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Posted in: Japan to signal illegality of nonconsensual sex in crime rename See in context

The latest revisions will change the requirements to "making it difficult for the victim to form, express or fulfill the intention not to consent" and lists eight examples that would fall under the umbrella, such as drinking alcohol or taking drugs as well as abusing one's position of economic or social power.

They should be more specific with this. This will potentially kill the clubbing scene. In fact most people who frequent night clubs drink a little before going to a love hotel if they hit it off really well and decide to hook up after. And before anyone disagrees, c'mon now, we know how people are and can be. Most are wishy washy so to speak.

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Posted in: Japan to introduce 'vaccine passports' for international travel See in context

Can someone explain to me what exactly will happen if I can't get the vaccine due to me being allergic? Will I still be allowed to travel as a tourist in the future if I at least show proof that I have tested negative for the virus? Also how will the app know whether or not i've been tested if my private doctor has tested me and given me the results on paper to show to officials at airports/immigration that I don't have covid?

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Posted in: ANA conducts COVID digital health passport trial at Tokyo airport See in context

I can't get the vaccine due to being allergic to vaccines, I get bad reactions to them. So does this mean that I can't fly anymore or is the vaccine only optional?

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