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Posted in: Man gets life in prison for murdering mistress, baby See in context

Please give this to all murders in Japan.

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Posted in: U.S. warship stayed on deadly collision course despite warning, says container ship captain See in context

This large ships take a long time to slow down, not sure about 6km's but sounds like someone was asleep at the wheel of the US ship.

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Posted in: Universities outside big cities struggling to survive See in context

@Kobe White Bar Owner : Get with this times man, you are showing your age, even Harvard and MIT have online degrees.

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Posted in: Chinese court convicts Australians in Crown Resorts gambling case See in context

Chinese people love to gamble.

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Posted in: Accused 'black widow' serial killer claims innocence See in context

Cold hearten killer.... she doesn't even have remorse... Yes she is guilty

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Posted in: Universities outside big cities struggling to survive See in context

These universities need to get with the times and offer online degrees.

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Posted in: Air bag maker Takata files for bankruptcy in Japan, U.S. See in context

Japan's governance is shocking, learn from this.

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Posted in: Japan set for summer music festival frenzy See in context

The photo of a sea of lawn chairs at a "rock concert" says it all :)

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Posted in: Japan set for summer music festival frenzy See in context

Fuji rock is old peoples festival.

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Posted in: Ex-top bureaucrat urges Abe to personally address favoritism claims See in context

Abe's busy running anti nuke TVCM's... He hopes people will forget.

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Posted in: Woman, former common-law husband arrested over death of 21-month-old son See in context

I hate these stories, how do people get to wanting to kill their own baby?

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Posted in: LDP eyes submitting Constitution proposals to Diet in fall: Abe See in context

Fix the economy first!

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Posted in: Man arrested at idol group event says he wanted to kill one member See in context

What an idiot, sounds like he wanted to get caught lighting a flare?

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Posted in: Gov't starts airing announcement on protection from N Korean missile attack See in context

The big Abe distraction

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Posted in: 82-year-old woman gets suspended jail term for killing husband who suffered from dementia See in context

I hate these posts murder is murder no matter the situation.

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Posted in: Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen creator Piko Taro to get anime treatment See in context

avex milking it .... I wish they would just let it die.

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Posted in: Hamburger chain replaces buns with beef patties for sandwich See in context

Wow nice, want one, but no MOS near me :(

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Posted in: Honda halts production at Sayama plant after cyberattacks See in context

Hire professionals would be the best option. Obvious Honda is cheap, stupid or both, there is no reason so this to happen with the right people and tools.

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Posted in: Japan Inc says shrinking domestic market, worker shortage are biggest headaches See in context

Perhaps pay more? Wages are ridiculously tiny compared to other 1st world countries.

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Posted in: Extreme heat grips northern hemisphere See in context

Australia gets 45 during summer, does everyone only seems to care about the northern hemisphere?

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Posted in: Japan missile defense drill aims to ease concern over North Korean threat See in context

Are you trying to be funny?

This is Abe trying to divert attention away from his scandal and reshuffle.

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Posted in: Headbanging is no good, says X Japan drummer after surgery See in context

Pretty cool guy, speaks good English, actually met him twice.

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Posted in: Why is the Japanese kanji for '4' so frustratingly weird? See in context


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Posted in: Koike's fish market transfer plan draws fire as election tactic See in context

If the headline is true she's getting as bad as the old boys...

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Posted in: Toshiba chooses gov't-led group as preferred bidder for memory chip unit See in context

Government bail out!? Damn old boys club!

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Posted in: Mori says Tokyo faces transport crisis following Tsukiji decision See in context

While Koike is thinking of the citizen she took way way to long to decide on this strange plan. I don't like Mori but he is right about this taking way to long, she just wanted to stick it to the old boys at the expense of the tax payer!

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Posted in: Tsukiji fish market to be redeveloped after relocation: Koike See in context

Waste of time, this could have been decided along time ago but she chose to draw it out costing tax payers.

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Posted in: Japan investigates delay in reporting ship collision See in context

I think the safety of the crew and making sure they are not sinking might take priority?

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Posted in: Abe pledges to regain public trust See in context

We don't trust you please leave.

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Posted in: Abe to reshuffle cabinet as ratings slump: media See in context

Abe is the problem not the cabinet!

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