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*YoshitsuneApr. 27, 2016 - 10:04PM JST

Well done rockandroll. Of course, you are an 'Habitual Residence' Yoshie but not one enveloped with the feelings of what it means to be someone born in the UK and what that feels like

What on earth are you talking about? I know exactly what it feels like to be born and raised in the UK, because I was born and raised in the UK. If being resident in Asia now somehow invalidates my Britishness, then does it not your own? You do know what habitual residence means, right? Where is yours?*

My apology Yoshie. I had no idea when you referred to being an 'Habitual Resident' you were talking about what you thought the UK should do whilst not just living in another country but actually taking up a citizenship of it. I do know what being an 'Habitual Resident' means....I actually took up such a case on behalf of a Japanese Woman and her two children wanting to live in the UK ......! I hope I have got your somewhat confused background correct this time. You have moved to Asia (quite a lot to choose from as to your precise country of choice), call it home but think everyone should remain in the EU to the betterment of the pockets of those money orientated people who merely want the UK as a cash cow who have no other ties with it other than that. After having left it yourself it is what would one expect.

Yes...China , Japan etc....'Hate each other' (well...not each and every one but.....!). So you do not think it right then to force such 'little people' to-gether devoid of what they think about each other? Don't you see...this attitude of 'Thou Shalt Live To-gether For It Profiteth I' is why we are getting so much unrest in the world. Because people see these money men and 'no loyalty to anyone' campaigners move around the world, shifting their millions and hiding it in cozy little covet paradises so that those they earn from and help them earn it will pay their taxes will not see the fruits of their earning power in working for others to make them mooney...and that's all ok with you.....from afar.

I note JapanToday have ceased to reveal our discourse to the world....and no doubt you willl not wish me to have the last word....but it is my last word. Clearly you are an 'Habitual Resident' somewhere and not in the UK...you have written you are....but not one in the UK where you were born, brought up then chucked. Nuff said. I presume, then, you have no vote in the referendum. Why should you?

For the record...I was born in Somerset of Anglo-Saxon parentage, moved to London in 2004....and will vote 'Leave'.

All The Best Yoshie,


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in UK bureau-jargon my 'habitual residence' is in England.

Hi Yoshie,

Well done rockandroll. Of course, you are an 'Habitual Residence' Yoshie but not one enveloped with the feelings of what it means to be someone born in the UK and what that feels like. You are so certain what a Japanese company will do and what the conditons will be to cause them think that way...that your 'facts' are your unshakeable assumptions no-one can possibly be truly aware of if we stay or leave the EU. And, typically, the minute a point is made about the facts of the EU (auditors not signing of their books for 20 years) you are perfectly capable of degenerating your argument into pointless speculation that the alternative to utter corruption is a Boris Johnson led government. I wouldn't vote for such a scenario and many others would not. It is not about who is the most popular personality to follow and that is how we will vote. It is about 'Independance' and your clear attachment to Japan as a quasi-spokesman for it (which many Japanese I know would not agree with you) but let anyone suggest Japan form a similar union with Korea, China, Taiwan etc etc and it would not even get on to a piece of paper for discussion. You want US to chuck our independance for the sake of a few Japanese companies who, judging by the Daily News, are best not relied on as honest dealers themselves and not what we would want here.

There you go again on Multi-culturalism....as if I said I was against it. Not at all.....I made the point it as a Government policy and allowing in large numbers culturally and socially ignorant of their hosts history and only their own, can only lead to social and economic disturbance...which it has. It was too much, too soon. The point I made about Japan is if the UK Gov position was one of being guilty of allowing 'too much, too soon' then the Japanese Gov could be accused of, if any encouragement, 'too little, too late'.

Anyway, Yoshie...I wish you all the best and would not be at all surprised to meet you one day. Do say 'Hello' which ever way you vote and whichever part of the UK you might find yourself in.

'Its only Rock and Roll if you like it!'

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*Peeping_TomApr. 26, 2016 - 06:48AM JST

Well, the Peeping was not alive then, but he can sometimes read.

