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Posted in: Hawaii wedding extravaganza planned for Misaki Ito See in context

Bodyguards for VIPs? please. What for? It's not like most Japanese celebrities are known outside of Japan.

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Posted in: Japanese destroyer tried to stop before collision: defense chief See in context

Tried to stop? Are there brakes on ships?

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Posted in: High school pitcher Kikuchi opts for Japan over major leagues See in context

College? the players who go to college are low level prospects with little chance of been a major leaguer.

This kid basically commited himself to 9 years in Japan. What a mistake.

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Posted in: Will new executive pay rules cause a brain drain? See in context


Are you saying that 2/3 of bank staffs do nothing all day and get paid. Where do I sign up?

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Posted in: The McJob of Asia See in context

Seriously, if she doesn't like teaching, she has 2 options,

1) go home 2) get a better job

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Posted in: Japan's jobless rate dips to 5.5% in August See in context

Provide proper education and technical guidance to all cheap labor countries so they can solve their own problems (including global warming). Do not outsource for your greed and do not create a new kind of global economic imbalances.

Wasn't Japan in the same show after the war? No capital, no infrasture, and no economy. One day these countries will move up the economic ladder and create markets for Japan goods. This is economics 101.

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Posted in: Nothing lost in translation See in context

I love it when I score a basketball and hear 'Nice shoot'

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Posted in: Rumors of drug use by Sawajiri's husband may be behind her being fired See in context

This guy is actually pretty smart. Cut off her own source of income and thus become soley dependent on him. Gods know why she is with him in first plce other than $$$$.

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Posted in: Japan needs to welcome foreign investment, UK minister says See in context

"If you want to do business here, you have to learn the language. If you do not learn the language, then stay in your own country. Japanese that go over seas and invest, learn the languages of the host country and everything else about it."

the language is not a problem. The issue is protectionism. The language issue is trivial. When foriegn companies set-up operations here, the majority of hires are local with only top management being expats.

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Posted in: U.S. sailor gets life in prison for killing Japanese taxi driver See in context

The only reason he didn't get the death penalty is the SOFA agreement. In my honest opinion, he deserves to be hung.

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