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Godzillajapan84 comments

Posted in: China memorial to Korean assassin sparks Japan feud See in context

One must wonder if this is completely a political move if so it brings disrespect to the person they are honoring i hope the Japanese officials won't respond by visiting the yasukuni shrine in retaliation for the statue if they do it is political and disrespectful to the spirits enshrined at yasukini

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Posted in: U.S. vows to defend Japan after China announces new air zone See in context

All this is about money. Everyone says it belongs to Japan or China or whoever when in reality it doesnt. It belongs to everyone.we all all human we only have one planet to live on and share but our leaders want power so they divide us telling us the other side is wrong and will threaten bloodshed if they don't get there way the leaders sit back as there people are sent to die. Its always about money. Until love of peace overcomes love of moneythis stuff won't stop

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Posted in: Island filled to the brim with felines See in context

Lets get some cute neko girls in there ill definitely come see that

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Posted in: Psychologist explains what the seat you choose in a theater reveals about your personality See in context

I don't know about these so called experts or psychologists but i like the middle seats because i get a good view of the screen and don't get blasted in the ear by the sound system. I like to enjoy the movies i go see

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Posted in: Mother on trial for suffocating 5-year-old son over Nintendo DS argument See in context

My god this world is insane say she does get 4 years then she gets out and wants her other children but the father wants full custody based on what i hear about custody battles in Japan please tell me she wouldn't get custody!!!

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Posted in: Pentagon chief says shutdown hurts U.S. credibility with allies See in context

Oh yeah as if spying on them and the red line with Syria hasn't damaged our credibility closing some national parks and sending those who spy on everyone home will. (Sarcasm)

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Posted in: S Korea urges Japan to face history; China summons Japan envoy See in context

I always find it interesting to read the comments of these ww2 stories when Korea and China complain about Japan wartime aggression Japanese people say to let it go and forget it but when the atomic bombings come up everyone gets into a uproar saying it was unessscary and a terrorist act Ect. It seems ww2 will be remembered for years to come. Maybe one day everyone will move on.

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Posted in: Nagasaki marks 68th anniversary of atomic bombing See in context

The atomic bombings on Japan were indeed a horrible event indeed nothing like it should ever happen again we cannot change the past but we can affect the future. Many claim the bombs were unjustified many claim they were whatever it may be the bombs were dropped and the war ended soon after. Its time to stop bickering and complaining about the past. Japan refuses to forget the A bombs as Asia refuses to forget Japans wartime aggression. War is hell. horrible things were done in that horrible war. Though we should not forget the mistakes we made we must move on. Its been over 60 yrs and the world continues to move forward. We must all move with it. We can't sit and complain about the past forever. We must focus on the future of our species. We are all human we are all the same.

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Posted in: Aso's gaffe exposes Japanese ignorance of Jews See in context

It was said that if Hitler died before ww2 started and before the holocaust he would have been remembered as 1 of germanys greatest political leaders. I in no way support him or his evil regime. Though using the Nazi as a reference was a mistake on the politicians fault. Hitler revised constitution brought Germany out of the depression. But to state facts Hitler also killed assassinated and murdered those who opposed him and his Nazi party.mainly other political groups

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Posted in: A Japanese perspective on traveling in the U.S. See in context

So it sounds like he stayed in new York if you can make it there you can make it anywhere i guess that applies to vacations too. But new York is a big city overcrowded and busy. I've been to alot of states in the u.s and most places were enjoyable. And p.s tipping isn't mandatory its welcomed but not forced

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Posted in: Man demands divorce after his wife throws out his anime collection See in context

She should offer to repay him and replace all the items she destroyed. Then it will be like it never happened. Quite frankly I love anime mostly for the action and girls but its just make believe and it doesn't compare to a real girl in the real world.

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Posted in: Heatwave kills 12 across Japan See in context

I live in Texas my job requires me to work outside a lot I frequently take trips to the water fountain it can get over a 100 for days on end. Although I've lived in Texas all my life I've only once suffered from the heat I was overweight at the time.

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Posted in: Singapore McDonald's outlets gripped by Hello Kitty frenzy See in context

I remember hello Kitty from when I was a child. Looks like its still going strong

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Posted in: Robert Downey Jr signs up for 'Avengers' sequels See in context

Yes he's back for Avengers sequels he was born to play iron man!!

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Posted in: 19-year-old girl killed in failed murder-suicide bid See in context

This Guy was sick! its horrible He should have manned up and gotten over it! Let him rot in jail!

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Posted in: Free clothing entices Tokyo shoppers to bare all See in context

See that Guy taking pictures! Guess he got something out of that day too.

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Posted in: Convenience store believed to have been robbed by same man twice See in context

I heard the criminal always returns to the scene of a crime but this is ridiculous. It must be convienent for him.

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Posted in: Korean campaigns for removal of Japanese flag from French stores See in context

While I know it sounds silly to make a fuss about a flag she may have had a relative killed by the Japanese during there occupation of korea

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