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Good_Jorb comments

Posted in: Morale boost See in context

I disagree. If they were on a "normal" level, then they would be helping cook and serve food, and clean up the toilets after the evacuees. A royal is no better than an average person, so why should they get all this special treatment?

I wouldn't ask my grandma or grandpa to cook/clean for me, would you? Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko aren't exactly spring chickens.

Some people just don't get Japan.

And some people pretend they do. They are talking to the Emperor and Empress well sitting on what is essentially their beds (On some level that is probably taboo as well). I'm sure the Emperor or Empress didn't want them to be in more discomfort by requiring them to sit formly. Prehaps the royal family has more empathy then some posters on JT.

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Posted in: Canadian opposition likely to trigger election See in context

not because of Harper, in spite of him.

I'd say in spite of Harper as well, he tried to table a bill before he has prime minister that would have banks deregulated to a more "American" style. Thankfully it didn't happen and the banks didn't need massive quasi-socialist corporate welfare bailouts. Now we have strong banks and high oil prices equating to the GDP growth, only thing lacking, a political party that isn't filled with politicians! The Liberal, NDP, conservatives and even bloc Quebecois are filled with entitled baby boomers, who seem to have the inability to raise above partisan idiocy, well they allow the fleecing of their Children's future. Harper or should I say Flaherty being the worst and in classic conservative style running massive deficits (the highest in Canadian history), increasing the size of government, well cutting taxes, a la Reaganomics.

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Posted in: Cruise missile blasts Gadhafi's compound near tent See in context

Egypt, Tunisia

I don't believe that Egypt or Tunisia even have offical governments at the moment, do they? The countries just revolted against their own governments, they're not exactly in the position to help others.

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Posted in: Convoy ambush kills 7 Mexican police, 1 prisoner See in context

If Libyans are willing to stand against a dictator, well being bombed by jet fighters, why is it that Mexicans are unwilling to stand up against drug cartels?

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Posted in: Christians and Muslims clash in Cairo, 1 dead See in context

Yep, to the Muslims, there is no greater crime, then being Christian. That is about as bad as it gets.

Ergh, expect for maybe being a Jew but to some Christians there is no greater crime then being a Jew. Humans using human constructs to kill each other, a beatiful world we do live in.

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Posted in: Deputy US Marshal dies of wounds from gun battle See in context

I must agree with killdamessenger. This story is not about Japan. Neither does it have any "world" news implications.

Nor do all the murders in Mexico, religious clashes, etc. really have any implications on the world at large. It is however a sad reflection on morbidness of the media, and the world at large.

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Posted in: Michael Moore rallies pro-union protesters in Wisconsin See in context


Hagel's Fannie Mae bill was killed in a republican majority senate, in 2005. If you want to see how money was spent by Fannie Mae, read up on which group of senators DCI(a lobby group)lobby to on behalf of Fannie Mae.

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Posted in: Gunmen kill 3 at bar near U.S. consulate in Juarez See in context

For a nation that outlaws guns (Mexico), they sure have a lot of gun murders. I guess only the outlaws have guns.

Considering the amount of gun related deaths that their neighbor to North has every year, everyone having a gun really doesn't make that much of difference.

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Posted in: How can universities prevent cheating in exams by students who use cell phones to access sites in search of answers?? See in context

It has ZERO merit as a test of the course knowledge (well, unless the course was "Navigating the Table of Contents and Index: Exploring the Text").

When outside of an academic setting would you not be able consult a index? Law primarily based on citing case precedent (looking through a ton of law book indices). Accounting, particular tax accounting, is estenially doing the same lawyers do. Psychologist refer to the DSM IV to diagnose their patients and so on.

I've taken test that even though they were open book, unless you had a general understanding of the questions being asked, no amount of searching through the textbook would help. Make questions hard, impose strict time limits and it wouldn't matter how much access to secondary information sources they have, they won't have the time to finish the exam unless they know the course content well enough.

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Posted in: How can universities prevent cheating in exams by students who use cell phones to access sites in search of answers?? See in context

Let them do open book styled exams(Cell phone, laptop, textbooks, etc.) it is more indicative of the real world.

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Posted in: 'Cove' director gives free DVDs to Taiji residents See in context

How are you going to "Increase the fish stocks"? Wave a magic wand?