Hi PT. But you can not 'feel' the first hand experience. I explained that "In Harold Wilson's 1975 renegotiation the British people were asked to suport or reject the re-negotiated terms. That is not asking a direct 'Yes or No' to staying in or coming out.". Whatever the question was on the ballot paper (as is the case to-day) that is how the Wilson Government presented it and backed the question up with mass and misleading assertions....the question on the ballot paper refers to 'A Common Market'....if it had said 'Would you wish to stay in the Common Market if it became an ever increasing political union causing the loss of Britains's sovreignty and its powers to decide its own laws and future' then that would have been closer to the reality that Heath himself knew likely and the arguments and the reation of the British electorate almost certainly different. I was not specific in my comments to what question was actually on the ballot paper.

It all depends on interpretation. And 'Yoshie' you seem to be 'interpreting' a lot based on assumptions otherwise on which authority do you assert this.....are you a Japanese Government spokesman sent in to continue to cause fear by writing to such forums as these? How can you possibly know this? I was at a dinner function where a leading Bristish politician told many leading Japanese industrialists and many from their political establishment the assertions you promote are false. The Brexit literature has take the trouble to explain that...seek out UKIP's and the Leave campaign's info on it. Going on saying 'you have not provided any real facts'...it is there...read it...it covers more pages and uses more words than I have time for.

Multicultualism: I said as a Government policy it was wrong.....I did welcome some aspects of it. and explained what I organised in that respect. No contradiction there. It is only that you are looking to make an argument when there is not one. Faced with a multitude of facts and you would deny there were any. I think you must be Japanese yourself! Japan has a falling Japanese population...it needs fresh blood and thoughts.

'Simple economics' reeferred to the banking system etc....and staying within a 'Union' who has no care that its auditors have refused to sign off their books of account for 20 years does not sound like 'simple economics' one should position oneself alongside


Naturally the UK government wouldn't want the Japanese companies to leave; but the Japanese companies won't give that the slightest importance when they make their decisions. They will do what is best for them, and that would be to relocate to the EU. What do you mean they can re-negotiate any agreements? *

Yes....I am sure some will based on 'lining their own pockets' of course. Thus my previous assertion (some!) of those wishing to stay in do so to line their own pockets. Take my advice on that one Yoshie....start arguing that way on behalf of the Japanese and the worms underneath the closed lid of the grabage bin will really burst open. Not a consideration as to the well-being of those that are hosts to the Japanese.....bow and smile and say how wonderful everything is until your obligations to the 'Emperor' demand you go elsewhere. Then 'switch off' and go elsewhere. Not everyone are capable of nomadic emotions. So be it....and China and the UK will profit from the lessons learned.There is more to life than financial profit Yoshie. Ever heard of the quality of life......but Japan would not dream of considering such principles would it. Obviously you are confident of that or you would not assert what you proclaim. But nails will stick up and too many to knock back down.

Say what Yoshi. Have a drink on me....put it on the EU tab and I'll pay them back sometime! (I note you have a new UK Ambassador soon in London. You're for it if he has been briefed to 'think differently'.).

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MoonrakerApr. 25, 2016 - 02:17PM JST @Godfrey King. You may be "72 with a little more knowledge of history and the 'lived through' experience as our 'Europe' venture developed," but one of your assertions is a little dishonest. Strictly speaking you are right that "we did not have a referendum to 'go in' which was negotiated by our eventual Prime Minister Edward Heath" but there was a referendum in 1975 on whether to remain in the EEC. "The electorate expressed significant support for EEC membership, with 67% in favour on a 65% turnout."

** Hi Moonraker! sorry...you are wrong. In Harold Wilson's 1975 renegotiation the British people were asked to suport or reject the re-negotiated terms. That is not asking a direct 'Yes or No' to staying in or coming out. 'Dave' tried the same trick this time...in fact, unlike Wilson, he didn't even bother to re-negotiate anything meaningful and what he di 'offer' the EU can reject post-referendum.

