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I have experienced the complete opposite - I am a treated like some kind of god here. I've had many Japanese men approach me, looking for English speaking friends and I have an abundance of female attention here. Just yesterday a girl at my gym asked for my Line ID.

However I realise that my experience in Japan will differ to other foreigners, especially other Asian foreigners. I am a 6,5 muscular/atheltic, white guy with sandy coloured hair and blue eyes - so needless to say I stand out in Japan.

If I were Korean, Chinese or black then my experience would be completely different. Japanese see white men as being top of the food chain and will treat most of us differently, especially white men like myself who can speak fluent Japanese.

My girlfriend tells me that most men here are intimidated by my size and physique so I guess I have it easy. The most difficult thing here is finding clothes and shoes that fit me!

On one occasion, Police were doing random gaijin card checks with a group of Chinese girls at a train station, yet the officers never asked me for my residence card. They simply walked past me.

I know I am privileged here but not blind to the difficulties others face.

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