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Posted in: Woman gets 5 years in prison for killing newborn in Tokyo airport toilet See in context

In family murder always get stupidly low punishments

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Posted in: Couple arrested after remains of miscarried baby found in refrigerator See in context

What is the crime? If they had the baby at home (not illegal - but not recommended) and they had a miscarriage what were they supposed to do? They called the police straight away according to the report.

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Posted in: Japan to get new prime minister on Oct 4; general election seen in November See in context

Aso controlling everything, he has his hands on it all.

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Posted in: Kono win in ruling party election likely to push Tokyo stocks higher See in context

Kyodo pushing the same single person

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Posted in: 17-year-old boy will not be prosecuted over 6-year-old sister’s death See in context

The court said child welfare authorities were also made aware of the mother’s absence from the home but took no steps as they judged that the boy was able to look after his sister.

Clearly not, someone needs to reevulate their job

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Posted in: Bitcoin mining generates substantial electronic waste: study See in context

Alex de Vries noted that this was "extremely short compared to any" other electronic devices such as iPhones.

An iphone is a consumer device and iphones come out every year.... really not a good comparision .

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Posted in: France accuses Australia, U.S. of lying in escalating crisis See in context

I wouldn't want to be inside this contract if (and only if) Trump got back in power.

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Posted in: 19-year-old woman arrested over theft of ¥13 mil watch on 'papa-katsu' date See in context

So no one going to make the mention that she is not even legally an adult?

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Posted in: Nuclear reactor in Shimane passes safety review See in context

Passes brown envelope under the table I think the title should say

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Posted in: 10 Afghan evacuees arrive in Japan; more expected to come See in context

First batch... 4 people!

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Posted in: Kono announces bid to become next prime minister See in context

All the comments are correct the new PM is locked in

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Posted in: EU reinstates travel ban from Japan due to surge in coronavirus cases See in context

Just after the Olympics finish hey?

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Posted in: Aso, Kono meet to discuss LDP leadership race See in context

As I said before, locked in, Kono has been selected and will be next PM.

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Posted in: Takaichi joins race to be next PM; outlines 'Sanaenomics' policy See in context

Vaccine czar Taro Kono has also reportedly expressed an intention to run in the LDP leadership race.

Making it look fair and balanced, but the apparent czar will get the nod. Surprised Abe isn't floating around yet.

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Posted in: Vaccine chief Kono favorite to become next PM: polls See in context

Locked up, press releases like this cement

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Posted in: Efforts grow to stamp out use of parasite drug ivermectin for COVID-19 See in context

Are people scared of needles or something? They would rather put some weird drug in their body but a vaccine no?

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Posted in: Collectible prices skyrocket, to the dismay of hobbyists See in context

Google about it seems like a few companies are inflating the prices to create a market, mainly on video games.

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Posted in: Vaccine minister Kono to run in LDP leadership race See in context

Vaccination minister Taro Kono is set to seek the presidency of Japan's ruling party and thus the post of prime minister

He stands a good chance.

I can't understand how giving my opinion on who will win is off topic.

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Posted in: Suga to resign; says he couldn't run for reelection and handle virus response See in context

Covid and Olympics over Abe is back

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Posted in: Afghan entrance See in context

Do they have a country to go back too?

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Posted in: 90-year-old ex-elite bureaucrat gets 5-year jail term over fatal Tokyo car crash See in context

At least he will die in jail, couldn't even admit it was his own fault

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Posted in: Paralympic disability categories under fire over fairness See in context

It is suppose to be "under fire" all the time, it was designed so that people will be evaluated and reevaluated all the time to be fair. At any point an athlete can put their hand up and asked to reevaluated to a different category.

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Posted in: Japan weighs mixing and matching COVID vaccines See in context

Do it because your experts said it is safe and it has been tested not because it's cheaper

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Posted in: Suspect in Tokyo subway station acid attack arrested in Okinawa See in context

More than likely they tracked him via his mobile phone. Japanese police never admit this so not to tip off people

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Posted in: Man in Sapporo attempts to rob convenience store with lighter See in context

Watched too many movies, had he sprayed a liquid before hand it would have been a bit more serious.

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Posted in: Visually impaired Paralympian hit by self-driving bus See in context

So he was at a crossing to cross the road, the bus automatically stopped but the human operator pressed go and the bus hit the person. Sounds like someone needs to go to jail.

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Posted in: Experts warn of untested COVID cases in Tokyo as average dips See in context

There has never been enough testing from the start

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Posted in: Tokyo Paralympic success all depends on COVID control, says IPC head See in context

It's never been in control.

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Posted in: Hackers steal $97 mil from Japanese crypto exchange See in context

Companies never seem to put enough of their budget in basic IT security.... can't feel sorry for them, you leave your systems open to attack expect things to get get stolen.

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Posted in: Bach to return to Tokyo for Paralympics opening ceremony See in context

groan.... forcing a country so his company can make money.

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