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Posted in: Uniqlo operator ties up with ILO to improve Asia worker environments See in context

100% agree with @Chip Star.

In my opinion admitting that the labor problem exists is already a big step forward for Japanese companies.

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Posted in: As Japan frets about dearth of AI talent, Daikin develops its own program See in context

At a disadvantage to bigger tech firms in attracting top talent, it has created an in-house program that takes new graduates and current employees - almost all with no AI background - and trains them up.

This is one of the reasons Japan is so backward in tech they “inject” fresh grads and make them go through the mandatory “programming” training without even considering if the selected person want to do it or have the programming or engineering mindset, eventually these grads end up being manager where they suck absolutelty at their jobs because unlike a fully trained Engineer they can only solve problems on the surface without understanding how things works. Imagine a graduate with history degree running a team working on machine learning.

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Posted in: Japan's exports drop for 7th straight month as China-U.S. trade war takes toll See in context

The easiest way out for Japan would be to stop teaching their customers the Japanese way and start addressing the market needs. I have done business with Koreans and Chinese and even though they are more difficult to deal with in terms of contract negotiations but they are flexible and are willing to change according to market situation.

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Posted in: Trump says he backs Abe's efforts to talk with Iran See in context

So now Abe is matching ties with Trump? lol

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Posted in: Abe says he wants to talk frankly with N Korean leader Kim See in context

Wasn’t Abe and Japanese Govt against any dialogue with NK. If my memory serves they tried their best to sabotage Trump having a summit with Kim

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Posted in: U.S. to sanction 5 nations, including Japan, if they import Iranian oil See in context

Not all countries that have nuclear power develop them, and the problem with Iran is that they want the weapons too

The only country to have ever used nuclear weapons still holds the largest stock pile of them.

Seems US isn't afraid to show her hypocrisy anymore, as most of the people here already commented if these sanctions were really for the world's peace why Saudis and Israel isn't in the list.

This is what happens when you have a uni polar world, there is no one to stop the world's bully.

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Posted in: Blasts kill more than 200, injure over 450 in churches, luxury hotels in Sri Lanka See in context

RIP all the innocent souls who lost their lives. It’s hard to imagine what the families are going through who have lost their loved ones.

If we count the family members of those who passed away thousands of people are directly effected by this act of terrorism.

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Posted in: Japan slams WTO ruling on South Korean Fukushima food ban See in context

I don’t understand why Japan is making fuss about it. As some posters mentioned already, no sane country should trust Japanese labeling, certification or inspection data. The newspapers always have headlines about some unethical practices by Japan Inc.

But LDP will try to make this issue look political as usual.

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Posted in: Man stops train from leaving station in Japan; video goes viral online See in context

The punctuality of Japanese trains often makes headlines around the world

Because no one talks about their daily delays. I am writing this comment from a train that has been delayed every day of the week with yesterday and day before yesterday’s delays of over 40 minutes

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Posted in: Toyota to give royalty-free access to hybrid-vehicle patents See in context

Aren’t patent exclusive for 20 years?

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Posted in: Man arrested for goading girlfriend into setting herself on fire See in context

She set fire to the carpet while he walked out, why not herself directly?

Probably he set fire to the carpet and walked out

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Posted in: 70% of parents who abused their own kids were mistreated as children: survey See in context

I thought kids who have been abused in their childhood would never want something like that ti happen to their kids.

Human Phycology is complex

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Posted in: Court convicts man of drug possession but rules GPS probe without warrant illegal See in context


You can actually refuse politely by asking them to show you the warrant. Once you ask them for warrants they become super polite and say "お願いです” but you can refuse and suggest to show your resident card instead at most.

There are some super creepy and consistent cops as well who try their best to search, you can ask them (politely again) to search a Japanese passer by and you will let them search your bag.

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Posted in: Japan to support education for 4 mil women in developing countries See in context

Meanwhile in National section

NATIONAL33 women sue Tokyo Medical Univ over rigged entrance exams

Is enough to show the state of affairs in Japan. I really wish Japan cares about its people as much as it cares about its image overseas.

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Posted in: Abe suggests he won't seek 4th term as LDP president See in context

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe suggested Thursday he has no intention of serving another four-year term as president of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party when his third term expires in September 2021.

Looking at Abe’s track record of pledges, urges and commitments. He definitely is seeking another four years term as president of LDP.

Probably after changing the rules, he will try to seek people’s understanding on this matter as usual.

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Posted in: Tokyo marks 500 days to go until 2020 Olympics; pictograms unveiled See in context

maybe I am too cynical but this bus do look ugly

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Posted in: Mother, boyfriend leave 3-year-old daughter with severe burns at home while they play pachinko See in context

People like this make me pro sterilisation.

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Posted in: Ghosn's children say he loves Japan See in context

The article quoted Saikawa as saying the allegations show Ghosn's lack of respect for Japan and the Japanese people.

We have got nothing substantial against him so it’s time to play nationalism card, straight out of LDP playbook.

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Posted in: Pakistan shoots down 2 Indian air force planes; carries out strikes in Kashmir See in context

In my opinion Pakistanis were given this chance by the Indian “alleged” cross border strikes claiming to have killed 300 terrorists without a shred of proof shared with anyone.

Indians by crossing into another countries airspace have opened up a pandora box. India isn’t as mighty as they think they are and Pakistan isn’t as weak as Indians perceive, both countries sitting on a stockpile of nukes can destroy the entire world.

I sincerely hope the sanity prevails on both sides and it doesn’t escalate


The jihadis, pakistani army and these reporters working in sync, no mention of the pakistani f-16 which was shot down, and no mention of what was hit earlier in those air raids.

