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Posted in: Half of hospitals see no merit in My Number health insurance cards: survey See in context

My Number was registered on some system with my job. We did it ourselves and it was before I got the real card.

I finally made My Number Card back in the spring. Never received any money that they claimed you could get if you made it.

The card stays at home seeing as you are "not supposed to show it" to anyone. Never used it. Never used the 4 passwords with it. It was 4 right? Haha.

I have been to the doctor and never thought about it. I just automatically hand them my health card. They just take it. Never asked for the My Number Card.

Some of my friends haven't even gotten it yet. They think it is only for printing out documents at the convenience store. My city hall isn't that far and my convenience store is super small so I doubt I would print documents there.

Clearly, I am missing something here. Haha.

Ladies and gentlemen, I highly suspect that I am with the majority who keep asking what are these cards for? Haha.

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Posted in: Vaccine mandates: Is no jab, no entry into restaurants, cafes, bars, sporting and event venues discrimination? See in context

This is not a simple discussion. There are those who cannot get vaccinated because of medical conditions and others refuse for personal reasons. I get it and they can claim discrimination. ( the unjust or prejudicial treatment of different categories of people). For the record, I am vaccinated.

Restaurant Situation:

A customer (vaccinated) is seated next to B customer (unvaccinated). Neither are infected.

Neither will infect each other. You have to be infected in order to infect someone else.

C customer (vaccinated and recently but still unknown that they are infected as they show no symptoms) is seated next to D customer (vaccinated).

D customer starts showing symptoms 3 days later. D customer has no idea how they got infected.

You can still be vaccinated and get infected and pass it on to others. The vaccination is a way to reduce the severity of the symptoms that arise from being infected. It is not immunity.

Temperature testing, wearing masks, using alcohol to sanitize hands before entry to an establishment which has been put into place since the pandemic started at a lot of establishments is the way to help limit the spread of the virus. I think establishments have a right to continue that practice as a means to protect their staff and customers.

But simply refusing entry to someone who is not vaccinated is not good. Don't confuse unvaccinated as being infected.

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