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Posted in: Dentsu lobbied for and funded campaign for Tokyo Olympics, documents show See in context

Who's going to jail then? Oh yeah sorry forgot this is Japan.

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Posted in: Man loses 200 times at crane game, calls police to investigate; staff member loses 300 times too See in context

There is no luck or skill in in crane games, there is a setting to give a winning (forceful) grab every X tries. I learnt this by going to the amusement convention at Tokyo Big site a few years ago and they showed me how to calculate your profit based on the setting. It's not illegal, because there is still a "chance"... just not widely known.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 166 new coronavirus cases See in context

@bearandrodent: There is a link in the article :)

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Posted in: Apple unveils new iPhones for faster 5G wireless networks See in context

Samsung Galaxy 9 specs now with an Apple logo... Samsung seem to be three generations ahead. Look at the spec and camera quality of a Galaxy 20, blows Apple away:


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Posted in: JOC to protect female athletes targeted by exploitative photos See in context

Should all athletes get these protections?

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 166 new coronavirus cases See in context

2500 tests is ridiculous for Japan's population.... are they contact tracing and understanding where new infections are coming from or have we given up because it's all too hard?

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Posted in: The life of Ghosn: Fugitive tycoon to star in documentary and a mini-series See in context

I'd watch it

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Posted in: The number of doctoral students in Japan is now almost half of what it was 17 years ago See in context

Because most universities only have one PhD intake a year which has a selection progress and then they only take about 5-10 students

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Posted in: Trump says he has recovered from COVID-19; heads to Florida on Monday See in context

They need to come clean, he recovered too quickly, seems like they were not regularly testing Trump and he was infected way before tweeting about it. I think he infected everyone personally as he is the king of no masks.

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Posted in: Suga's pledge to boost fertility treatment won't reverse declining birth rate, say experts See in context

Schooling is expensive if you take into account to do any good you need to do juku, which is super expensive. If the government made schools 100% free and increased the quality so juku was not required you would have more kids.

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Posted in: No panty shots, under any circumstances, please, says anime’s creator to animation staff See in context

"A tradition" that will get you years long jail terms in other countries.

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Posted in: Minor explosion in nuclear facility in Ibaraki leaves 1 hurt See in context

You would think they would be better trained? I really think any accident no matter how small needs to be investigated!

Consider no one from Tepco was jailed or even fired makes that a pipe dream.

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Posted in: Japan to exempt business travelers, returnees from 14-day quarantine See in context

Because covid knows the difference and only infects tourists?

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Posted in: JR East releases first-ever rail pass for international residents in Japan See in context

Why don't they just offer it to everyone including Japanese?

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Posted in: Trump and first lady test positive for COVID-19 See in context

Wow you can't make this up... let hope Trump doesn't get sympathetic votes

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Posted in: Rakuten launches 5G network for ¥2,980 per month See in context

At those prices they are clearly using China tech

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Posted in: How does Japan feel about a Hollywood adaptation of the 'Yakuza' video game series? See in context

Okay... Let's hope they get a Japanese director and writer.

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Posted in: Facebook gets reprieve from Apple on live events cut See in context

Considering credit card companies take anywhere from 0 to 3 percent for the same sort of functions, it is a tax

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Posted in: Japan to reopen borders for all foreign visitors with permits to stay in country See in context

@nihonview: Australians can return no problems, airlines are cancelling flights and flying planes with only business class passengers and blaming Australian policy to why they cancelled. It's the airlines not Australian borders that are stopping them from coming come. Got $15,000 then no problems coming back. Yes it is still crap.

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Posted in: Japan to reopen borders for all foreign visitors with permits to stay in country See in context

After arrival, they have to stay in self-isolation for 14 days and avoid using public transportation during the period

If you are in self isolation why do they assume you are outside to take any sort of transport?

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Posted in: Mom who went drinking all night indicted over deaths of daughters left in car See in context

So freaking sad, what a horrible way to die, so sorry little girls, please rest in peace.

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Posted in: At U.N., Trump raps China for coronavirus as U.S. deaths top 200,000; Xi takes potshots at Trump See in context

80,000 people died of the flu in 2017, millions were sickened. Do you remember reading any news headlines about this story?

Totally preventable, there is a yearly vaccine for the flu. Trump killed 200K+ additional Americans because he wanted to get reelected. Blood is on his hands.

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Posted in: At U.N., Trump raps China for coronavirus as U.S. deaths top 200,000; Xi takes potshots at Trump See in context

Trump wants a war I guess, he is the worst person for the job he is in. He has no understanding of the common man and everything is about him... in his mind, it's not America first... he thinks everything is a competition of who is better.

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Posted in: Ushio launches world's 1st UV lamp that can safely kill coronavirus See in context

The article should mention Hiroshima University where all this discovered:


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Posted in: Survey shows 64% willing to work beyond retirement age See in context

Willing or no choice, there is a massive difference.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics consulting firm paid $370,000 to IOC member's son See in context

Anyone in Japan arrested?

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Posted in: Japan newlyweds can receive up to ¥600,000 to start new life See in context

So easy to get married and divorced in Japan, can do it both in an hour. I wonder how many times you can get married and get the cash?

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Posted in: Trump, Suga discuss 'free and open Indo-Pacific' See in context

Should have called Biden.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic athletes to be exempted from virus entry bans See in context

What about trainers, translators, support crews?

And the Paralympics? Many more support staff required

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Posted in: As sports embraces activism, what should Tokyo Olympics permit? See in context

On the fence, on the one hand it's a good platform to get messages heard, but on the other hand it should be about sport.

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