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Posted in: Reporter says he tricked captors into using Twitter See in context

I lol'd at the title of the article. It's amazing that they trusted him enough to let him set up their cell phone... and kind of weird that they would go to him to do that. Really? can't do it yourself? read a manual?

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Posted in: Woman enters Gifu police station, threatens to kill officer See in context

She first made the officer's acquaintance three years ago. How? Was she crazy back then? It says that this year she threw fire crackers and the knife thing, but what happened three years ago... This is super creepy. I'm imagining a woman scorned... maybe I watch too many dramas. XD

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Posted in: Man's throat slashed at front door in possible case of mistaken identity See in context

Thank goodness he didn't die!

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Posted in: Uno Kanda announces separation from husband See in context

OMG they're not divorcing but just "separating". It's like the new Sex and the City movie!

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Posted in: Elderly woman robbed, punched in the face on Tokyo street See in context

I feel really bad for her and don't blame her at all for taking out cash instead of wire-transferring. Old people have a hard time getting used to new things but that doesn't mean that they deserve to get robbed. :( I'm curious about why the robber said "This, This" in the first place. Wouldn't a robber be more likely to say something like "Give me your purse" and have a threatening weapon ready? This guy sounds desperate. If he were a part of an organized crime thing then he sounds like a newbie or someone that got put up to doing something. Maybe someone was threatening him or this was an initiation. Or maybe it was a kid who dyed their hair blonde and she wasn't wearing her glasses... Just letting my imagination run wild...

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Posted in: Man punched in face by fellow train commuter over phone manners See in context

"Hiroshi Matsukawa is my hero." This should be on a t-shirt. :P

This made me laugh but Matsukawa must have some serious anger issues to punch a guy for talking back (younger guy? Confucianism matters). I get frustrated too but I just complain to other people rather than taking it to the person directly. Maybe not the best way to handle things...

Everyone I know who has been to Japan comments on how quiet people are in the trains so it's surprising to see how many comments there are about loud people on trains. Just know that it's probably worse in other countries so appreciate what you have.

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