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Posted in: Men more enthusiastic about moving in with girlfriends than vice-versa, survey says See in context

Not surprising at all. For 95% of Japanese men, a girlfriend/wife is just a replacement mother. Most don't know how to do laundry, iron, cook, vacuum, clean....

95% of women just want wallet anyway, while men second mother. I think it's a fair trade.

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Posted in: Fewer Japanese seek marriage amid worries over income: poll See in context

Wow, Japanese women are more spoiled than I thought. In my country people hardly earn 1 million a year. 4 million seems like luxury to me, it's actually being a rich person.

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Posted in: Do you consider global warming just a theory or a proven fact? See in context

It's a theory, scientific theory! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scientific_theory

So yeah, fact. Probably. You don't really know until you are a scientist yourself, so good looking propaganda can make you believe what you want anyway. Personally I follow the logic that if global warming is a lie I don't lose anything - better environment is always nice nevertheless, but if it's true consequences are huge, so it's better to believe whether it's false or true (and science tells it's true, so there are more factors in favor of global warming as a fact).

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Posted in: Their claims are based on their self-centered and extremely egoistic thinking that they don't want to go to war. We can blame postwar education for such widespread selfish individualism. See in context

I absolutely love how those "egoistic" people think. War is waged by politicians and if they want to win it, let them go alone, why millions of ppl has to die, because two people from different countries can't agree about something. Same with those islands which Asian countries proclaim to be theirs - common citizen doesn't give a shit about it, so just leave this playground. I would never go to war unless opponent was aliens (but then we wouldn't stand a chance anyway). Pawns killing pawns, there's nothing more stupid than war.

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Posted in: 40% of unattached singles in their 20s, 30s don't want relationship: survey See in context

I like how modern Japanese awake themselves from society patterns and start to think about their life instead of copying lives of others - everyone has partner so I also have to... No, you don't. Focus on your life and don't bother if you like, this is how it supposed to be. Consequences for society or nation? Well, we're not slaves made just to procreate. Why we should care about times, when we would no longer live anyway. I know it's very egoistic, but also pragmatic. Relationship is a big mendo, no doubt about it. If you're lucky and have that special person it's great, but if you don't it's great too, because you can enjoy life the way you want without looking back (at least if you have similar friends otherwise sometimes it could be indeed lonely).

But whatever your personal view on that matter is - there should be no pressure of having partner or not. I only say this because I understand and somehow identify with that trend shown in the survey. For the good of governments who steal money from taxes and sometimes kindly do something good it's indeed a problem, but for individuals it's different. We live in times of possibilities, when different hobbies have no limits anymore, so rather then living boring lives like hundred years ago in the villages where people were just working on farms and procreating - it's age of individual development. World has to deal with it and find another solution for collapsing economy then just counting on birth rate, sorry.

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Posted in: UAE eliminates Japan from Asian Cup in penalty shootout; Iraq beats Iran See in context

Actual coach is horrible. How can you believe in the same starting eleven, who did so poorly in Brazil. Not to mention group stage, why putting strongest players against rivals like Palestine or Jordan, especially while Honda claims that next game is too soon, etc. Yeah, it is, but why he had to play in the first place. Oh, I forgot, Japan is so weak, that without him can't beat even Palestine, how sad it is.

UAE is garbage, one shot one goal against literally dozens of corners and shoots, just bad luck or maybe lack of composure while it came up to put final blow. Japan should have won it 5:1. Anyway Honda's penalty was misunderstanding. He looked like he didn't even want to score, that was the worst PK I ever saw, Kagawa had just back luck, bot Keisuke... what have you done, how much have they payed you, huh?

Another problem is that Japan football is in big crisis. Players like Kagawa are just shadows of themselves, and ironically while players from staring eleven play for rather strong clubs, they just suck as team. No young talents, no perspective for improvement in the next tournament. Can Japan at least prepare decent team for Olympics? Seriously, Chinese is getting stronger, Uzbekistan has great youth, soon Japan would be not even top5 in Asia, which itself is worst continent in football, except Oceania.

