scandal, Japan’s top spokesman said on Friday Abe’s wife, Akie, had not personally donated money to Moritomo Gakuen, a school operator in Osaka, western Japan.

Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga had said on Thursday Abe had not donated money either himself or through a third party including his wife.*

The right question to ask is 'Did Abe or his wife or any person or business or agents directly or indirectly receive benefits that may or may not include 'requirements' how pupils were taught and the school policy targeted to that end; to benefit financially or in kind or politically or in any other way by those defined within the question?'

That could include that his wife was about to take up a position with the school but did not when the scandal broke. Why not If she was doing nothing wrong? On the other hand why accept it in the first place. An old saying 'Ceasar;s wife must be above suspicion'. It does not help if 'Ceasar' is not above it either. A protoge female defence minister also facing questions.

Right now Abe is strutting around the world making deals he might not be in a position to carry out by the time they come to fruition.

We live in interesting times...when few 'leaders' are above suspicion and those ready to replace them no sweeter!

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"There are so many holes in this story, I'll digress a little and say this, we shall see".

I agree 'bass'.....the 'journalism professor' went right through a whole range of possibilities in past, present and future tense including stating:-

The group has already suffered some significant defeats, losing a quarter of the territory under its control last year thanks to ground offensives by Iraqi and Syrian forces backed by U.S. air strikes.

In the whole article not once was there any mention....not even a mention!!!.....of Russia! Nothing about what they have done nor plans by President Trump to work with Russia. How can anyone not even mention Russia? So 'holes in story' one way of putting it or akin to Chicken Little looking up to the sky worried the sky is going to fall in. All factors have to be considered and the 'journalism professor' seemed to lean more heavily on 'journalism' and less on the more studious term: Professor.

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“There are a lot of killers,” said Trump. “What do you think? Our country’s so innocent?”**

Yes....Vietnam, Iraq, Lybia for a start...and arming those 'rebels' they claimed to be there to fight...and, at one point, two rebel groups fighting each other one part funded by the Pentagon, the other the CIA.......President Trump rightly views world conflicts objectively. He observes the log in America's own eye. That does not mean to say he will give in to Putin and give him anything he wants. It is just that he is free of sanctamonious claptrap where 'who the big bad wolf' is. Ever seen an interview with Assad in good and fluent English on such as RT and even BBC TV 24 hours news whilst main line TV News will show him speaking in his own language so he sounds more remote and sinister. Russia had the Iron Curtain and put a wall between East and West Germany because they lost 25 million people in World War II....shall I repeat that as no-one seems to take that into account. And what did the USA do with its promise not to put missiles and weapons on Russia's borders......it put them there. So Russia goes to Cuba and starts to place missiles there. "Oh no!....that's on our border...mustn't do that" say the USA. This double-speak brought to a halt is the only way tension in the world is going to be reduced and so politicians can work out a more peacable future.

I hope they do for all our sakes......and Trump deserves some breathing space to achieve what he is trying to do. It seems to me he is being 'jumped on' I would suggest out of fear his policies might actually work and then where would all the Hawks, Arms Dealers and free riders living off 'intrigue and conflict' be? In jail where some of them should be now where they can do least harm I hope.

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“Our government is not against the instalment of a girl statue… but I think we need to pool our wisdom on the issue of location.”**

She is facing a brick wall? Ideal location I would say!

It would have been better to not make an issue of it. Now it is too symbolic for both sides and showing little respect for the women who suffered at the hands of the Japanese military...and 'the willing' can suffer also. Suffer for what they then felt they had to do to feed their families and theirselves to stay alive. And they must wait because the Japanese representatives want to make an issue of a statue? Do they have no respect for the real live women nor for themselves in what should be their shame and sorrow and apologetic contrition? They are using every excuse to save paying out any money, waiting for people to die in torment with having Japan point the finger at them and effectively say "Tough....your fault!" Would it not be better to say "Yes....we deserve this and we wish to compensate for the shame we have heaped on the women and their families" If the statue were removed to-morrow....what would immediately happen? Instant payments or some other excuse to hold 'negotiations' up? One wonders what point the Japanese think they are making? By showing disrespect for the statue they show disrespect for the women who suffered and those living are still suffering. Every day that goes by adds to their shame and even when all the women are gone...remaininig are the memories and the shame others will remind the Japanese they should have felt and begged forgiveness for. Settle it guys and move on. Do not push the problem on to your youth...it is not their fault so do not cause them to carry the blame just because you wish to 'honor your dead relatives'. Maybe it is possible to understand and forgive a past wrongdoing but you can not pretend it did not happen or negotiate in a way so that it looks better than it is.

