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Gon Mike comments

Posted in: Suicide bombings kill 95 at Ankara peace rally See in context

Don't forget to note the 33 peace activists allegedly killed by ISIS, reported at the bottom of the article. That was July. You hear about that in July? Or the two killed in June?

muslims are excellent in suppressing rebellion ( if they couldn't or money runs out they go to conquest outside ) you can watch zombies while marching blindly in millions that is what they are , It will never work like that in order to make them change their belief you have to play their legend game , Even if they are reading my comment they can't remove the holy phrases from their holy book

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Posted in: Suicide bombings kill 95 at Ankara peace rally See in context

No doubt Erdogan will use this heinous killing of Kurd supporters as an excuse to ban the pro-Kurdish HDP from the Nov 1 election, just as he used the July attack on Kurds as an excuse to end the cease fire with the PKK.

pfffffffff , ISIS cells are not in turkey only , its present in even shiia and sunni all of them have ISIS cells , their presence is not because of low-income , because of their teaching violence

But I wonder if its activated

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Posted in: 30 killed, 126 injured in Ankara bomb attacks See in context

Bombing a peace rally huh? Just how low can we go?

until anyone following a one who has a wet dream of superstitious god should be ridiculed and told him hey hey it is over get a job , even that is hard , many of them are thugs and will be stopped by force only

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Posted in: Syrian president: Russia campaign must succeed See in context

Incredibly, by the noises coming out of Washington and Brussels, that seems like a possibility. In order to protect their political fiction of "vetted rebels", Obama et al are once more willing to play airforce for Al Quaeda. Like they did in Libya.

bad idea if russia wants to eliminate ISIL but I doubt about that

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Posted in: Police officer commits suicide with pistol in station toilet See in context

those are the people who can make a global peace , so sad , another one killed , RIP

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Posted in: Cool Japan Project to fund AKB48 sister group in Philippines See in context

is that what is called by women promotion , Shame shame shame

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Posted in: Police in Bangladesh question 4 over killing of Japanese man See in context

RIP Mr. Hoshi. I hope your killers - the actual killers AND their puppet masters, not some political scapegoats - are quickly found and brought to justice. Islamic style in this case.

islamic style wait a minute , we waged a war against islamic terrorism so islamic style is an old-fashioned I think it needs to be modernized right ?

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Posted in: Car bombs across Iraq kill 56, injure dozens See in context

George Bush

he kept us safe , Urgh good ole's days , I had a brother like him if you don't hit him in his brain he won't be back to his senses

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Posted in: French PM jokes with robots during Japan visit See in context

I'd take a robot politician before a human one in any country, any day.


maybe if there is an articifical brain it will help as well , since politician don't want to handle any responsibility the burden will be at robots

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Posted in: Abe: Japan must fix domestic problems before taking in refugees See in context

Just look at France, Germany, UK, Sweden, where the feel good socialist have brought in those 'refugees'..... it's injecting cancer straight into their societies. Don't do it Japan!!!

they care about increasing number of temporary citizen at their best hospitality so much for their non-racism mentality ,I hope it keeps like that , Each day will be a suicide , murder , rape in their daily news thanks to conservative mentality of taxes up , keep it up mr.abe shinzo

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Posted in: Abe's new slogan stirs memories of wartime rhetoric See in context

Umeyo Fuyaseyo Ichioku ni.

but the population is decreasing , umeyo ( breed and increase until it reach to 100 million ) hmph , don't tell me the same tactic of the 30's will be used in stimulating population increase ? eh .

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Posted in: Abe's new slogan stirs memories of wartime rhetoric See in context

This time the Emperor of Japan is not on their side.


Yup , He is on their side and that's a good thing , if he thinks that there is a bad guys in that world so the solution for the good guy is to wipe them out

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Posted in: Abe's new slogan stirs memories of wartime rhetoric See in context

When I see the name Shinzo Abe I see Hideki Tojo.

 He is like bush but Asian version 3.0

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Posted in: Islamic State claims responsibility for killing Japanese man in Bangladesh See in context

The population of Japan is a little under 128 million. At 156.6 million to be exact, the population of Bangladesh is nowhere near 'almost twice'. Most of those 156.6 million live in ....Bangladesh.

Wrong Answer ,japan import slave workers most of them from bangladesh as a cheap labor , Sure they import from china but due to rising tension nationalism they import it from those countries , that kind of habit is not present in japan only

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Posted in: Suga expresses outrage at killing of Japanese man in Bangladesh See in context

I would have to take the official version in that case. I highly doubt any "real" ISIS members would be bothering with minor attacks in Bangladesh while the Syrian civil war continues. And so it would be a wild goose chase to start reacting as if ISIS is really operating in Bangladesh. If they are looking for a rank amateur, they should proceed as if they are looking for a rank amateur.

