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goldnugget comments

Posted in: Biden and Trump agree to presidential debates in June on CNN and in September on ABC See in context

Biden will never make it to the Democratic convention. I think the candidate will be Newsom.

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Posted in: More Japanese workers turning to job resignation services See in context

Take this job and shove it! It's fun and very therapeutic! Do it Japan!

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Posted in: Taylor Swift's tour arrives to shake up Europe See in context


That is correct, Dua Lipa's family did the same thing.

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Posted in: 'Oppenheimer' finally premieres in Japan to mixed reactions and high emotions See in context

The movie that romanticized the biggest war crime in world history is coming to Japan!!..

This is a false statement, the movie does not romanticise Nuclear war. Maybe you should watch it, and then get back to the forum.

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Posted in: U.S. military command in Japan to be revamped: report See in context

The island known as Japan is the largest aircraft carrier in the world for the U.S. military.

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Posted in: Trump says Jews who vote for Democrats 'hate Israel' and their religion See in context

Both parties are 100% pro Israel, they both go along with every move Israel makes. Biden makes a few noises about Palestinian deaths while shipping the very missiles causing those deaths.

Finally, a factual statement.

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Posted in: 'Star Wars' actor sues Disney with funding from Elon Musk's X See in context

We live in times when a simple truth seeker will take down the once-Puritan Disney.

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Posted in: 'Mob wife' is flashy fashion look of early 2024 See in context

Finally a little sex appeal, now if we could get the guys to care a little more.

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Posted in: U.S. public health agency CDC sets up office in Tokyo See in context

Bad move, more control coming to Japan.

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Posted in: Americans have saddled themselves with credit card debt See in context

Cash provides all Americans with a low-cost, reliable, and private form of payment that consumers should always have access to. The challenge is the American Government doesn't like that form of payment and has brainwashed Americans into believing credit cards are better than cash, not the reverse.

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Posted in: Why Elon Musk is obsessed with casting X as the most 'authentic' social media platform See in context

A billionaire having fun, He bought because he could, end of story.

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Posted in: University of Tokyo asks firms to stop pressuring job-hunting students See in context

here today to-dai tomorrow

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Posted in: Kishida says policies necessary; doesn't care what names he's called See in context

soon, 1 USD = 200JPY...

I hope!

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Posted in: Netanyahu says Gaza war has entered new stage and will be 'long and difficult' See in context

We did what we had to do ultimately and so will Israel.

Then take care of Iran. It's enough

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Posted in: Airlines expect heavier drag on profit growth from rising fuel costs See in context

funny how you only read about this in Japan.

No news about this in the rest of the world.

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Posted in: A year after Musk's Twitter takeover, X remains mired in turmoil See in context

"mired in turmoil" is laughable!

He is just fine I'm sure about that.

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Posted in: Israel blockades Gaza Strip as Hamas threatens to kill captives See in context

Well I guess that's the end of Gaza. I just feel sorry for the civilians caught up on both sides.

It's not the end of Gaza, but it is the end of Hamas.

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Posted in: Fukushima treated water release spawns misinformation See in context

The misinformation is the Gov. controlling the media.

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Posted in: China's Fukushima-linked seafood ban unacceptable, Japan tells WTO See in context

Well, I wouldn't eat the fish and I live 7000 miles away!

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Posted in: Musk says Twitter to change logo to X from the bird See in context

The stupidest man alive just keeps topping himself.

Kind of harsh don’t you think?

Do tell us what you do that pushes the world forward.

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Posted in: Musk wants to cut 10% of Tesla jobs; tells employees to return to workplace or quit See in context

It seems like there are a lot of jealous posts about this man.

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Posted in: Gov't preparing to resume foreign tourist entry in June See in context

They better do something soon, I was just at immigration yesterday and there was really nobody there.


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Posted in: Drama and exhibition portray lives of Japanese women in UK See in context

It's still happening now, with the violence directed at anyone looking remotely East Asian in the UK, and not to mention, worst of all, USA.

I have many friends that are Japanese that live in Los Angeles and they love it. They tell me Americans are very nice to them.

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Posted in: Yoshinoya beef bowl chain exec dismissed over sexist remarks See in context

The strange thing is I have never seen a woman eating in a Yoshinoya.

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Posted in: Shareholders await Musk's next move in Twitter takeover bid See in context

Twitter is toxic, I hope Elon and company gets rid of it in it's current form.

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Posted in: Coachella's return brings big business to California desert See in context

The Palm Springs area in California is very beautiful in the spring.

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Posted in: Russian-language sign at station in Tokyo back on view after being covered up See in context

Most of the Russians I know here speak english.

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Posted in: Osaka reaches Miami Open final; Hurkacz wears down Medvedev See in context

Something about her people just doesn't like.

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Posted in: China offers help for 'grave' Ukraine situation See in context

China sucks.........

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Posted in: Ukraine says Russia stepping up shelling of residential areas See in context

People are dying, not a joking matter.

Of course, it's not a joking matter, maybe you're reading it wrong.

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