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Posted in: Japan's COVID-19 vaccination rollout picks up steam See in context

I commented a few days ago, Japanese Government and the media outlets supporting them will start flooding media with non-news to make it look like everything is awesome.

Japan's COVID-19 vaccination rollout picks up steam

No facts, no data but a sensational headline.

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Posted in: Suga likely to call snap election after Olympics, Paralympics: report See in context

Is this really a democracy ? Call in for a snap election at a time that suits the ruling party.

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Posted in: Japan to start COVID vaccinations at workplaces on June 21 See in context

According to Kato, companies and universities will be responsible for securing medical personnel to administer the vaccinations. 

The Government isn’t and won’t be held accountable for slow inoculation. The Government is just finding ways to find more scapegoats for their incompetence, these oyajis are so pathetic.

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Posted in: 1,649 Tokyo Games attendees have already entered Japan under eased quarantine rules See in context

So countries with low positive rate and infection number than Japan are on red list splitting families, in some cases families with kids who need to get back to continue treatment for serious life threatening illness are not eligible for an exemption under special circumstances but people related to Olympics do.

I am really happy that the way Japan handled covid and treated hard working, tax paying foreigners with xenophobic attitude without any shame has made it an easy decision to leave Japan for good.

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Posted in: Mass vaccinations in Tokyo, Osaka get into full swing; Kobe opens large center See in context

Every drop counts so it’s good that we are getting more opportunities to get vaccinated but in my honest opinion, all the “positive” news about covid vaccination in Japan is pathetic attempt by the J Gov to save face.

The media outlets will be bombarded with non news (by repeating the same thing over and over) to create a false sense of serious action by the government.

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Posted in: Japan opens mass vaccination centers in Tokyo, Osaka See in context

I still cannot understand the maths.

Mass vaccination centers in Osaka and Tokyo can vaccinate 15,000 people a day but the total number of slots available are 49,000 and 25,000.

so they took reservations for less than 5 days of capacity in Tokyo and 5 days in Osaka?

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Posted in: Japan prepares to inoculate adolescents aged 12-15 against COVID See in context

Perhaps they need to plan it now because these “teens” will be in their 70s when they get their turn on vaccine.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics hit by yet another scandal over demeaning comments See in context

I find Tokyo’s female Governor’s comment to be more insulting yet very true representation of the mindset of Japanese political elite, which is all about projection of a fake progressive country without actually changing a thing. I was hoping that as a rare female powerful politician she may comment on the underlying problem and not only about the perception of Japan overseas.

"When we are talking about what we deliver from Tokyo, or from Japan, we shouldn't be sending a negative message,"

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Posted in: Mizuho hit by 4th glitch in 2 weeks See in context

With experience in the software and hardware industry, I can say we will see a lot more glitches in coming days across multiple companies. Japanese companies suddenly have came to a conclusion that hiring from India is a magic bullet. But unlike other countries who hire top quality talent across the globe including India and pay them fairly the only focus Japanese companies has, is to hire cheap talent, put them under a Japanese manager who has no idea on how to communicate internationally, and the only motivation is shouting banzai banzai banzai.

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Posted in: Ministry punishes 11 officials for ethics code violations involving Suga's son See in context

No punishment for the PM or his son?

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Posted in: Wary of security issues, Japan moves to shut China out of its drone supply chain See in context

Too little too late.

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Posted in: Woman beheaded, 2 others killed in French church See in context

RIP the poor woman who lost her life due to stupidity and ego contest of the religious fanatics and a political animal.

French President turned a lone wolf attack by a teen into battle of religions, he had no connection to any known terrorist organization and there was no proof that it was a coordinated effort by a religious cult, yet President Macron and French authorities decided to use this opportunity to suppress a minority even further, isn’t this similar to what Jews faced in Europe?

