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Accordong to yesterday's UK Daily Mail motoring page the bottom has really fallen out of the EV second hand market there. (new sales are very poor too) There is just no longer the demand. Reasons quoted are they were too expensive as new, range concern specially in winter colder months, serious lack of 24/7 functioning charging points around the country, increase in electric prices which now make EV much less attractive, economic conditions and a reluctance to change into a still unknown field. The prospects for the industry are realy dramatic as said EV are still proposed to be the only new vehicles sold in most of europe by 2030 which is quite close now.

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Is there not a great reluctance of Japanese landlords to rent to foreigners? How is the Government going to overcome this and provide decent affordable accommodation which is not too far from places of employment?

Has this programme been sufficiently thought through ?

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After reading this article I think I will give it a miss

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Monsieur Ghosn need not be too concerned about this particular French inquiry. Invariably they go on for years and never reach a satisfactory clear conclusion. Some even claim that for the wealthy & powerful (no names no pack drill) they are deliberately set up like this for some unknown reason. Certainly such inquiries are good for headlines.

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Possible solution :1. buy new modern buses/coaches (consider double deckers too for extra capacity). Urgently train all those layabouts playing Candy crush etc in cities like Tokyo & Osaka. They will find several thousands doing nought during the day without any problem. Pay them decent wage & bonus for Olympics. and maybe they will remain in the labour market.

Import & train drivers from, say, Taiwan, China, , Indonesia, Malaysia etc. I am sure they will be happy to have holiday job provided the pay is much better than their own countries, they are housed and fed well and given free medical treatment and obviously return air tickets.

Act NOW !

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Posted in: Gov’t plans to use facial recognition system to help prevent gambling addiction See in context

I am a British visitor to Japan recently having made two separate visits to Osaka & Tokyo. I was staggered & horrified to see so many massive gambling parlours. To see literally hundred of obsessed Japanese gamblers in a world of their own being fed & watered by the house staff to encourage prolonged visits was a sight to behold. Of course Japan is not the only country to have this problem, but the sheer "density" of this moronic gambling made me wonder if Japanese society has a deep problem which may involve isolation , depression etc ?

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Posted in: Surveillance proposed by defense team likely helped Ghosn secure bail See in context

On a practicle level bearing in mind the long reach of the French secret services, powerful friends one wonders why he simply he was not tried quicker to resolve these difficulties? From my experience he is remains "high risk" despite the bail money and conditions. Now that he is on bail why on earth why he was not electronically tagged and sent to a selected secure destination.

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