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Posted in: U.S. to deploy 1,000 troops to Poland; Warsaw may call them 'Fort Trump' See in context

I thought one of Trumps main election promises was to withdraw the US from all the world trouble spots. I must have misunderstood his English.

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Posted in: Drugs make headway against lung, breast, prostate cancers See in context

This is a far better use of money than building weapons of mass destruction=death.

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Posted in: Groups call on Pelosi, Democrats to do more to impeach Trump See in context

US guys at the office say that Pelosi does not want to impeach Trump because if he serves to the end of his term, the results will be such a disaster that no Republican will ever be elected president again. If only the USA is not destroyed during that time.

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Posted in: Gov't council says pensions inadequate in aging society See in context

So living on 20,000,000 yen for 30 years? That is 55,000 yen a month. Can't live on that here in Shinjuku. Or anywhere maybe. Especially if Abe gets is inflation wish.

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Posted in: Hospitals in Japan: Invasive checkups, bungled diagnoses, botched operations? See in context

Sounds like Shukan Gendai is trying to stimulate sales (the fear tactic).

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Posted in: Think tank names Japan 'leader of liberal order in Asia' See in context

"leader of liberal order" Interesting. In todays New York Times, there is an opinion piece that says Abe has been moving Japan more towards a "decidedly authoritarian turn". Liberal or authoritarian? Who is right?

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Posted in: Japan is a manufacturing powerhouse but a financial lightweight. See in context

And we should care about that because?

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Posted in: Trump is first head of state to meet Japan's new emperor See in context

Is the Emperor being used to sooth Trump's ego and make him soft on Japan? I don't like seeing the Emperor used like that.

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Posted in: Trump is first head of state to meet Japan's new emperor See in context

Evidently, they have not heard of Cool Biz (although Abe should know).

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Posted in: After sumo, golf and dinner, Trump and Abe get down to business See in context

Abe has succeeded in his main task: proving to Japan that he has Trump under his control and that there is nothing to worry about (delayed auto tariffs etc.).

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Posted in: After sumo, golf and dinner, Trump and Abe get down to business See in context

It looks more like Abe and Trump are dating each other rather than doing anything political/diplomatic/useful.

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Posted in: Trump attends sumo; gives President's Cup to winner Asanoyama See in context

Some commentator on CNN tonight was saying that Japan gravely insulted Trump by making him sit in a chair in front of the ring instead of the VIP booth (Emperor's chair). Are they for real? Did Japan also insult Abe by putting him there too?

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Posted in: Japan gripped by heat wave; mercury tops 39 C in Hokkaido town See in context

Thinking that Tokyo is going to be ultrahot this summer, I was thinking about spending at least part of summer in Hokkaido. Now Hokkaido is hotter than Tokyo. Are the words "summer" and "simmer" related?

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Posted in: Trump tees up for golf with Abe See in context

I didn't recognize that guy with Trump at all until I read the story! I've never seen Abe showing such a smiley face.

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Posted in: Kanazawa aiming to become esports mecca to attract young people See in context

I don't see how a game where you only use a couple of your fingers can be called a "sport".

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Posted in: Hundreds of curious Japanese turn up to see Trump on state visit See in context

Just hundreds? That's not very many. But don't tell Trump! He'll will get real upset and start a negative twitter stream about Japan.

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Posted in: Japan trade a problem for Trump, but not as bad as China See in context

There are American companies that really did their homework, and they are very successful in Japan. One of their main concerns is whether Trump will ruin everything for them here. Also, more than 300,000 foreign made cars sold every year in Japan, just only a few of them are American. The rest are all European. Maybe US automakers should do their homework like the Europeans obviously have.

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Posted in: Trump retweets doctored video of Pelosi to portray her as having 'lost it' See in context

@Serrano Trump videos don't have to be doctored to make Trump look bad.

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Posted in: Shibuya Ward wants to ban drinking on the streets and parks near Shibuya station during Halloween to prevent pranks, vandalism and other trouble. What's your view on this? See in context

I hope they don't do it. If they do it, then all those kids will come to Shinjuku, where I live, and make a real mess.

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Posted in: Clash of the titans: Trump set for sumo showdown See in context

However, Trump's decision to take in some bouts at the site famously graced by James Bond in the 1967 film "You Only Live Twice" offers plenty of possible security and cultural conundrums.

But this is not actually the same site. The site of the sumo changed in 1984 to Ryogoku. Before that it was in Kuramae, which is where James Bond would have been.

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Posted in: Trump's visit to focus on personal ties, not substance See in context

Nobody expects Trump to be able to deal with anything of substance. Why is this news?

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Posted in: Huawei unwanted: Asian shops shun phone trade-ins on Google suspension worries See in context

Why did the US let Huawei provide telecom infrastructure for so many years if they are a danger? Then suddenly, Trump bans them. I don't get it. It just seems to say that the US can no longer compete with China, and this is the only way to save US manufacturers from bankruptcy. Well, they have more than 5600 US patents, so US companies will still have to pay to license the tech, so Huawei still makes money. But it still looks like the US can't compete anymore.

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Posted in: Same-sex couples start registering marriages in Taiwan See in context

A Taiwanese friend says that there is still a majority (not sure how big) of Taiwanese who don't like this, and say that this is just a strategy to set Taiwan apart from mainland China. Totally-gay gokai would like to know (I do enjoy going to Taiwan very much).

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Posted in: Clash of the titans: Trump set for sumo showdown See in context

@Bintaro What about an 80% chance he says Trump can wrestle better than these guys?

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Posted in: Scientists in new push to control cancer before curing it See in context

Yes I know. Skeptics will say that there is no money in curing, only in long term therapy to control over a lifetime (if you can call that "therapy"). Maybe I can be skeptical too, and say maybe the scientists at drug companies are listening to their investors.

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Posted in: U.S. firms rethink China presence because of trade war: survey See in context

What Japanese business people I talk to are asking is: Is this the new America, or will this all pass after Trump is gone. What is the answer?

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Posted in: Japan hopes to avoid trade battle by wooing Trump with pomp See in context

Yes, flattering Trump's ego is the way to go. Only I feel sorry that he will be the first world leader that the new Emperor will have to greet. That will be in the history books forever here in Japan, and ensure that Trump is remembered here in Japan long after he has been forgotten in the West.

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Posted in: Trump's sumo attendance raising security issues for organizers See in context

I think I'll stay home this weekend. I live in Shinjuku, and as far as I know, Trump is not coming to Shinjuku. And yet, there is already a massive police presence building up everywhere here. Doesn't look friendly.

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Posted in: Japan's economy expands for 2nd straight quarter See in context

Well, we can't have Heisei end on a sour note.

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Posted in: Rather than a place people purposefully visit, Ikebukuro has always been more of a transit point. If Ikebukuro can offer a place to develop the next generation of manga writers and artists, its efforts will take root as the area’s characteristics and charms. See in context

Ikebukuro is lucky! Shinjuku, where I live, is so jammed with tourists you can't get anything done sometimes. It is way more crowded during the weekdays than it was during weekends when I was a kid in the 80s. And now the weekends are impossible.

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