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This article dismisses all the Americans who voted for Trump and all the Brits who voted for Brexit simply as "folly".

Yes....and by the once epitome of accurate news reporting (or hiding behind) the once respected name of 'Reuters'. It is not only assuming all those who voted for and argued for Bexit it is the false assertions made without thought that continuously concerns me. Take this line "For 40 years, European law has applied in the UK to the benefit of the British people". No it has not....it is true to say that over 40 years the initial Trading Only Common Market the British population were pledged (and held back from them the 'Ever Closer Union') a creeping sore replaced British Law with European Law including threats to our Monarchy...itself (it should not be forgotten) being that our Queen is Head of State of such as Canada, Australia and other Commonwealth Countries. Oh how I am sure the little Europeans and sneering anonimous writers would love to see that demolished. But you ain't going to do it.. Whoever you are your continued insulting tones try to meddle in the democratic process and try to appear smarter than you actually are with false evidence or no evidence at all....just wishful thinking and words designed to support your prejudice.

"Many of those who voted to leave the EU did so in the belief that the UK would curb immigration by ending the EU right to the free movement of workers and their families".

Oh...you know so do you? You are now predicting something which you have no idea if it will happen or not. Did you not hear to-day Theresa May say, effectively, if a deal can not be done then we will not stay in the 'single market'. As has been stated many times over, but such as yourself wanting to continue this barrage of false assertions in the hopes if you state them enough someone will believe you, the European Trade with us is such that they spend more with us than we do with Europe. So, as we wish, whilst the EU is spending more long fruitless years negotiating on behalf of the eventually dwindling block of countries (20 years and they still have not done a deal with the USA.....ours with them is on the table.) we will trade with whoever we please.

Once again I repeat in these pages.....the EU's Auditors have refused to sign its books off for 22 years now, it is an administrative, economic, judicial and increasingly social mess. Of course we would want to stay in touch and help out and do what we can...we are friends of the peoples of Europe....but we are choosing not to be friends with its political and administrative area...two different things. Of course, you want to smear us as xenophobic, hate all foreigners. It is a lie...come out and say directly that is what I am and I will sue you and Reuters. How dare you cast apertions on the intelligence and integrity of millions of people. Hillary Clinton tried that and look where that got her.

Brexit Means Brexit which means the UK will no longer be part of the European Union as voted for by the British people on June 23rd 2016 That is what we initially signed up for and all added since will be repealed. What we might mutually salvage from that will be a mutual conveniance....no more than that and as WE please.

If I look for a reply, and I am very busy but took time to counter some of your mindless and ill thought out assertions, I will expect you to add your real name to your words. And I sincerely hope Reuters are not wasting money by paying you for such a waste of time.

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Posted in: Britain avoids M&A collapse as foreign buyers go Brexit bargain hunting See in context

What the future holds is hard to say. Until the exit is completed no one can say what the future holds.

Well I never....we have stirred up the Hornets. At least Azzprin had it spot on (quote above). It seems a lot of wishful thinking is involved in the various comments and the poor fella banging on about the one 'fact' of the so called promise on the 'side of the bus'. Before the referendum vote such as Nigel Farage already made clear he thought it was misleading and that it would be correct to say there would be a surplus from exiting the EU that 'COULD' be spent on the NHS......but I don't know how many times so called facts were stated with the word 'could' by the Remainers and none of it has so-far happened......I am sure Yoshitune could have a laugh at the myriad examples of that if he learnt to read the wider picture instead of boiling his argument down to whatever 'Aunt Sally' would suit his argument (can't you come up with something more adult than that lad? Lots of people may well be laughing all the way to the bank....so what? Sneering at people making money now are we?)..and I am sure Moonraker will be over the moon should all go wrong. 'We' were happy for the 'Son' to go through due to it not being the only like conglomoration that was British based. It is not the only example. But, here we go, 'like Trump voters Brexiters will never see the past deceipt'. Are you being serious Moonraker? You are so full of your own self importance that you really think your opinion matters above millions of people here in the UK, the USA and throughout the world. You dare to sneer at them? Everyone is entitled to their opinion and so are you but you are not even prepared to wait and see what the facts are before stating it is impossible for anything to ever be different than what you hope it will be just to prove yourself right. As for 'smithinjapan'......I suggest you stop listening to your appaling PM Abe (who ought to mind his own business) and look at the reality of the Japanese companies in the UK that want not just to stay here but voted to. As for 'we could have cut immigration by cutting non-EU immigration'......you mean take in the people wandering around Europe thanks to Merkles miscalculation that all you need to do is be kind to people and they will reward you with good behavior. Outside the EU are people throughout the world (a vastly larger area than the EU) that have talents that wish to use them in the UK and we wish to invite here. You think a country is sane to ignore a better talent for a poorer one because of where they live in the world? I thought the whole idea of the EU was not to discriminate against people. And you think we should not have th right to sell our goods anywhere in the world we choose to? You think we should stay in the administrative, economic and political mess the EU has become? 22 years and the EU auditors still will not sign off the EU books.

