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Posted in: U.S. infection rate rising outside New York as states open up See in context

Trump has caused so many deaths, he ignored all warnings from the WHO and China and now is blaming other people. Statements like "its just a flu" have killed so many people.

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Posted in: Oil-hungry Asian nations pounce on low prices to build stockpiles See in context

Countries like Australia keep their reserves in America, where they have to pay rent and end up paying for the oil many times over.

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Posted in: World leaders pledge billions for virus vaccine research See in context

Notably absent from the event was the United States

Clearly no longer a world leader?

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Posted in: North and South Korean troops exchange fire along border See in context

Earlier this year, North Korea carried out a slew of missile and other weapons tests, but they were short-range and none posed a direct threat to the U.S. mainland.

I don't think many Japanese people will sleep better at night knowing that if they get bombed in their sleep the US mainland would be okay. Not everyone is an American!

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Posted in: Abe looks to extend state of emergency through May 31 See in context

Sooooo are infection rates under control?

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Posted in: What are the most popular Japanese TV shows? See in context

Popular TV shows if you are in your 20s and a girl.

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Posted in: Japan aims to fast-track review of anti-viral drug remdesivir See in context

No testing? This isn't a good idea, listen to your experts Japan!!

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Posted in: Japan to introduce online system for reporting coronavirus See in context

What it takes for Japan's obsession with the fax machine

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Posted in: SoftBank sees ¥900 bil loss on WeWork investment See in context

Son invests like it is 1997

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Posted in: Robots on hand to greet coronavirus patients in hotels See in context

I can't believe they wrote this like no one in Japan knows who pepper is

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Posted in: Cool Biz campaign begins across Japan See in context


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Posted in: Supermarket in Aichi robbed of ¥10 million after store closes See in context

Inside job.

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Posted in: Abe to consider starting academic year in September See in context

Has Abe has no concept of online learning?

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Posted in: Japanese gov't to release coronavirus contact-tracing app in May See in context

An app isn't going to protect anyone if you can only test around 300 people a day, Japan needs to expand and allow more testing of more people.

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Posted in: Australia accelerates COVID-19 testing after securing 10 mil kits; dispute with China continues See in context

Australia and NZ showing how it should be done.

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Posted in: Next year's Olympics will be canceled if pandemic not over: Mori See in context

Mori shouldn't be outside, he is high risk at his age.

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Posted in: Trump says U.S. may seek damages from China over virus See in context

"It's very substantial. This is worldwide damage. This is damage to the U.S., but this is damage to the world."

You are not the leader of the world so just drop it, you are an embarrassment

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Posted in: Apple to delay mass production of iPhones: WSJ See in context

With the unemployment rate who will buy it? People's priorities have shifted...

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Posted in: Gov't eyes pushing businesses hoarding face masks to sell them See in context

How about setting a maximum price it can be sold for and watch them all go up for sale real quick

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Posted in: Abe orders review of seal-stamping custom See in context

Just don't copy what Mizuho bank have implemented, it's essentially 1997 technology

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 39 new coronavirus cases; lowest in 4 weeks See in context

How many did you test?

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Posted in: Osaka to name and shame more pachinko parlors defying closure request See in context

They don't care and neither do the people that go to them. What they do care about is money, start FINING THEM!

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Posted in: Experts call for more coronavirus tests as positive rate rises See in context

The guy in the photo used to hang around in Shibuya some 20 years ago, for whatever reason school girls used to hang out with him, still has all the same junk hanging off him. Always though he was weird.

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Posted in: 'No time to act stupidly,' New York's Cuomo warns as Trump lauds state plans to reopen See in context

Ignoring experts is going to get people killed. They are called experts for a reason.

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Posted in: Abe says Japan at crucial stage for lifting of state of emergency See in context

Why don't these idiots listen to actual experts... this is just a page out of Trump's playbook, blame someone else for the economy.

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Posted in: TEPCO weighs options over tsunami threat to Fukushima plant See in context

Why did you build it next to the sea?

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Posted in: LGBT people in Japan worry getting coronavirus may result in outing See in context

I get it, but perhaps you shouldn't let other people die including your secret partner. You could easily say they are a room mate.

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Posted in: 2 mil face masks donated by Taiwan arrive in Japan See in context

Legit masks and not the children masks left from from Fukushima from Abe!

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Posted in: Paparazzi vie for scraps as Hollywood celebrities hide from virus See in context

boo hoo...

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Posted in: Dylan's 'Times They Are A-Changin' lyrics for sale for $2.2 million See in context

Are you buying the rights or just a hand written piece of paper? The title should read lyric sheet and not lyrics.

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