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Posted in: Man robs Kawasaki McDonald's of Y98,000 See in context

think people!

usaexpat: Should have made that safe drop, you never want more than about 10,000 yen in the drawer for this very reason.

So what do u do if u have only 2 customers paying with 10000 yen each?

havent really thought that one through did you?

as for playing a hero for a laughable amount of money at a low wages job c‘mon!! its friggin mc donalds

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Posted in: Man arrested for speeding on motorbike after friend posts footage on YouTube See in context

Smythe: PLUS several of the sportbikes I have in my garage can clock up to 138KPH

u wanted to say scooter right?

138kph isn t exactly fast considering that sportbikes often do up to 300kph

u actually ride bikes or just wanted to comment regardless? there have been bikes around for 40 years that go faster than that.

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Posted in: Roppongi police hold anti-drug event See in context

Most of those whom I've know or met that smoke MJ or take drugs are way out there weird. weird can they be...lets say compare to japanese otaku culture, cosplay,sexualizing teenage girls,death from overwork,large amount of people who commit suicide...i could go on and on....

the point i would like to make: what is it to you if people(grown ups)decide to consume substances?

i just hope this fascist mentality of wanting to control peoples lifes will come to a stop and don t tell me the government is concerned about the wellbeing of people because than they surely will do something about pollution since its affecting ALL OUR health

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