The only certainty anyone can have at present is that the UK is leaving the EU the terms of which have yet to be finalized. End of story! Don't get yourselves upset over 'could be, may be, should be or even wannabe'.....the only thing that matters is what WILL be and those pontificating above will have no input to that so let us all shut up, shall we?

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Posted in: Britain avoids M&A collapse as foreign buyers go Brexit bargain hunting See in context

ADK99Jan. 03, 2017 - 09:21AM JST

Its rather comical that a Brexit movement based on fear of immigration and a desire to have British control over British destiny is resulting in increased foreign control over British companies.

Wrong (as always when trying to sneer at the decision of over 17 million voters)....not 'fear of immigration' but concerned at an open door, anyone can enter no matter the number, policy that causes friction even with immigrants enjoying our life-style and do not want that compromised by an explosion of immigrants with no proper housing provisions, social pressures on communities not able to afford or sustain them and teams of workers 'flewn in' controlled by a Mr Big raking off the profits from undercutting the quotes UK based business present. You might have heard that well known 'Remainer' Jeremy Corbyn refer to such practices that need to stop. Right now the open door policy of Germany has real fear and not only them....that is the 'fear' you think we should put up with do you? Not something to laugh and sneer at my friend. 'British Control. British Destiny' v 'Foreign Control over British Companies'. You have almost got it right there except WE decide if we will allow them to buy our companies or not. That is the difference....and not have some inconsequential, deluded and self-serving nonentity in Brussels decide about the fate of the whole of Britain and its well-being and future. We nearly lost it....now we are in the process of taking it back. You want to join us? You are welcome. If all you can do is sneer and misinform....who would procure your biased opinions?

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Posted in: Trump aides ask of Russian meddling: Does it matter? See in context

Do I understand this correctly. President Obama and his allies would never dream of trying to influence an election by issuing threats or sidelining a country, causing their electorate to fear the outcome if they voted a certain way, sided with warnings of dire consequences if such an election result went against his wishes but using constantly words like could, or might, was thought that etc etc........?

President elect Trump has a very good friend who will no doubt be only too pleased to inform anyone how sincere the soon departing President Obama is when it comes to illegal and subversive conduct....ask Nigel Farage.

Lets start with the "The UK will go to the back of the queu for a Trade agreement with the USA if they voted to 'Leave' the EU. Or Lybia was a 'mistake'. 'Guantanamo Bay will be closed'. 'We will defeat ISIL' (instead of funding them!)...plenty more where that came from.

Give Trump a chance instead trying to put obstacles in his way that can only harm the USA in doing that. Forget what part of the election Hillary won. They both took part in the same contest with HC having considerably more money and mainstream support to hand...and she still couldn't win. And she can not cope with losing. Hillary darling...you lost. Got it? Now SHUT UP !

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Posted in: Britain's Brexit subsidies for carmakers could top wage bills See in context

Oops. Brits must be kicking themselves in the butt.

No, just you in yours at the first opportunity.

I note the usual arm-chair economists ready for instant judgment ignoring facts as usual...facts how well the economy is growing, how much trade is being attracted and how the World beyond the stagnating and corrupt EU administration is beckoning.

And before 'doomers' gleefully comment on how a few judges thought we should ask our Parliament to trigger article 50 (the favoured mechanism for leaving the EU).....'we' already have, parliament already ok'd how 'we' might proceed and be careful with 'hasty judgement'. Great Britain is out of the EU in mind...the body will follow.