Politicians usually are very good at defusing the situation but somehow he decided to escalate it. I hope that the sense will prevail on both side and Muslim clerics and figures of authority will speak up because in the battles of rich and powerful only the poor lose

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Posted in: Nursery teacher arrested over kidnapping and sexually assault of elementary school girl See in context

When it comes to kids, trust no one is the best policy.

Also, it is really important to talk to kids about their day at school.

These monsters come in all sizes and ages, so it’s alright to be suspicious.

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Posted in: PM contender Suga suggests overhaul of health ministry See in context

Why didn’t he do anything during his 8 years as Cabinet secretary?

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Posted in: India becomes pandemic's 2nd worst-hit country after U.S. See in context

With this rate India will surpass US in 4 weeks, this doesn’t just impact India but as a country with largest no of immigrants living in almost every country of the world will effect the entire world one way or another, if the world forces a strict entry ban on Indian immigrants they have a HR issue, if they don’t they might let corona spread.

I hope it gets under control

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Posted in: Backroom deals, old-school politics help rise of Suga See in context

For decades, the conservative LDP was dominated by factions whose bosses backed rival candidates in multi-member constituencies, collected and handed out campaign funds, and used their clout to launch runs at the premiership.

isn’t this how the mafia/yakuza operates ?

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Posted in: PM candidate Suga: A stern enforcer who does 100 sit-ups daily See in context

The fact that his daily sit ups is the only accomplishment to become a headline speaks plenty about him.

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Posted in: Abe set to resign, citing worsening health See in context

Abe has announced intention to resign

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Posted in: After hospital visit, Abe says he will do his utmost as prime minister See in context

Abe says he will do his utmost as prime minister

ah you mean exactly nothing.

Regardless of my disliking about his government and its policies I wish him a speedy recovery and good health.

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Posted in: Koizumi says Japan will send team to Mauritius to assess fuel spill damage See in context

I just wonder if it was Japanese water and another nations ship, what will be the response and media outcry

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Posted in: Abe sends ritual offering to Yasukuni Shrine; 4 ministers visit See in context

And soon they will ask why China and Korea doesn’t like us.

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Posted in: Woman holding baby hit by truck on crossing; driver arrested See in context

Having driven extensively in Japan. I would say the Japanese truck drivers are far better than the pedestrians and bicycle kamikazes here.

But we don’t know what really happened, if the driver was really on phone or if the lady with kid was trying to cross the intersection in a hurry. Hope they get well soon.

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Posted in: No kissing and disinfect the microphone: Nightlife sets its virus rules See in context

"As much as possible, kiss only with your partner, and avoid deep kissing," Iwamuro told a news conference, outlining what he described as "kiss etiquette".

oyajis teaching something they have no idea about

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Posted in: Japan's governors want more areas cut from travel program as needed See in context

Why not just scrap a stupid idea?

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Posted in: Gov't to exclude trips by Tokyo residents from Go To campaign See in context

Bureaucrats as usual first creating a problem by utilizing the ideas of their bright minds and trying to solve it by adding more regulations and workarounds. Pretty much similar to the plan of having Olympics in Summer.

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Posted in: 7-year-old boy survives fall from 5th-floor window in Tokyo See in context

This is a news I keep reading over and over again which makes me wonder why these buildings do not have safety bars or something similar to avoid these incidents.

Does Japan has no laws to regulate windows design in buildings ?

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Posted in: Tests show 11 people who died last month were infected with coronavirus: media See in context

Contacted by Reuters, the National Police Agency said it could not confirm the facts before receiving questions by fax.

lol. I couldn’t stop laughing.

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Posted in: Coronavirus putting Abe's Teflon image to the test See in context

“Teflon” image ? in the eyes of who?

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Posted in: China didn't warn public of likely pandemic for 6 key days, documents show See in context

Let’s call in the boogie man. I don’t think anything would have been different if Japan had known it for 60 days earlier.

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Posted in: Many go to work despite Abe's call for telework See in context

The dinosaurs in offices are not listening to dinosaurs in diet.

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