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Also,KingSaint, Tokyo Disneyland and Disney Sea are the 2 only disney parks in the world that are not owned by Disney because of some licence/contract screw up in the past.

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Posted in: What do you think about all the panic buying of bottled water in Tokyo after reports that radioactive iodine exceeding the limit for infants was found in tap water in some wards? See in context

The current panic buying in Tokyo shows how stupid people are. Seriously, even with the disaster in the north, Tokyo didn't had any significant production/import losses, the amount of available supplies didn't change. It's not like a country where war would restrict the number of available supplies, we actually would have enough here if everyone jsut cotinued to shop as usual. Unfortunately all the brain dead panic buyers are creating the crisis themselves with their behavior, resulting in a false shortage os supplies. Worst of all, instead of starting to use their hoard, most of them probably continue to buy even more supplies every day out of greed.

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Morry, Japan has 54 operatnig nuclear reactors, but TEPCO doesn't.

West Japan and East Japan electric networks are handled by different companies, and as stupid it can seem, they use different frequencies (50hz/60hz) which ruins the interoperability. TEPCO currently lost fukushima and has other reactors that were deactivated because of the earthquake, so they can't provide enough power for a power hungry area like Kanto.

When this crisis will be over, the governement will probably enforce some norm to get a interoperable electric grid in japan.

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Posted in: Chiba cop arrested for allegedly groping woman on train See in context

Typical japanese. Groped for 25 minutes and didn't do anything until arriving to the station.

If it was in USA or Europe, the woman would have screamed loudly at the guy and slapped him after 10 seconds of groping.

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“Whatever the state of the Japanese government or politics is, I respect our society because no Japanese soldier has killed anyone abroad in more than 60 years. I don’t think you can say that about any other country.”

Easy when there japanese soldiers barely take part in foreign missions. and to nitpick, swiss, vatican and so on are not countries ?

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