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Posted in: American man arrested for smuggling marijuana in candy See in context

Lots of legal Stuff to take the pain away. It's amazing how some people are issued passports. If you're gonna live in a foreign land you have to abide by the law.

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Posted in: Half-Indian elephant trainer crowned Miss Japan See in context

Bravo to you Ms. Yoshikawa! What a strong person you are to show "hafu" girls as well as "pure" Japanese girls that being proud and confident in oneself will always be the road to take, rather than wilt under the scrutiny of insecure people who know only hate and bigotry. I applaud you!

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Posted in: Ready or not, Japan on the way to becoming a nation of immigrants See in context

About time! All successful nations welcome immigrants.

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Posted in: Biden says he won't run for president in 2016 See in context

A collective sigh of relief heard round the world !

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Posted in: Indonesia's Aceh to start caning gays caught having sex See in context

Such an anal government!

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Posted in: Hard times for yakuza members See in context

Mafioso syndicates have long been romanticized. As long as we don't feel their wrath, they will always be looked upon as piquing one's curiosity. Good read!

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Posted in: 2 men arrested for stealing tires from submerged cars in flood-hit Joso See in context

Undermining bastards!

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Posted in: 56% of hotels in Japan bar visitors with tattoos from bathing facilities See in context

Tat's all folks!

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Posted in: 74-year-old man dies after falling from roof while clearing snow See in context

It seems every year I read the same headline. Are stricter measures needed to ensure the safety of the elderly?

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Posted in: MLB average salary exceeds $3.8 million See in context

I played amateur ball for 20 years. We only played from April to September; 25 reg. season games tops + playoffs. Pros play grapefruit league, reg. season and playoffsl totalling over 190 games. If it's so easy, go ahead and do it. I love it when people who never played the game point fingers. Not too bright!

The owners pay the players. The players accept what the owners are willing to pay. Pretty simple!

If you got talent, go for it!

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Posted in: Bad news for Balotelli as Liverpool alter system See in context

“There has been a lot of criticism of us,” Liverpool defender Martin Skrtel said, “and I hope it will change and be better in the second half of the season.”

Every time I see this cat play I just laugh. He's a hooligan; more manners in a hyena.

Sports is cyclical. No team stays on top forever. It goes in cycles. Enjoy the moment your team wins, suck up the bad, but still support!

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Posted in: McDonald's Japan to put big-sized fries back on the menu from Jan 5 See in context

Thanks McDonalds! Let's help promote obesity! What a great company. Morals and values surpassed only by KFC, Lotteria, Mr. Donuts, Wendy's, Burger King etal! Bravo!

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Posted in: 18-year-old youth gets 15 years for murdering grandparents See in context

****Saitama is like any other place in Japan. Criminals, nice people, parks and restaurants, etc., abound. I've been living here for 10 years with my wife and little girl. We feel safe. I guess it's just perspective. No more crime than any other prefecture.

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Posted in: Man arrested for taking 'normal' picture of woman on train See in context

I remember the saying " take a picture, why don'cha!' In reference to someone staring a at you intently. Well, this guy took things literally when in reality, it means, " hey, I'm uncomfortable with your intent, move the hell on!"

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Posted in: Police caution 158 minors for using Internet to solicit dates, sell underwear See in context

Maybe because it is a materialistic, image conscious, kawaiiii society where everything is about the money. Values and morals are words less used in this society. See the story about Japanese housewives waiting for their hisbands to die so they can live a fuller life. Ha!

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Posted in: Man assaults two elementary school students in Tokyo See in context

Sure hope those young lads recover, emotionally that is........as for the sack o' shit that did that, I hope.........nah, not goin there. We live in Japan people. A cluttered island of many people. There's bound to be many nutters about at any given time. Solution? Educate your kids to be street smart. I have a 7 year old daughter, and I instill in her everyday what to do if appraoched by said nutter. Run away and scream to the heavens that you are being attacked, molested, etc., Will it work? I dunno, but she will know how to react if and when the time comes. We need to educate our kids because this is the society we live in. Medicate the nutters? I don't think so. The Health system is at a breaking point as it is. Educate, not medicate!

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Posted in: Bar with all-you-can drink beer and sake + no time limit = limitless bliss See in context

So I says to my 2 buddies, Homer and Barney, "Boys, we got a new watering hole!'

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Posted in: Woman stabbed in back while walking along Saitama street See in context

Crime and criminals show no bias as to where they take place or where they are based. Saitama, Tokyo, Chiba, Yokohama. Crime is everywhere. So, to those of you who think Saitama is some kind of "hood", think again. A stabbing like the one reported above can happen in any prefecture. And if it's so bad, as it has been said so many times before, "If ya don't like it here, leave!"

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