The same way, other countries are increasing fish stocks, mostly by reducing fleet sizes, re-training fishman into a different job field and increasing the costs to enter into the field. As well as enforcing catch quota's based on statistical analysis that would leave enough fish to repopulate the population and the introduction of fish farming. Common sense no? No magic wands needed.

According to Good Jorb, the fishermen at Taiji have improved their fish managment practices which should increase fish populations.

Where did I say that? Geeze... I said Taiji Fisherman, have to focus on improving their management practices, to increase fish populations. Are they doing that right now, I assume not, only because of the lack of information available to the public.

However,given the evidence that dolphin populations have not increased in Japanese waters, the argument that dolphins are the cause of any declining fish population is laughable.

Perhaps because dolphins have been culled. The fish population do doubt has been overfished by Japanese fisherman, just like most of the world fish stocks have been. It's unfortunate reality, that humanity created such problems but an unchecked dolphin population could consume the remaining fish stocks.

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Posted in: Republicans win first budget skirmish; bigger fight looms See in context

Why not go with an even more absurd figure of 60 or 600 trillion? No one really believes anyway what you post about "conservatives" in a country you have never been to and know next to nothing about...

Although 6 trillion is not correct;

Bush added 4.97 trillion, a number that came be found on US treasury department website. He nearly double the national debt, spending more then all previous presidents before him combined.

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Posted in: 'Cove' director gives free DVDs to Taiji residents See in context

The fisherman claim that they kill the dolphins, because the dolphins are eating their fish stocks. Increase the fish stocks, fisherman have no reason to kill the dolphins. Telling someone to stop something, without offering a viable solution to thier perceived problem isn't going to be that helpful, sometimes it can almost be counter productive.

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Posted in: 'Cove' director gives free DVDs to Taiji residents See in context

But in fact the populations of dolphins in Japan have been decreasing not increasing.

No doubt in relation to them being culled and/or lack of food sources. If they were really concerned about the dolphins, the people behind the video should have focused on Taiji fisherman changing to more sustainable fishing practices and better stock management. That way the dolphins and fishermen would have a bigger pie to share. On the other hand trying to come a reasonable compromise and fish not being cute, don't get you into the lime light.

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Posted in: Rebels brace for more attacks in Libya; banks hand out money to Gadhafi loyalists See in context

Goodjorb likes to think he really knows the region and its history

I never said that I really know the region and it's history. I have said nothing that isn't anything more then basic knowledge of world history. It's common knowledge that US provided weapons are/were being used to fight against US soldiers in Iraq and Afganistan. I don't think it would be far fetched to assume that Libya could/may use those weapons in future against the US, even if it's just an anecdotal inference based on prior events in the middle east. As for my prediction of Libya, it's not mine to make, it's up to the peoples of Libya to choose their own path.

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Posted in: Gadhafi forces retake towns near Libyan capital See in context

Thanks Sarge. $2,000 bucks a day is a pretty good wage for hired guns from Niger and Chad.

They also get to operate with immunity for any war crimes that they may commit. Any guess which country insisted on the Security Council adding that little bit to the resolution on Libya?

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Posted in: The Tourist See in context

Like these guys need the money! Sure wish they would pick and choose a bit more.

Watched an interesting interview with Johnny Deep once, he does so many pirates of cribbean because his son loves to watch him in the role of Jack Sparrow.

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Posted in: Rebels brace for more attacks in Libya; banks hand out money to Gadhafi loyalists See in context

The US provided Saddam with very very little. France and Russia were his big sugardaddies.

Considering Reagan said he would do whatever it takes to insure that Iraq beats Iran(including removing Iraq from terrorist list), you are being far to modest in what the US provided to Saddam.

Arab-back Taliban? Really? Who trained, armed and financed Osama bin Laden and al qaeda fighters who later become the Taliban. Not any Arab nation, the USA via the CIA.

But you answered my question about learning from the past. If you don't know your history, then you can't learn from.

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Posted in: Rebels brace for more attacks in Libya; banks hand out money to Gadhafi loyalists See in context

Washington should arm the provisional government in rebel-held areas of eastern Libya “to fight on behalf of the people of Libya against a really cruel dictator.”

Do they never learn from the past, I mean seriously. How did providing arms to Iraq and Afganistan work out?

