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Posted in: 87-year-old woman arrested for abandoning ailing ex-husband to die See in context

yet this is just a sign of more to come as more and more elderly need assistance, and the government is ill equipped nor seemingly cares to do anything about the problem.

I live in a community with many elderly people. Japan supports them quite well. I see it every day, perhaps some are too proud to ask for help.

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Posted in: Mom pries son's head from mountain lion's mouth in Colorado See in context

BTW, can we stop the overuse of the word HERO? Hero's are recognized by their acts of selflessness. Clearly not the case here.

This woman risked being eaten by a cougar to save her child from the same fate. That's a somewhat perfect example of selflessness. I'm sure it was terrifying. I'm also confident she can't now imagine responding differently.

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