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Posted in: Japan births at new low as population shrinks and ages See in context

What to do? What to do? It’s simple. When insufficient wage and the interests of the companies become priority over the family, having a family is much harder. Companies along with the governments, by deciding that not paying the wages they used to pay, they have set the situation for families not to happen. Making it necessary for both husband and wife to work to raise a family. When the population was growing, the only thing different was one person was able to support a family the same as it now takes two people to do, When one can support that will always create a great incentive to raise families ( have babies). Greater security = greater desire and ability to properly raise a family. Companies gradually over time have payed less and less. Less pay = less standard of living = more financial insecurity = stress = less time and ability to have children. Companies need to be a part their communities families, growth and security as they once did and understood. If they take care to the community, the community will take care of them. Not having a family is just the consequences of a problem created by the providers of the resources needed to raise a family. Too much has been taken away.

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