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gokai_wo_maneku comments

Posted in: History says tariffs rarely work, but Biden’s 100% tariffs on Chinese EVs could defy the trend See in context

Tariffs? Applying tariffs just means that you cannot compete. The US cannot compete with China! You're welcome!

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Posted in: Man, woman found dead in apartment were facing compulsory eviction See in context

I'd guess that this apartment will not be rented again for quite a while.

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Posted in: New Tokyo restaurant charges higher prices to foreign tourists than Japanese locals See in context

Don't go! Simple.

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Posted in: Japanese cafe has perfectly innocent reason for its startling-looking name See in context

"rather be brewing tea then coffee": "then" should be "than"

Moderator: Thank you. It has been corrected.

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Posted in: Google, Apple now threatened by U.S. antitrust laws that helped build their technology empires See in context

Dear TheFu, Thank you for your detailed explanation. It will take time for me to absorb it all. But still, don't ruin Google or Apple!!!!

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Posted in: Google, Apple now threatened by U.S. antitrust laws that helped build their technology empires See in context

Google and Apple are where they are because they are the best! Don't ruin them!

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Posted in: Cannabis legalization has led to a boom in potent forms of the drug that present new hazards for adolescents See in context

When will cannabis be legalized in Japan?

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Posted in: Japanese 'sugar baby' gets 9 years for scamming men out of ¥155 mil See in context

She should have stopped while she was ahead!

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Posted in: Taking Pride See in context


Name one right we don't have???? We can't get MARRIED!!!

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Posted in: Taking Pride See in context

It was so crowded! Which was great, but maybe too crowded. One thing that surprized me was that so many people brought children. I've never seen to many kids at this event or ones like it. Anyway, we had a great time!

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Posted in: Dozens of potential jurors at Trump hush money trial dismissed for bias See in context

I would express extremely strong bias against Trump because I don't want to waste any of the time in my life as a juror for a Trump trial.

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Posted in: Japanese youth spend around 5 hours a day online: gov't survey See in context

When I was a little kid in the 1980s, we could spend at least that much time reading comic books and watching TV. Same thing.

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Posted in: Shizuoka governor quits after disparaging comments about farmers See in context

You want to eat, right? FARMERS!!

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Posted in: Japan's oldest man dies at 112 See in context

Wow, the changes he must have experienced!

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Posted in: Japan ready to support Taiwan following strong quake: Kishida See in context

China says Taiwan is part of China. I haven't heard anything about aid coming from China.

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Posted in: Israeli strike on Iran's consulate in Syria killed two generals, Iranian officials say See in context

WWIII is starting.

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Posted in: Hit TV satire reveals how Japanese society has changed See in context

When I was a kid in the 1980s, I was not allowed to watch TV after 10PM. Well, now you know why. But actually, for totally gay gokai, it didn't matter. But back in those days, I was out in junior high, and it was no big deal. Things were different in real life and on TV. The 1980s TV show 毎度おさわがせします (I always cause trouble) had a gay male junior high couple, and the show was very popular. No problems. Anyway, I have to watch this program!

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Posted in: Trump selling Bibles to encourage supporters to 'Make America Pray Again' See in context

It seems that Trump's life has been anything but Biblical.

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Posted in: Japan tees up Abe's ex-interpreter to help chart course with Trump See in context

In addition to the translator, you will also need a psychiatrist.

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Posted in: Apple, Google, Meta targeted under new European law meant to prevent cornering of digital markets See in context

Is it "cornering the market" or being the best at what you are doing? Don't destroy the digital world!

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Posted in: More foreign students set to be eligible for Japan gov't scholarships See in context

Yes! Educate them and they will stay here and work. Japan needs all the brains it can get.

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Posted in: Biden opposes plan to sell U.S. Steel to Nippon Steel, citing need for 'American steel workers' See in context

Dear President Biden: This is capitalism. That is how it works. You're welcome!

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Posted in: Putin warns again Russia is ready to use nuclear weapons if its sovereignty threatened See in context

Get ready for WWIII.

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Posted in: 'Katespiracy' explodes after UK royal photo gaffe See in context

The world is falling apart. How is this a newsworthy story?

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Posted in: ‘The Boy and the Heron' earns Miyazaki 2nd Oscar; 'Godzilla Minus One' wins for visual effects See in context

But in Japanese the movie is called 君たちはどう生きるか. Why can't "How do you all live?" be used as the English title? It is more thought provoking.

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Posted in: Nagoya elementary school students caught defrauding classmate for nearly ¥1 million See in context

The next generation of the Yakuza has appeared.

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Posted in: Musicians' muse Pattie Boyd auctions love letters from Eric Clapton and George Harrison See in context

So are these items conversation pieces? I really don't get it.

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Posted in: Abductees' families say they won't oppose Japan lifting N Korea sanctions See in context

Maybe becoming friends with North Korea would be a way to get back the abductees.

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Posted in: Projection mapping at Tokyo gov't HQ recognized as world's biggest See in context

Is my tax money paying for this?

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Posted in: TSMC diversifies out of Taiwan with new Japan plant See in context

Japan has a labor shortage in many fields. Are there enough people in Kikuyo to run the factory?

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