ISIS is in the 7th century , not 21th century , If they faced horrific situation like EU medieval crusade era ( their holy book will be turned into the war book when money runs out the dirty morals will float over so they know that very well and their place is to hide in the shadows only ) all countries adhering by that religion is unsustainable soon will be back to their old habits pre-islamic era

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Posted in: We are often called the Abe channel online, but there is no government interference in our coverage. I don’t think our coverage is biased. See in context

Not at all , Japan is a pure conservative country starting from being religious elite ruled country , It's a good and a bad thing , the good thing that it maintains order and prosperity and the bad thing is when the ruling elites get out of order the public are used to revere them so revolt is unlikely to happen , removing that means riots and decentralization rules over and chaos will rule over japanese thinking

I remember that many japanese told me that in japan two things you are not allowed to talk about when you are not an expert , Politic and religion

Hahaha JOKE of the day is more like it, a sick one at that!

there were many riots wasn't televised when japanese invaded china did that stopped the invasion nope , any country I don't mean japan , Europe , Soviet union , Greece , Iraq under saddam regime , even in medieval empires , Protest that was unarmed was crushed and they took glory in crushing it

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Posted in: Islamic State claims responsibility for killing Japanese man in Bangladesh See in context

Koda's body was returned to Japan. The events provoked mixed responses in Japan; while many Japanese citizens were angered and appalled by the murder, some blamed the victim and others criticized the Koizumi administration.

I am really surprised in some countries they always blame the murder or the countries which breed them unlike japan everytime that happens the japanese citizens blame either the victim or the government , Even if japan has a bad history it shouldn't be like that , But I am sure that if japan has the desire to wipe out all those muslim they will do it in matter of 1~2 years at max. But japan likes dealing and containing evil I suppose

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Posted in: Islamic State claims responsibility for killing Japanese man in Bangladesh See in context

And how many political kidnappings or murders by Islamist groups before the SDF went to the Middle East?

SDF going to the middleeast , HAHAHA seems that you are frenzy a little bit , Once the trick is discovered you can't repeat it again in anyway thank god those bad american who want to drag the japanese fighter jewels to go after a bunch of nomads , They can kill each other will be much better ,

Abe is the Bush evolution but version 10.0

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Posted in: Russia launches new wave of air raids in Syria See in context

If Russia would take out the CIA terror training camps and cut off the CIA supply routes, that would go a long way to strangling the terror war and instilling panic. Once the rout begins, it will build on itself.

If . but who dares to do so ? 60 countries are participating against ISIS , I mean if they are sending some of the prisoner will be executed anyway tied with a barrel bomb it will be a lot cheaper and will hit the target effectively

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Posted in: Top 10 things even Japanese people think they’re too obsessive about See in context

Parents freaking out over small scrapes and bruises on children [185 points]

That one only , I have personally experienced that and was annoyed when I was young(10yrs) , But at that time I wasn't allowed to utter a word about it

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Posted in: Islamic State claims responsibility for killing Japanese man in Bangladesh See in context

The price of becoming a "normal country" again?

Ha a prank from a kid in a facebook in bangkok post made them frame that stupid event , ISIS in thailand because of some muslims there weird , I mean not malaysia or indonesia hmmm ,

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Posted in: Oregon gunman was army dropout who studied mass shooters See in context

There are lonely youths all over the world. And there are also lots of crazy people in every country. ONLY in the USA do make it easy for them to get guns. ONLY in the USA do we make it easy for them to kill lots of people.

lonely people when they are suppressed they will immigrate to another country to screw it like the country they came out from

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Posted in: U.S. urges Russians to focus airstrikes on Islamic State See in context

Strikes should fight any person who is cooperating with the islamic state including confiscating their books and programming people to heal them from that disease with a better antidote

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Posted in: Afghan clinic bombed; 9 staff dead, 30 missing See in context

In wars three kinds of people survive , Dictators , fighters , traitors

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Posted in: Suspect indicted over murder of 13-year-old girl in Osaka See in context

repeated crime perhaps its Time to Kill

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Posted in: Protests continue See in context

HAHAHA as long as the right winger and some of the leftwinger who benefit from Abe being in office nothing will change

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Posted in: Obama says Russia's action in Syria is 'recipe for disaster' See in context

Russian now can't pull out , Either kill them all and not a single refugee to russia should be accepted

NB: Russian soldier who participated in that war in case of victory never be back to russian homeland , he will affect others by his aggressive mentality

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Posted in: Protests continue See in context

The "nail that sticks up" phobia is ingrained in their DNA.

Nope any dictator no matter how soft he is , once he is squeezed , he will revolt for sure

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Posted in: Protests continue See in context

nope signing a petition won't work , I can make up big number and no proof after all its done from your home

Either they should wait the next election or march peacefully down the street

no hikkomori , staying in home shouldn't allow himself to do that , get up from your place and march down the street and say your opinion but as I say are they going to do all that for a candidate they don't know , they should say the policy which the japanese people will benefit from it

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Posted in: Oregon gunman was army dropout who studied mass shooters See in context

This shooting again shows that the greatest safety threat to the US lies within: the death industries.

the guns prevented crimes , If all people are staying in home and doing nothing but reading they won't die and they will be healthy as well , But What a life

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