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Posted in: Father of Akihabara killer quits work; mother hospitalized See in context

@some14some - that's a pretty callous posting about these innocent people.

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Posted in: NPO seeks to teach Japan virtues of 'waste not, want not' See in context

Charlie McJilton - congratulations on your great work and wonderful to hear that the foodbank is doing such good service. You may remember me from the incorporation process back in 2002.

sharpie - the Salvation Army in Japan does collect and sell second hand furniture, in Tokyo at least. I bought some from them in Suginami-ku. They are called "Kyuuseigun" (Save-The-World Army) in Japanese.

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How to fix it:

1) The US buys cocaine directly from the Government of Colombia and heroin directly from the Government of Afghanistan, for use in treatment programmes. Addicts register, and the drugs are available on prescription.

2) After a while addicts are transferred to methadone and cocaine substitutes, and supported with counselling and psychiatric drugs.

3) Within a couple of years new and unregistered addictions are heavily criminalized. Prison sentences and solitary cold turkey are compulsory. Exiting former addicts are transferred to the psychiatric program.

4) At the same time the penalties for dealing are made draconian. 30 years for possession with intent to supply, reducible only in return for informing on others. 50 years solitary for trafficking. Natural life solitary (never see a human face again) for gang leaders. Mandatory death sentence for production or possession of crystal meth.

Drugs ruin the lives of our most vulnerable citizens. We can and should eradicate addiction and exterminate dealers. All it takes is flexibility (buy direct, register, treat) and determination (higher taxes for extreme sentencing).

Please forward the text of this if you like these ideas.

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Posted in: Tough man Terence Lee loses street fight in Kanagawa See in context

Telling a person to step outside is literally asking for it.

More power to part-time department store employees!

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