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Posted in: Singer Claudia Vazquez knocks 'em dead See in context

Who cares if she is American, Mexican or Mexican-America. Her talent is her own, and is a product of her own hard work. Claudia Vazquez is a beautiful talented individual.

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Posted in: Wisconsin Assembly passes bill taking away union rights See in context

Most professions do not have unions.

Accountants, lawyers, doctors, et al. all have governing bodies that the have to registar with and pay money to. As an accountant I pay $1000~ a year to my governing body, in return they insure me, and lobby the government to adopt various different accounting standards and etc. So yes most real professionals do belong to unions of sorts.

In the end, this is all much ado about nothing, through 30~40 years of republican, democrat and the entire bady boomer generation incompetencies and entitlement attitude has screwed over at least the next generation or two. It will a long road to recoverery and all the while the international elite/bankers are laughing all the way to the bank.

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Posted in: Ebisu Muscats form 'sexpendables' to promote Stallone movie See in context

Sexpendables is up with porn greats like Forest Hump(or sorest rump), A Clear and Pleasant Stranger, Bedman And Throbbin, The Hills Have Thighs, The Loin King and Bridge Over the River KY.

As for the Expendables, not a horrible movie per se, but not something I would pay to see at the theater either.

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Posted in: U.S. denounces Cuba's treatment of dissidents See in context

criticize the Europeans and Canadians who spend holidays down there to help prop up the dictator. You know, being hypocrites and all, seems like an easy target.

I know when when the wife and I go there, with our cuban friend to visit her family, the money we give them and the tips we give restuarants workers, taxi and etc. all go right into Castro pocket, nothing like punishing people who are already down their luck. With all the uprising, mabye Cuba will have an uprising and then a popular democratic election.

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Posted in: Obama, GOP on budget collision course See in context

Fortunately for the American people the republicans are the majority in the House; i.e., controlling the purse strings, and therefore have the ability to slow - and eventually reverse - Owe-bama's off-the-cliff tax and spend strategy.

Clearly they will do that like past republicans did by doubling the national debt (Regan,Bush Sr and Bush Jr all did it) and increasing the size of government. Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Republicans are no better then the Democrats at fiscal conservatism.

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Posted in: Gunmen kill top police commander in Mexico See in context

Selfish drug users causing grief in Mexico don't care.

I know plenty of pot smokers in Canada who buy Canada grown pot, yet drug related killings number in the 10's and mostly is just gangsters knocking off other gangsters. It's Mexicans killing Mexicans.

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Posted in: Rumsfeld reveals pre-war Iraq strike plan in memoir See in context

your beloved president doesn't have to deal with Saddam Hussein, his winsome sons, Chemical Ali, etc. Or would you rather he have to deal with them?

If Egypt and Tunisia are any sort of example, the people who actually live/work/die in a country are far better at bring about change then any foriegn army can do, with a lot less blood loss. Trillions of dollars spent on something that has been has been, relatively speaking, done free in other countries.

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Posted in: Japan welcomes China becoming world's No. 2 economy See in context

U.S. and Western Europe were begging the Chinese to buy their sovereign debt

Perhaps the US yes, but Western Europe was kept afloat by Germany.

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Posted in: More than 100,000 Italian women, supporters protest against Berlusconi See in context

Good to see a few of supporters for a pedophile here (by Italian law). Sex is sex, who cares what two consenting adults do, but sex with a minor is a big no no, ethically and morally.

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Posted in: Republicans promise $100 billion in spending cuts See in context

Ouch. How are smithinjapan and sushisake3 supposed to even formulate a reply to that one???

I'm neither one of them but it's not difficult to formulate a reply;

Bush's last budgeted amount $625 Billion

2008 Bush and Democratic Congress approve 161.7 Billion in additional military funding. 625+161.7 = 786.7 Billion

Obama's Budget; 708 Billion

786.7 - 708 = 78.7 Billion more spent. It's hard for those no sense fiscal management to stay on budget(Democrats and Republicans)but easy to make budget look good. Ironically one could surmise that insurgents in Iraq and Afganistan have better fiscal management measures as they are able to effectively fight against a much better financed army.

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Posted in: Egyptian army moves to stop assault on protesters See in context

Is it an AK-47 the old reliable weapon of choice?

Perhaps, they just like to reserve thier rights to bear arms(if they have a second type law). Is that only some have the right to over throw a tyrannical leader?

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