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Posted in: Kashmir car bomb kills 44; India demands Pakistan act against militants See in context

The usual paid troll comment, right along the lines of deceit and subterfuge. The military in that country is very well financed when it comes to creating and managing the terrorism industry across the planet, India only gets a small subset of those terrorist.

Well, I have right to my opinion the way you have to yours, anything that doesn't align with your version of truth isn't a paid troll comment.

It was a genuine question and I will change my position if I can see some factual proof that links all this back to the guy somewhere sitting in some cave in Pakistan and then the links between the all mighty military you mentioned and the guy sitting in cave before pointing fingers.

However a quick google search did helped me with information about the death sentence of an Indian terrorist (a naval officer) who actually admitted of being involved in espionage activities in Pakistan including bombings and killings of innocent civilians. This means India on state level support terrorism across its borders as well.

no wonder this jihadi aligned Fayaz Bukhari omitted this bit of fact.

You also missed that fact, the armed revolt which was a result of continuous oppression of people of Kashmir by Indian forces against their will and against the UN resolutions.

Why can't both India and Pakistan let people of Kashmir decide what they want for themselves?

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Posted in: Kashmir car bomb kills 44; India demands Pakistan act against militants See in context

RIP the poor guys who lost their lives for fighting a war of politics for dirty politicians on both side of the border.

As usual, right away blame any country that ends with "tan" even before the investigator can reach the area. I don't understand how a cash deprived small country can create problems for much rich and large countries across the globe.

Maybe India, the world and most of the arm chair warriors should also look into atrocities committed by Indian military in Kashmir before commenting and blaming another country. For a total population of 14.5 Million, India has 750,000 troops in Kashmir infamous for their brutal use of pallet guns, rapes and mass murders and this brutality is ongoing for over 70 years now, so instead of blaming it on Pakistan to get some anti Pakistan sentiment before the elections, the Indian government should start giving basic human rights to people of Kashmir to avoid deaths of people from both side.

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Posted in: Nissan cuts forecast in first earnings report since Ghosn's arrest See in context

Nissan was in loss before Ghosn and Saikawa was part of the executive team. Nissan is in loss after Ghosn and Saikawa is now CEO. I would know who to blame, hopefully the shareholders will as well.

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Posted in: Japan bars journalist from going to Yemen See in context

Another example of nanny state. I

think American or European journalists are more at risk when reporting from war zones in middle east but that doesn't stop them from getting there and letting the world know about the atrocities, their respective governments do not only not stop them from going in the dangerous area but provide them full support in case of a mishap and try their citizens back home alive. But Japanese government just blames and shames the family of victims.

Japan is the most twisted form of "democracy" I have ever seen, where people apparently have no rights but obligations to the Japanese government and LDP goons in the government have all the rights but no responsibilities to people.

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Posted in: Suga says Japan wants to promote free and fair trade for global economy See in context

Suga, Japan, free and fair all in one line?

lol, thanks JT I really needed a laugh.

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Posted in: Ghosn re-arrested for aggravated breach of trust See in context

There is always more depth, no matter how low Japan goes

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Posted in: Ghosn denies allegations against him: NHK See in context

Seems prosecutors will apply for extension on detention either in hope to break him down or give Nissan enough time to do whatever Saikawa is upto.

Not commenting if Ghosn is innocent or not but if he is all Nissan and prosecutors will be required to walk free is an apology with keywords like regrettable, deeply, ensure prevention and a 90 degrees bow.

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Posted in: Arrest of Ghosn and another top exec sends shockwaves through Nissan See in context

Saikawa said a lot more then mentioned in this article.

Nissan Chief Executive Hiroto Saikawa said "too much authority was given to one person in terms of governance," speaking at the Yokohama headquarters of the firm.

"I have to say that this is a dark side of the Ghosn era which lasted for a long time," Mr Hiroto said adding he was still thinking through whether Mr Ghosn was "a charismatic figure or a tyrant".

Before reading this I thought it was a genuine investigation but it looks like the old boys network is just getting rid of Ghosn. Saikawa was in executive positions since 1999 and Co CEO since 2016, it’s hard to believe he didn’t know if Nissan has paid for something off the books.

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Posted in: Emperor resting due to cerebral anemia See in context

I hope the Emperor gets well soon.

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Posted in: Holidays to be moved to ease traffic for 2020 Tokyo Olympics See in context

I thought Japan wasn't a dictatorship. Maybe I need to revisit English dictionary.

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Posted in: Japan says U.S.-South Korea drills are vital See in context

Japan has been thinking a lot about South Korea and US recently.

Maybe someone needs to tell LDP and Nippon Kaigi members that Korea isn't a Japanese colony anymore and WWII ended "many many" decades ago, so they can stop sticking their nose in SK matters

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Posted in: Japanese delegation arrives in Singapore ahead of Trump-Kim summit See in context

@Ganbare Japan!

Japan has a big interest in Summit

Yet, Japan has done everything it could to stop any dialogue happening between US and North Korea. Couple of weeks ago Abe and Japan were really happy by cancelation of meeting between Kim and Trump.

and diplomats will watch over it like hawks.Perhaps giving advice to Trump over the course of it.

And pigs will fly!