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Posted in: With Olympics 4 years away, thoughts turn to ... toilets See in context

but I ain't gonna hold my breathe.**

You might have to Yubaru!

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Posted in: Half-Indian elephant trainer crowned Miss Japan See in context

A half-Indian beauty queen with an elephant trainer’s license

Has anyone got her number? I want to put in a trunk call!

But....seriously. Why people born in Japan should suffer being called 'names' to identify them as 'different' is not how to bring Japan into the modern world. Competitions such as Miss Japan are often derided but at least it helps break down barriers and does not define beauty as white skinned nor specific facial features to typify what beauty is. Even creatures we call ugly can be beautiful...and would be to each other. So...well done the organisers and the judges of Miss Japan.

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Posted in: Season's first dolphins killed in annual Taiji hunt See in context

Defenders of the hunt say it is a tradition

Oh...so that's ok then. Lets revive the Roman Games then where Gladiators fight each other or animals to the death. Or the great sport of capturing Greeks and putting them in the arena to be ripped apart by Lions...a great laugh to see intelligent, artistic and gentle people humiliated and treated with contempt by those with little else going for them other to scorn those who aspire to better values.....its a tradition. Ok.....lets start a 'tradition' and chase a Japanese Dolphin Hunter around Taiji and poke him with a pointed stick until he bleeds to death....what a great laugh that would be.

C'mon.....the Japanese have far better values than that....you with those values fight to defend them and not watch yourselves sullied by barbarism. There is no need to even eat the poor creatures let alone kill them in such an inhuman manner.

The rest of Japan does not know about it? They don't want to know is the real problem. There are those that do unspeakable things and there are those that let them. Who share the most guilt.....those that know no better or those that do? Maybe such words will save a Dolphin or two from such misery.

I read somewhere that, unlike humans and other creatures,Dolphins breath because they want to....everty breath they take. 'We' breath automatically. If we become depressed and feel life is not worth living we still breath. If a Dolphin becomes depressed and feels life is not worth living he may simply not take the next breath. Let us hope those super intelligent creature stop breathing before the worst of the butchery is practised on them.

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Posted in: Emperor worries age may make it tough to perform his duties See in context

I think Emperoro Akihito is a good person and widely thought of as such. Is it not normal to repay goodness with kindness? It would be a very inhuman thing to do to repay it with demanding he leads the rest of his life in a tortuous and painful existance. How is that repaying someone for their years of service so lauded with respect? That's what you do to people you don't like isn't it? He clearly wants to have his burden lifted from him and compassion for one human being to another is the right attitude whatever the 'legal obligations'.

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Posted in: Japan to upgrade Patriot batteries for 2020 Olympics See in context

Japan is upgrading its Patriot PAC-3 missile defense system in time for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games,

So.....the Olympic Games, designed to bring warring factions together in a truce for their duration, has inspired Japan to spend much needed revenue in up-grading its defence system designed to combat aggressive acts by North Korea and China both of whom will be at the OG anyway! Its going to be a race against time what will get finished first...the defence system, the OG's or the Abe Gov for coming up with such nonsense and weak reasoning for spending money on pointless posturing. When is the world going to fast forward politicians filling a void for those with more intelligence?

When the UK held the 2012 OG's a prominent church leader declared the various church denominations should come together in the spirit of the ancient games...and the church of England should open its doors to invite their usage for the OG in whatever way the fancy took them. They were to have a big 'love in' function at St Pauls but that was beset with the spokesman concerned who should sit where (....anywhere they pleased if all were as one and equal!)....but Seb Coe announced shortly before the Games no-one could hold an event, unless with official approval, that had the name 'Olympics' in it as that would contravene copyright matters that sponsors had been pledged would be exclusive.

In Rio they are banning (as they please by games type) Russians even if they are completely innocent when so many countries were implicated large and small in doping competitors.

The madness of the OG's continues when the advent of so many other events eg World Athletics Championships etc and the internet and TV bringing so much sport available every day, has minimized the importance of the OG's. Some sports exponents are wisely pulling out as they are as good as saying they have better things to do or do nto wish to risk their health.