Far better to add to what I wrote by studying 'aspyrgend' above this e-mail:-

englisc aspyrgendApr. 26, 2016 - 12:24AM JST When Edward Heath was given the assessment of what the impact of Joining the then EEC was on future British Sovereignty, his reaction was to put it in to his pocket and state "The Cabinet must never see this let alone the British people"

As I explained...deception was practised on the electorate as it still is.

*As for 'Yoshitsune' above (quoting me then making an assertion):-

After all...if they run out of money they can 'print it' or call on 'richer' Euro countries (guess who) to shell out to such as Greece.

Guess who? Not the UK. The UK is not in the Eurozone and did not bail Greece out. It's a pretty good position to be in, benefiting from EU membership without having to join the Eurozone as all other members must (bar Sweden) * **

Yoshitusune....you make the mistake that brought the whole of the Western Banking system and financial management of myriad contries and orgs, political theorists etc etc to its knees. That somehow if you take money from one fund, it does not effect another. It is very simple to grasp if you try. Abe in Japan fell for the same assumption. The UK may not have directly paid from a fund marked 'for loans to such as Greece on their uppers' but if a 'Union' you are supposed to be part of spend money in vast sums even if your pen is not on the worthless paper such sums are written on the the 'Union' is going to come cap in hand from whoever it can (including and especially the UK) to make up the deficit they now have / shortage of funds as Greece can't pay it back. Its gone, kaput, schtum, vamoosed! Learn simple economics 'Yoshi' and the world may learn with you. The 'bankers' indulged in ever complicated 'money earning' systems as a selling point.......they got so involved with 'trading names and PR' that come the end even they had no understanding of what they were selling.

I hope I have picked up enough misunderstandings relating to my input into yesterdays discussion....and 'Moonraker' and 'Yoshi' can now venture forth anew and fresh with real facts for their future. I wish you both well!

I must get on with a few things....but thanks for responding at least.

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A.N. OtherApr. 25, 2016 - 09:34AM JST

Also, many Brexit supporters are very shouty, xenophobic people who have some very misplaced ideas about immigration.*


I actually organise an Anglo-Japanese Society and a Brexit supporter! But then I am 72 with a little more knowledge of history and the 'lived through' experience as our 'Europe' venture developed.

After the EU's post-war formation of a few countries the UK considered joining. Then President DeGaulle of France said 'Non'. He believed the UK would be used as an 'umberella' under which the USA would creep and seek to 'control' and dominate Europe. Not far wrong there was he? (NB Obama's recent threat that the UK would be 'back of the queue' for any USA trade agreement if we left. Actually in 40 years the USA has not had a trade agreement with Europe anyway and their present 'all enveloping' TPP agreement we are better off without...and even Abe has seen the light and suggested 'holding it up'. ). Commissioned advice to the then Harold MacMillan government advised entering the 'Common Market' as it expressed concern about our future trading position and did not think China had any future viability as one example (you can see the quality of logical thought around at the time!!!).

We did not have a referendum to 'go in' which was negotiated by our eventual Prime Minister Edward Heath. We were told not to worry as it was only a trading bloc and would not involve our sovreignty loss or any political union and we could always veto anything we did not like. So....flash forward to the present you can see the deception involved or crass stupidity and dumb thinking...whichever way you care to put it. And for a President of the USA to have the audacity (and one born in Hawaii...forget the Kenyan heritage......itself not ceded as a United State to the concern of many of its inhabitants hence some protesters that Obama was not eligible to be President) to accept an invitation to meet our Royal Family whilst standing next to our wofeful Prime Minister 'Call me Dave' and as good as threaten us unless we stay in a political union as it suits the USA sucks. It was about a large an example of bad manners as you can get. Several years ago American politicians entered a debate explaining they had always been mystified about our idea of a 'special relationship'; 'there was not one nor ever had been'. Quite right too. I actually heard Edward Heath in an interview, with furrowed brow, say just that when an interviwer mentioned it. "There is no special relationship" he stated. So...Obama did not come here to 'help out a friend'....he came here to help the USA...just as they did with their new found status with 'shoot from the hips' diplomacy (Afghanistan, Iraq, Lybia, Syria, Arab Spring etc).