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Posted in: Japan to keep maximum pressure on N Korea ahead of Trump-Kim summit See in context

National news are trying to portray Abe and LDP Govt as relevant and extremely important to NK issue by creating headlines of non-news steps. I don’t think anyone in the world cares about what Japan wants or thinks of current US, SK and NK diplomatic actions in recent times. Kim seems to be playing diplomacy quite well in not only sidelining Abe and Japan, but portraying them as war mongers as well, if Abe and LDP kept their so called “maximum pressure” drama running.

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Posted in: Japan says talks must end N Korean nuclear program See in context

Abe said that "what's important is not dialogue for dialogue's sake, 

Fortunately they aren’t Japanese so there will be some progress.

Abe told a Diet committee that Japan has great interest in what happened and hopes to receive an explanation from China.

Why shall China explain anything to Japan?

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Posted in: Abe to travel to six European nations in mid-January See in context

Abe to travel to six European nations in mid-January

Is Abe, Japan's PM or rest of the world's ? Seems he spends more time abroad and playing golf than taking care of Government business in Japan.

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Posted in: Abe to tell U.N. chief he opposes talks with N Korea See in context

Abe to tell U.N. chief he opposes talks with N Korea

because if peace prevails Mr. man baby junior has nothing more to sell.

Thank God, no one takes him seriously outside Japan.

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Posted in: Tokyo condos shutting doors on home-sharing lodging businesses See in context

There is no guarantee that every single resident and owner will follow our regulations," said Shimada. "Our owners association will issue an advisory to stop such practices first and prepare for lawsuits

If you guys had balls and brain for standing up for real issues and suing the big corporations, instead of acting as their instruments in blocking shift to shared economy.

WWII is long over no one needs these associations anymore or the dumba**** running it. Most of these associations are a bunch of whiny geezers complaining just about every thing and issuing advisory, not for the common good but to satisfy their ego.

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Posted in: A look at Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s 'Womenomics' 5 years on See in context

Kumamoto assemblywoman causes stir by bringing 7-month-old son into chamber

The above headline from another article sums perfectly the failure of Womenomics like Abenonimcs

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Posted in: Dump truck crashes on Tokyo expressway, killing driver See in context


apparently looks like the drivers fault but the very design of Tokyo Expressway is a big contributor to the accidents.

I hope something will be done about the nonsensical junctions where lane crossovers pile up traffic for miles, truck drivers and other public transport drives fast and recklessly once they are out of the rush to make up for lost time and one mistake can end up in an accident like this one.

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Posted in: Trump: I should have left UCLA players in jail in China See in context

regardless of what Trump or the players egoistic dad said, why would president of the United States help thieves? No matter how small the crime, don't they deserve to do the time according to the law of the land?

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Posted in: Tokyo train company apologizes for 20-second-early departure See in context

Japanese trains are awesome for a number of reasons, not the least of which is how amazingly punctual they are. But on Tuesday, a train on the Tokyo-are

Japan Fan boys please stop lying. Anyone who uses Saikyo Line and Den En Toshi line daily to commute to work and back would disagree with you.

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Posted in: Trump, Abe play a round of golf diplomacy See in context

Who say's people in Japan don't change. They just went from hating Trump to loving him in less than a year.

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Posted in: Death of NHK female reporter in 2013 caused by overwork: broadcaster See in context

On why it had taken more than three years to make the case public, Yamauchi said the broadcaster took into account the wishes of her family, who said they wanted to ensure such an incident never happens again.

I am hopeful one day I will understand Japan Inc logics.

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Posted in: LDP unveils election pledges, including Constitution revision plan See in context

Add all the pledges Abe made whilst he was in office and you will get a book thicker than "Verdens Største Ordbog (The world's largest dictionary) "

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Posted in: Unlimited expressway passes for foreign drivers to go on sale See in context

While the tax paying resident foreigners and Japanese folks will keeping paying the inflated tolls, prefectural weight tax and annual city weight tax along with the usual resident, income and sales tax.

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Posted in: Trump slaps travel restrictions on N Korea, Venezuela in expanded ban See in context

If it is truly because of terrorists, Saudi Arabia should be on top of the list.

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Posted in: An often-forgotten part of Japanese train etiquette that we should all keep in mind See in context

“I keep getting terrorized by this when I sit at the edge of the bench (people just don’t understand),”

A simple "sumimasen" will solve the issue.

I think the existence of so many rules and written etiquette shows the lack of common sense and genuine consideration for others.

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Posted in: Labor union withdraws support for white-collar overtime exemption See in context

Under the government proposal, certain highly skilled workers with annual incomes of at least 10.75 million yen ($96,830) would be exempted from work-hour regulations, including overtime pay. They would be paid based on performance, not hours worked.

LDP is so shameless, they already have allowed companies to exploit white collar workers by exempting managers from overtime regulations, how is this a reform?

Companies are fully taking advantage of Manager's exemption from overtime regulations, I don't get paid overtime as (It is included in my salary as manager), luckily I work under a good boss so I can still leave on time but I have heard about some Line managers forcing their workers to work "mandatory overtime" as it is included in their salaries.

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Posted in: Gov't denies defense chief's reported role in alleged coverup of logs See in context

Someone at Nippon Kaigi really loves Inada.

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Posted in: Books teaching elementary school students about LGBTQ issues grab spotlight See in context

Why not make children aware that some people are different from the usual mummy/daddy family, the sooner they are aware the better.

Elementary school kids age is between 6 and 12 years, Do you really believe they can comprehend a topic that is still controversial among adults?

I am sure there are plenty of important topics that the kids need to know about before LGBTQ, and they should be taught about LGBT in appropriate age.

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