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Posted in: Jordan ready to swap inmate for pilot but no mention of Goto See in context

Problem of so called "West World" is that they talk and it's only thing they can actually do. Same with North Korea, same with Africa, same with terrorism, same with Russia, same with Ukraine, same with this, same with everything. They just talk. There is a technology here, yo. Tracking devices, drones, stuff. Just find sobs and eliminate. I can't believe they can't do this, they just don't care.

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Posted in: 19-year-old girl arrested for killing 77-year-old woman in Nagoya See in context

Ever since she was a child? 19 is a child to me, but I wonder how young she meant

She had hatchet since the middle school, so maybe then or even before (let's say she had it because of this urge in the first place).

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Posted in: Another setback for Kagawa at Man United See in context

I like him, but he is too weak for Manchester United, he couldn't even stand against amateurs from 3rd league. Manchester United has the worst players since few decades, maybe even in history, their current level is below premier league, so if Kagawa can't be a star in such weak team where can he?

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Posted in: Woman, 3 minors arrested after girl's body found in apartment See in context

This news is horribly written, I can't understand a thing from it. What happened? Where was a 4th child?

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Posted in: Russia begins military exercises around Pacific islands also claimed by Japan See in context

Russia annoys whole world nowadays. They're bother to everyone, thinking they can do what they want. Who will stop this madness? It's time to give back what they've stolen!

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Posted in: Lowest number of elementary and junior high school students ever as birthrate continue to decline See in context

There is too much people in Japan anyway, so it's good that population drops. I can't imagine more people on such small (isl)lands, more people=war, less people=peace. Also life is not only about making kids and family, there are tons of better thing to do and luckily people start to see it. Seeing every-day's news and looking around yourself make people think: "nah, this is definitely not a place for children".

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Posted in: BABYMETAL plays first ever U.S. show See in context

The great metal background only comes from the musicians. The girls themselves don't know metal - they're an offshoot of a J-pop group called "Sakura Gakuin." They merely formed Babymetal because their bosses put them together - they didn't form together organically because of shared passion for the music.

Yes, that's it, this band is more background than those 3 girls, yet I like their music I am aware that the quality of it comes from different source than everyone thinks. From new j-bands I like Hello Sleepwalkers most probably, but Babymetal is ok.

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Posted in: Zaccheroni undecided on future after Japan's World Cup exit See in context

Japanese defenders are really bad, defense is the base of this game, without it you can win anything anyway, look at Greece. Japanese players should go to gym, make themselves stronger and train really hard game in defense, too many goals conceded! There is no decent forward either. There are only Kagawa and Honda, who got weaker when they've changed clubs. Guess Japan have to wait for a better generation of players. Women can do, why no men?

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Posted in: Scoreless draw keeps Japan and Greece alive See in context

Damn, Japan has so many good players, I think the problem is coach. This group was so easy to advance, I wasn't expecting miracles, just 1/8, maybe 1/4 with luck, but this... 1:4 with Columbia 2nd squad is shameless. Asia has too many teams for WC. Should be reduced to 2 and 3rd playoffs with also weak Africa.

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Posted in: Samurai Blue See in context

Oh, and 98 - also fail, so they can play good only once in 8 years, but since that was their first time... I'm disappointed, because Korea or Australia aren't better teams, yet they've played much better and they have harder groups as well.

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Posted in: Samurai Blue See in context

Couldn't score against static Greeks, this is not tournament for them. 02 - ok, 06 - fail, 10 - ok, 14 - fail again, so maybe in Russia they'll be back again. Japanese girls are better in football anyway:P

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Posted in: Japan fans curse 2 nightmarish minutes and Drogba See in context

Japan guys suck in football, only Yamato Nadeshiko!

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Posted in: Cote d'Ivoire scores 2 goals in 2 minutes to beat Japan 2-1 See in context

Poor defenders and very poor performance after scoring first goal. I can't see Japan in another round.

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Posted in: Japanese fans shamed by ref's World Cup performance See in context

And now they are also shamed by national team poor performance :(

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Posted in: Japan to ban possession of child porn, but manga, anime exempt See in context

If production and distribution is prohibited how one can possible possess it? It's stupid and new law doesn't change anything anyway.

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Posted in: Who are your favorite fictional detectives of literature, film or TV? See in context

Rust Cohle - True Detective, I don't see how anyone can even compete with him.

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