If the OG's are now seen as such a threat to the state as to feel obliged to increase spending on defense then the whole point has been lost and it is time to pack them up. The UK had no legacy from the games in terms of its citizens increased sports activities nor did it inspire the UK to attract tourists.

However....the much 'feared', and that which attracted dire warnings of future 'oblivion' and predictions by such as some stating with apparent 'inside' knowledge that all would pull out if the UK voted for Brexit, have been proved quite silly....and the earliest, biggest offer to buy a UK company is a Japanese one, and now we see a sudden increase in tourism due to the advantaged value of the pound agaimst other currencies. THAT'S what brings people together more than anything....because they want to in an atmosphere of peacful and mutual admiration.

Someone tell those wanting to spend money on symbols of death and destruction to just give it up and grow up....it is pointless and damaging posturing.

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Posted in: Risk of war returns to Europe See in context

On the surface, the book is a novel

Yep....you got it...so why not leave it there instead of writing a sequel?

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Posted in: Post-Brexit, Britain may need 'Hotel California' model See in context



Opinions Jul. 07, 2016 - 03:50AM JST ( 13 )


After the self-inflicted wound of voting to quit the European Union**

If you want to build a valid argument do not sully it with a 'self-inflicted wound':- a mistaken assumption. I note the articke writer does not give a name but hides behind the 'Reuters Brussels' title which is a give away in itself. Anything that detracts from the 'Brussels project' is an 'evil' that must be condemned whatever its worth it seems.

The article carries with it another assumption...that trading with the EU is the 'final solution' beyond which all life will end.

What the writer refers to as a 'self inflicted wound' was actually the votes of 17 million British subjects who are not in the grip of a manic adulation of the EU and 'They that must be obeyed'. A 'close vote' some say with a majority of nearly one million and a half people over those who wanted to remain. You can stab a guess how many of those wanting to remain were scared witless by the constant predicitions of doom and gloom since proven to be false and out of those same mouths retractions as they try to undo the damage their pre-referendum rhetoric tried to inflict.

The Reuter writers 'wound' (hardly the impartial Reuters journalism of old) was in fact opening up an opportunity to trade with the rest of the world and not rely on a narrow and inward thinking failing project that its auditors have refused to sign off the books of for nearly 20 years. No doubt the author and its masters are sour at losing the cash cow of the Worlds 5th largest economy and the centre of the financial capital of the world. As a UK born citizen born during World War II having lectures from someone based in Brussels who have little notion of democracy gets a bit much when accompanied by suggestions of racism. I think those that try to use that as an accusation should take care.......accusing someone or some 17 milliion people of a criminal offence might well garner more than enough legal recompense for libel, enough to put Reuters and 'Japantoday' out of business!

Those voters had evry right to cast such an opinion and it not only should but will be respected and cuts across all political parties not just the slur that they are one political entity. And for your 'Master Barker Junker' (rhymes with Bunker) to scoff by using a false premise that Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage have quit is typical of the misinformation and blinkered bias coming daily out of the Brussels propoganda machine. No Brexit supporter had any automatic right to be elected to lead an elected body.....Boris Johnson quit from running to be Conservative Party leader.....he had three other Brexit candidates to contend with so he has now declared his support for Angela Leadsom. And Nigel Farage has not quit anything either. 'Stepping Aside' (as UKIP leader) and that frees up his time to support those other parties in the EU trying to escape the obvious tyranny of an EU in denial. (amongst other things he wishes to do after a supreme, long and tiring campaign to lead the UK out of the EU from which anyone is entitled to a rest having achieved what he set out to do.....but still as an EU MP).

EU leaders might well be disturbed since money is all beyond quality of life and sincerity of purpose. How many of them would find their personal incomes much lighter without the taxpayers of Europe furnishing their homes and leisure time with riches beyond most waste of space idle peoples comprehensions. Now THAT would be a self-inflicted wound if it were seen to be true en masse....but I am sure there are sincere supporters of the EU as much as there are sincere people who wish to live in harmony with it but not within it. To think otherwise would be truly a self-inflicted wound to anyone's intelectual awareness. Smarten your act up Reuters....you are supposed to report the news not make it up to serve your political masters and don't in future libel and insult 17 miliion people. Its all a matter of opinion...and the majority here did not happen to share your adoration of what they saw was a once worthy cause damaged beyond repair. The originators of the Common Market did not share the vision of those that have turned the dream into a nightmare.

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