The UK is IN Europe.....but it wants to get out of the administrative and political mess that the EU has become. No trade agreement with any country need change a jot. What we will not have to abide by is being a cash cow for wasted trillions, soft money for an unelected conglomerate of 'little people' who none of us would otherwise have heard us....and that the EU's books of accounts have not been signed off by its Auditors for 20 years at least should be enough of a warning. All business' / corporates have to have their books audited...let the tax man find the auditors would not sign off their books for one year and see how long they last before they are voluntary closed down and equate the EU to that...then you will get some idea of the mess. The UK protests of course....but the majority of those running the EU wave the books through regardless to allow it to remain 'trading'. After all...if they run out of money they can 'print it' or call on 'richer' Euro countries (guess who) to shell out to such as Greece.

So that's want we want to get out of before its too late and we come crashing down with it.

I don't mind shouting about that...and also how much I love peoples of the world. As for immigration. It has nothing to do with being xenophobic....anyone who dismisses concerns with such comments is a crass idiot. Surely you can see that people from a foreign country (or anywhere in the UK...if large numbers of people living in Lancashire suddenly moved to Yorkshire!) brings accommodation, educational and subsistence problems. Mass immigration has brought religious problems also. We don't need it and why should any country have to open its doors to people not always with our countries well being at heart and least of all any understanding of its history. The notion of 'multi-culturalism' was a policy now rightly derided but we are stuck with it. That is not to lack appreciation of other cultures....the UK has always welcomed those wishing to settle in the UK and bring a 'freshness' to its shores (Japan needs to learn from us with its decreasing 'Japanese' population) but not to have so many in such a short time and causing our sevices to be streatched beyond reasonable toleration.

I could say (and probably with some justificaion) those wishing to continue to remain in the EU do not have the UK's future at heart.....lining their own pockets is their priority and of their own kind. Its nice to have some foreign bank hide away the stash of dough they hope the tax man does not get what he is entitled to. And they seem to have been doing quite a lot of shouting just recently. After Brexit...they might not find 'not paying their dues' so easy as it used to be.

Yes...we 'Brexits' do have a vision....not one that looks through 'rose coloured glasses' but one of purpose, intention and, most of all, for Great Britiain to govern itself for the benfit of its inhabitants and as an example to the rest of the world based on the talents of its people and not to have that continually dragged down by the 'over stuffed pockets' of dead weight non-entities patting each other's backs in the cock-tail houses of Europe.

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**Danny BloomJan. 15, 2016 - 09:34AM JST

He wasn't speaking in public. He was in a closed door private meeting with ten other LSD members.

So that's ok then! Sakurada tried to influence his fellow party members (other 'Lawmakers?') behind closed doors and clearly failing to accept the agreement Japan made with Korea. Nothing intended to be in public...all hush hush and secret plans and influence so no-one sees who is behind the 'unknown source' leaked to the press. And that is a Japanese 'lawmaker' is it? Perhaps instead of defining what is a prostitute (how would he know one when he saw one?) Mr Sakurada needs lessons in how to define a lawmaker. I understood they abided by laws and agreements and sought to change them by debate not by indulging in wishful thinking. What shame he not only brings on himself but also on Japan and all like him. Yes...for such assertions.....the test is his immediate dispatch into the political wilderness. I thought such people resigned when caught out being dishonerable? A modern Japan should have no place for such as his ilk. Slander, libel and snide remarks do not befit a responsible person and less so someone in his position.

