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Gojupyohapo comments

Posted in: As 'stealth omicron' advances, scientists are learning more See in context

I barely drink, don't smoke, eat healthy, get plenty of sleep and was once a national and state competitor in BJJ and Judo in my country and still love the healthy lifestyle. I got triple vaccinated and STILL got smaked hard with omicron. Not hospitalized but fevers above 38 for at least 5 days, swollen lymph nodes, chronic headache joint pain etc. It's up to individuals to get vaccine but man... I'm sure as hell glad I did!

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Posted in: Nikkei plunges on concerns over new COVID-19 variant See in context

The reason this new variant has emerged is because the vast majority of Africans remain unvaccinated. It was warned many times prior by the WHO and leading epidemiologists that underdeveloped, densely populated third world countries would be breeding grounds for the next variants emerging. We should have not only focused on ourselves but ensured via COVAX mechanisms and otherwise, that all countries without vaccines were looked after. Here's hoping they stop it in its tracks but it's not looking likely. Horse has bolted.

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Posted in: After slow starts, some Asian vaccination rates now soaring See in context

Australia is now at 91.7% single dose and 85.5% of population double vaccinated. On December 10, (16 days) Australia will achieve 90% according to data. Let's go Japan hurry up and get it done and scrap your home quarantine please.


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Posted in: Japan leads G7 with COVID-19 vaccination rate of nearly 76% See in context

Well done Japan glad it is all happening but let's not get too chummy here. Australia, with it lethargic, slow and lackluster rollout is toda currently close to 85 percent of population fully vaccinated and 92 percent single dose.


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Posted in: Lockdowns or vaccines? NZ, Australia, Japan try diverging paths See in context

Actually, Australia just hit 30 percent of the eligible population fully vaccinated today and is picking up pace in a slow but steady fashion. It's on track to secure target set by the Doherty Institute of 70% by around November 3rd and 80% fully vaccinated by late November. Could have had it sorted well before that time frame but the federal LNP government PM Morrison "it's not a race" vaccine rollout and supply procurement blunder has cost us big time.

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Posted in: Travelers entering Japan have to install location confirmation app, Skype on smartphones See in context

How do they intend to enforce this? Are there any stipulations about time lapsed for not answering your phone? What if one does not carry their phone in their house or they lose or misplace it within a residence? What if someone was asleep or on the toilet at the time of a — let's face it, highly unlikely — Skype call and they don't check their phone all day or it runs out of battery and the phone dies? Absolute load of proposturous dung that beggars belief.

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