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Posted in: Dentsu looking to sell headquarters building for ¥300 bil See in context

Why sell the building? Why not rent out the unused space and get a continuous income? Several new office skyscrapers are planned for west Shinjuku, but are they really necessary? I don't think that we'll ever go back to the office model of working.

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Posted in: 49-year-old disqualified exam-taker arrested over refusal to leave toilet See in context

There is a rumor that he didn't wear his mask over his nose because if he did, it would fog his glasses. How can this be verified? I've tried.

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Posted in: No. of hospitalized coronavirus patients at record high in Japan See in context

But still, compared to the numbers in the USA, Japan is doing pretty good. Still, I wish we were doing better.

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Posted in: First Kitchen releases its biggest ever All-Star Burger topped with fried chicken See in context

I think I'll drop into First Kitchen. Watching people struggle to eat this should be very entertaining.

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Posted in: Japan's new university entrance exams begin See in context

Just an aside, but I took my university entrance exam in the room shown in the picture in 1998. Very nostalgic. But there were no Xs on the tables, and as I remember, there were 3 people per table the year I sat for the exams.

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Posted in: Artist wins copyright claim over goldfish-filled phone booth in Japan See in context

This is sort of an aside, but why is a telephone booth filled with goldfish considered art? Isn't it just a big fish tank?

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Posted in: 6 types of English conversation students and how to handle them See in context

@kyronstavic I guess at the time I was a little too young or naïve to realize that.

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Posted in: 6 types of English conversation students and how to handle them See in context

When I took English classes back in the early 2000s, men looking for wives was the most common type of student.

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Posted in: Universal basic income proposal by Suga adviser may be hard sell in Japan See in context

All of the world's instability problems (including the invasion of the US Capitol) today are caused by the huge inequality in income levels. Working class people work hard all day, but the "owners" of the companies get all the money and they remain dirt poor. Even descendants of the founders live on huge estate trusts, and never have to work a day in their lives. The same thing started in Japan after PM Koizumi lessened employment rules that supported employees. So even though Japan has one of the fairest Gini indexes in the world, it has been getting worse since Koizumi. So expect the same kind of events to happen here too in 10 years.

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Posted in: Message from 'Trump' See in context

My only comment is that the Donald Trump mask is much too complimentary.

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Posted in: North Korean leader Kim says U.S. is Pyongyang's 'biggest enemy' See in context

Yes, well so much for Trump's diplomatic skills.

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Posted in: Japan calls S Korean court ruling on 'comfort women' regrettable, unacceptable See in context

Korean friends say that without these cases, nationalist political groups would not receive donations. So they are always looking for something.

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Posted in: All people entering Japan must submit negative results to COVID-19 test See in context

I'm pretty sure forged or fake documents will quickly become readily available.

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Posted in: Trump urges healing and pledges smooth transition of power See in context

It depends on your definition of "smooth".

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Posted in: High school students create petition to change the name of FamilyMart’s 'Mom’s Diner' line See in context

Interesting that nobody seems to be complaining that the Mom in the picture is actually a guy, Kattori Shingo (who I actually like). Well, he recorded a song called "Shingo Mama" a few years ago, so maybe that's why.

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Posted in: Tesla CEO Musk world's wealthiest person See in context

But it is the workers who do all the work. Why does he get all the money?

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Posted in: Male-only rule should be prioritized in imperial succession: Suga See in context

To be honest, I don't think most Japanese people really care about the imperial family. If they disappeared, nobody would notice.

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Posted in: Male-only rule should be prioritized in imperial succession: Suga See in context

Suga has to appeal to his conservative base. It is really funny that his party is called "Liberal" Democratic Party in English. They are actually far right conservatives.

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Posted in: Stop at the world’s largest outdoor bathroom on a day trip along scenic Kominato Railway See in context

Are there any tall buildings around there?

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Posted in: Japan greets new year with crowds despite pleas from leaders to stay home See in context

There has been no lockdown in Japan

That is because the government cannot demand a lockdown. It is against the American written Japanese constitution. Absolute government powers were removed because of the atrocities during the war and pre-war.

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Posted in: Beijing Winter Olympics nearing amid fears of Tokyo's cancellation See in context

Please distinguish between the Chinese government and the Chinese people. I've met lots of really nice Chinese people, and enjoy their company even if I dislike some of their government policies.

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Posted in: Over 40% of Japan tech firms diversify supply chains from China: survey See in context

@Reckless It takes time to get all the tech and money and talent together to do it. Lots of people have to be educated and trained to do it. China will be ready within 10 years.

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Posted in: Over 40% of Japan tech firms diversify supply chains from China: survey See in context

People are accusing China of stealing US tech. But Huawei, for example, has more than 5,000 US patents. They are not stealing US tech. And it is the same for lots of Chinese companies. Just go to the USPTO homepage and do a "quick search" on Huawei and see for yourselves. Quick search any Chinese company and see the same.

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Posted in: Over 40% of Japan tech firms diversify supply chains from China: survey See in context

The whole point of the decoupling from China lead by the US (Trump) is that the US can no longer compete with China. The US is trying to sabotage China's rise. That is all there is to it. No need for Japan tech firms to follow this nationalist US policy. And no matter what, China will catch up and surpass the US within a decade, so we should stick with China.

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Posted in: Adult entertainment guidance center appears in Akihabara; some worry neighborhood is changing See in context

Techies also have needs.

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Posted in: Unemployment benefits for millions expire as Trump rages See in context

American rejected Trump, and now Trump is trying to take America down.

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Posted in: Japanese space probe's gifts: Asteroid chips like charcoal See in context

"like charcoal" Are there any scientists out there? Isn't charcoal a carbon based material, which implies it was made by or is the remnants of primitive living creatures?

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Posted in: Season's greetings See in context

We appreciate the work that your staff does even in the middle of this pandemic.

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Posted in: Abe says sorry over political funding case See in context

Now we know the real reason that Abe resigned. It had nothing to do with health.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports record high 888 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 3,737 See in context

So all of Japan had more then 3,373 cases. That is almost as much as the 4,000 cases New York City has in one day.

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