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Posted in: Hadid says Japan trying to take her Olympic stadium design copyrights See in context

I have taken to this paper before about the rather odd take Japanese politicians, and even amongst the populace, have on contractural obligations. It seems to be "I agree" then later they start to claim they did not agree to this or that or act as if they made no agreement at all. Maybe it is the norm in Japan, or within one social group to-wards another (rich / poor)......I also detect a 'wishful thinking' trait. 'I see it this way' even 'tho it is painfully obvious to the rest of the world that is not the reality. And here we go again. In deciding to cancel the ZHA contract it seems to have been because of its design which they had already agreed to pay for. The cost overuns do not seem to have been cited the problem otherwise they would have gone ahead with the original design but refuse the overspend wouldn't they? That's what you do if you agree to pay for something in a shop, pick it up later and the shopkeeper tries to charge you more for it than originally agreed. Witholding payment of money to demand the copyright (for a design they don't want???) has written all over it they know the design HAS been used albeit in a modified form.....like a song or tune. And guys......you are naughty little boys and will not get away with it. Theft, fraud, dishonerable.....call it what you wish. Its still breaking the contract. If they thought ZHA was breaking the contract then they should have been made to put it right. It can hardly be said they are incompetent and 'fly by nights'. Its too late now and no point in wishful thinking and expecting ZHA to be discreet about it. Why should they? You have effectively brought them publicly into disrepute and are trying to continue to make them at fault. Its pay up or 'the courts' and that's all there is to it. Good luck and future contracters please note!

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gokai_wo_manekuMay. 20, 2015 - 10:35AM JST **Murayama is a socialist, which is why the LDP made him prime minister during the 50th anniversary. The LDP did not want to be making an apology. And since Murayama is a socialist, they can disown the apology.***

Aha! I see now...foolish me. You mean all apologies and government statements, even from the once respected word of the Emperor, are all utterly meaningless as its ok for some future politician to go back on it as it was not made by his political party. In other words the honourable assurances and contractural arrangements of all Japanese people mean nothing at all whatever strata of society, employemt or inclination they come from....if it suits them.? Is that it?

Funny thing is...that's exactly what many people in China, Korea, Phillpines Thailand.....all over the Far East and in the west where there are plenty of similar views within the UK, USA, European countires etc etc....have said over the years despite people like myself saying 'Look the Japanese are not like they were....they have their peace movement and constitution, they do not make or want nuclear weapons, they have apologised for their atrocities before and in World War II. But 'Deep Remorse' to you sir,' therefore, means a kind of fraud to get whatever you want only to change your mind when it suits you. Hey...there I go again...sorry everyone. Some say they never changed their minds...the Japanese apology is meaningless, and their politeness and courtesies false. That they are a nasty, vicious little lot with a smile on their faces and terror in their hearts.

Now I know many Japanese people who would feel abject shame that anyone should excuse themselves in such an evil and unacceptable way with a shrug of their shoulders and sneer at such suffering that they caused and, some suspect, would be pleased....and I mean 'pleased' to do so all over again. You do know that in Germany it is an imprisonable offence to deny the Holocaust? Then how could you know such things....your school history books don't print anything that casts 'the Japanese in a way that shames them. You don't do 'guilt' very well do you? Too much loss of face involved.

I can tell you this...if ever Japan tries to come even close to the terrors they inflicted on others ever again, what is left of their dwindiling indigenous population will be eradicted much quicker than might otherwise be and I do not want that to happen. There are Japanese people I love deeply and to be subjected to the results of such atrocities ever again unthinkable.

My advice is stop wittering on and right now. You will not win the argument and you will lose the war. I am not expecting vast sums to be paid....just because your culture 'demands' a full apology has to be made with a gift that is one 'word' you do not have to keep. . What I have seen I find distressing . Distressing for all those Japanese who do not think that way. Such statements and careless attitudes place them all in danger. Shut up, sir and quick at it and all like you....that's my advice.