You forgot to add respected international press and media outlets like Reuters, BBC, AP into the mix.

I hope India will show the wreckage of shot down F-16, like the Pakistanis did or otherwise stop lying to the entire world.

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Posted in: More Muslim prayer rooms open in Japan, but relatively few takers See in context

A misallocation of resources!

These are commercial facilities providing an added on service to their customers.

Japan is not a Islamic country so I find it exceedingly strange why one religion has preferential treatment.

Because member of the religion tend to be visiting in Japan in great numbers and spending money in these shopping facilities.

Muslims can and do pray almost anywhere.

This doesn't mean they should not have a place to pray and make them pray in the streets and the parks.

I have seen groups of Muslims at pray in the streets and parks of the UK!

And i have seen surprisingly large number of mosques in UK.

Singapore and other cities have "multi-faith" prayer rooms in their airports, shopping complexes, etc. .

Actually this is a very good approach, we have similar multi-faith prayers room in our office and people from various faiths do use it.

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Posted in: Gov't panel finalizes draft to cut plastic waste by 25% by 2030 See in context

It also includes support for developing countries' plastic waste reduction by sharing Japan's experience and knowledge.

Japan is very experienced in shipping it overseas.

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Posted in: Kashmir car bomb kills 44; India demands Pakistan act against militants See in context

The usual paid troll comment, right along the lines of deceit and subterfuge. The military in that country is very well financed when it comes to creating and managing the terrorism industry across the planet, India only gets a small subset of those terrorist.

Well, I have right to my opinion the way you have to yours, anything that doesn't align with your version of truth isn't a paid troll comment.

It was a genuine question and I will change my position if I can see some factual proof that links all this back to the guy somewhere sitting in some cave in Pakistan and then the links between the all mighty military you mentioned and the guy sitting in cave before pointing fingers.

However a quick google search did helped me with information about the death sentence of an Indian terrorist (a naval officer) who actually admitted of being involved in espionage activities in Pakistan including bombings and killings of innocent civilians. This means India on state level support terrorism across its borders as well.

no wonder this jihadi aligned Fayaz Bukhari omitted this bit of fact.

You also missed that fact, the armed revolt which was a result of continuous oppression of people of Kashmir by Indian forces against their will and against the UN resolutions.

Why can't both India and Pakistan let people of Kashmir decide what they want for themselves?

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Posted in: Kashmir car bomb kills 44; India demands Pakistan act against militants See in context

RIP the poor guys who lost their lives for fighting a war of politics for dirty politicians on both side of the border.

As usual, right away blame any country that ends with "tan" even before the investigator can reach the area. I don't understand how a cash deprived small country can create problems for much rich and large countries across the globe.

Maybe India, the world and most of the arm chair warriors should also look into atrocities committed by Indian military in Kashmir before commenting and blaming another country. For a total population of 14.5 Million, India has 750,000 troops in Kashmir infamous for their brutal use of pallet guns, rapes and mass murders and this brutality is ongoing for over 70 years now, so instead of blaming it on Pakistan to get some anti Pakistan sentiment before the elections, the Indian government should start giving basic human rights to people of Kashmir to avoid deaths of people from both side.

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Posted in: Nissan cuts forecast in first earnings report since Ghosn's arrest See in context

Nissan was in loss before Ghosn and Saikawa was part of the executive team. Nissan is in loss after Ghosn and Saikawa is now CEO. I would know who to blame, hopefully the shareholders will as well.

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Posted in: Japan bars journalist from going to Yemen See in context

Another example of nanny state. I

think American or European journalists are more at risk when reporting from war zones in middle east but that doesn't stop them from getting there and letting the world know about the atrocities, their respective governments do not only not stop them from going in the dangerous area but provide them full support in case of a mishap and try their citizens back home alive. But Japanese government just blames and shames the family of victims.

Japan is the most twisted form of "democracy" I have ever seen, where people apparently have no rights but obligations to the Japanese government and LDP goons in the government have all the rights but no responsibilities to people.

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Posted in: Suga says Japan wants to promote free and fair trade for global economy See in context

Suga, Japan, free and fair all in one line?

lol, thanks JT I really needed a laugh.

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Posted in: Ghosn re-arrested for aggravated breach of trust See in context

There is always more depth, no matter how low Japan goes

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Posted in: Ghosn denies allegations against him: NHK See in context

Seems prosecutors will apply for extension on detention either in hope to break him down or give Nissan enough time to do whatever Saikawa is upto.

Not commenting if Ghosn is innocent or not but if he is all Nissan and prosecutors will be required to walk free is an apology with keywords like regrettable, deeply, ensure prevention and a 90 degrees bow.

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Posted in: Arrest of Ghosn and another top exec sends shockwaves through Nissan See in context

Saikawa said a lot more then mentioned in this article.

Nissan Chief Executive Hiroto Saikawa said "too much authority was given to one person in terms of governance," speaking at the Yokohama headquarters of the firm.

"I have to say that this is a dark side of the Ghosn era which lasted for a long time," Mr Hiroto said adding he was still thinking through whether Mr Ghosn was "a charismatic figure or a tyrant".

Before reading this I thought it was a genuine investigation but it looks like the old boys network is just getting rid of Ghosn. Saikawa was in executive positions since 1999 and Co CEO since 2016, it’s hard to believe he didn’t know if Nissan has paid for something off the books.

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Posted in: Emperor resting due to cerebral anemia See in context

I hope the Emperor gets well soon.

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