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Posted in: 2 men arrested for operating movie theater without permit See in context

1.1 million over 2 years?

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Posted in: Abe pledges all-out efforts to locate missing people in typhoon-hit areas See in context

Can't other people do this? We don't need the photo op.... I mean... it's the economy flatlining?

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Posted in: Japan releases video showing N Korea fishing boat collision See in context

Show the GPS line they took, this video proves nothing.

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Posted in: Abe promises special support to rebuild from Typhoon Hagibis See in context

Total BS, just like Fukushima.... people are still living in temp housing.

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Posted in: Sarcastic Koike says: Let's hold Olympic marathon on Russian-held islands See in context

Talk about disgruntled.

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Posted in: Japan rejoices after Rugby World Cup over Scotland See in context

Congratulations Japan team, you have inspired the nation!

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Posted in: Human pyramids continue in Kobe schools as injuries mount to 51; mayor’s pleas to stop unanswered See in context

There are a bunch of dangerous exercises Japanese schools do, the warming up stretching ones on NHK in the mornings in particular, you should never bounce stretch at any time, just google it, yet Japan has their head in the sand on all of this.

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Posted in: N Korea demands Japan pay compensation for sinking fishing boat See in context

Seriously? The NK's were illegally fishing in Japanese waters

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Posted in: 33 dead, 19 missing, over 100 injured after typhoon rips through Japan See in context


Not a tornado, it is a typhoon.

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Posted in: Typhoon warning from NHK 'to all foreigners' causes controversy online See in context

Twitter should not be used for official communication!

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Posted in: China warns Apple against 'reckless' support of HK protesters See in context

Apple is a sell out, I recommend no one buy Apple products, they just don't care about people and this shows it.

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Posted in: Apple supplier Japan Display aims to seal $468 million bailout deal by end of Oct: CEO See in context

This guy is just making stuff up, the future is not LCD it is OLED, Japan display sat on their hands and let competition take their market. Apple no longer buys from these guys.

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Posted in: Over 70% worried about economic outlook after consumption tax hike: survey See in context

Yet you voted this moron in!?

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Posted in: Foreign tourists in Kyoto reminded of etiquette via smartphones See in context

How are they reminded? Are they forced to login a website or something?

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Posted in: Gov't to study whether to introduce joint custody of children See in context

21st century stuff Japan

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Posted in: Japanese automakers ask gov't for more help after U.S. trade deal signed See in context

What sort of deal is no more for now.

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Posted in: What to do if you are stopped by the police in Japan See in context

The article is great but misses the main point that you can be held without arrest for 23 days. Meaning the police won't contact your embassy or anything because you are just being held for questioning.

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Posted in: 2 shootings in DC kill at least 1, wound another 8 See in context

Not sorry, not surprised.... my thoughts and prays go out to all the people living in America with stupid gun laws that are killing you... #wakeup

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Posted in: Man arrested over 9-year-old stepson's murder See in context

Butcher, he needs to go away for a long time!

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Posted in: New service pays 'bounty hunters' to catch shoplifters and train gropers See in context

This is a known scam and now they want to make it legit? Two people on a train claim one person touched the other, the other says they are a witness, pull them off the train and demand money not to report them.... While I applaud the effort I hope it gets implemented correctly.

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Posted in: 7 injured after taxi veers into street music event in Nagoya See in context

Then backed up? Come on time to retire

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Posted in: Some cities in Chiba Pref to remain without power for two more weeks See in context

Fine tepco everyday the power is out.

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Posted in: Residents grow weary over prolonged power cuts in Chiba Prefecture See in context

Tepco are so illprepared for natural disasters. Th government needs to fine them for not have services on.

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Posted in: Revamped cabinet lineup signals Abe's gambit to stay in power See in context

Not enough diversity Abe... Show some Abenomics not old boys club.

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Posted in: Abe shakes up cabinet, bringing in rising star Koizumi See in context

Silver spoon much?

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Posted in: Deadline looming, Japan struggles to elude Trump tariff threat See in context

That noble peace prize recommendation for Trump doesn't look like it worked out too well Mr Abe.

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Posted in: Nissan chief Saikawa to step down Sept 16; successor to be named See in context

Show what comes around goes around.

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Posted in: Mother arrested for attempting to kill daughters aged 4 and 3 See in context

Evil woman

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Posted in: Seoul, Busan pass bill to boycott 'war crimes' Japanese firms See in context

Are they going to label VW a war crime company as well? Hitler design the VW bug himself.

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Posted in: Nissan not currently considering asking CEO Saikawa to resign See in context

Blaiming Ghosn again for this, just like he signed documents without reading them, the guy is not fit to be CEO

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