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Posted in: Murayama urges Abe to follow his lead on war apology See in context

Mr Abe, by questioning the Japanese Government of the day's support for Mr Murayama's own apology, supported by the Emperor, and trying to cast the modern day Japanese as supporters of such a revision by oppressive and aggresive conduct, will mean the modern day Japanese WILL be placed under suspicion. They allowed it to happen. I am sure Mr Murayama's apology was sincere as were those that supported it. No 91 year old man....even such an important one as Mr Murayama, would even bother to speak up if he did not mean it and was concerned that the validity of his apology was compromised by it being undermined by Mr Abe and his comments and in seeking to 'de-pacify' the Japanese pacifict constitution. Once you declare you are not going to be 'so pacifist' you are then declaring you are going to be more aggressive......then, logically, others are going to wonder...."How aggressive?" And with Japan's track record (forget the record since the war.....that was under occupation) it is legitimate for many countries to worry. And why would Abe knowingly cause such concern? Why indeed!

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Kazuaki ShimazakiMay. 10, 2015 - 10:55PM JST

I find it truly APPALLING how easily the average guy in the West drinks the Chinese agitprop on this issue.

No sir...I can think for myself. 'APPALLING' is the operative word which you are using somewhat out of context. Your argument seems to be 'everyone else does it so why not we?' Don't you think there is enough of that mindless attitude in this world?...'I do it because he does it'. And how odd that what happens in the east effects the west but my opinion is tainted because I do not agree with you and I presume none of my misguided business however much the world is destabilized by blinkered thinking. Just think a little sir......I could be right and millions more like me. Examine what you are saying and the facts and not so much of the presumptive attitude.

And what about the debate in Okinawa and disagreeing voices within Japan. Are they 'APPALLING' too? All down to Chinese agitprop is it? Or is that all down to pesky furriners eh? If only they would leave you alone. Is that it? Isolation is no defence and not much fun. 'We', in the West have a saying 'No Man Is An Island'.

As I suggested:-

All 'Japan' has to say is "We have apologized for the trerrible atrocities we visited on others all over Asia leading up to and during World War II.....other countries have too at one time or another in their history........but that does not excuse us. We are sorry...truly" And that is all that needs to be said.

And that, I suggest, should meet with your approval instead of seeking to reflect a mirror image of those you mention (China) as if i have no view of them. It does not excuse Japan......that is what I am saying. Look at what I wrote not what you wanted to see or chose to ignore.

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Mitsuo MatsuyamaMay. 10, 2015 - 04:57PM JST

Japan is a peaceful nation and everyone knows that Japan is doing a good and a great job concerning humanitarian aid.**

Then why is it seeking to repeal its pacifist constitution, increase its military hardware, continue to eradicate its World War II history of atrocities and the period leading to that all over Asia, its 'comfort women', challenging facts in authorative books written in other countries and its own school books and, as all Empires do, claim it was all in the name of 'doing good?'

Yes.....other countries all over the world have their own issues which they have generally faced and have internal debates about. It comes with growing up and being adult.

'Japan has apologised' but for what? Why not leave it at that instead of reflecting on the words used and set up 'panels' to discuss what variations or qualifications might now be uttered causing so many to worry about their sincerity? What was 'meant' becomes ever murkier. 'Actions speak louder than words'. Japan has not had room for any other actions than to be 'peacful' since World War II being occupied by USA forces. But they seek to be less so now.......so how much 'less peacful' with the weapons they want to build for themselves and sell to others?

There is clearly a difference between what the majority of people want in Japan and what their present leaders indicate.....that is the problem. I personally feel the Japanese people deserve better. I have Japanese friends and they do not deserve to be led into another misguided egotistical era by misguided politicians seeking to avoid the guilt of their own history often within their own families. No-one gets anywhere by fighting their grandparents wars. They have to sift the good and the bad and see each for what they are and move on into a better future.

All 'Japan' has to say is "We have apologized for the trerrible atrocities we visited on others all over Asia leading up to and during World War II.....other countries have too at one time or another in their history........but that does not excuse us. We are sorry...truly" And that is all that needs to be said.

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>“Ain’t no mountain high enough. Ain’t no valley low enough to keep me from you,” Abe said. “The relationship between the United States and Japan is just like this.” ** You, me Obabe! Pacafist Spring green fields. Yup...Sayonara!

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