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I think there is a difference between saying that the way someone dresses attracts attention from chikan and blaming the actions of the chikan on the person who dresses inappropriately.

For instance, what real right does a women walking up the street wearing a bikini in the middle of fall have to complain about being catcalled at.?

Is she responsible for the molesting perverted thoughts and actions of the cat callers?


Should she possibly dress more appropriately for the weather and use common sense? Is it normal for someone to wear a bikini in fall outside in public?


Using a more personal example, I basically wear nothing but sweater and jeans all year round. 40 degree weather, I am wearing sweater and jeens. You never see me wear anything else. I am made fun of for this, accused of being drug dealer and gangster for the way I dress.

Why? Because the way I am dressed represents a social group (drug dealers gang members)

People equate people wearing sweaters in the boiling hot weather as someone who is up to no good. They wear baggie clothes to hide their criminal activity such as shoplifting etc.

Am I a shop lifter? Am I a drug dealer or criminal?

No. I simply dress this way because my body is different and I find 40 degrees not that hot. I am also sensitive about how skinny I am and don't want people to see my weight.

The point I am making here, is if I get complaints, pulled over by cops, ostricized by peers for the way I dress, in my mind two things arr going on

A) admittedly the way I dress is not normal

B) people are descriminating against me and accusing me of being someone I am not.

If I dress this way, am I the person they think I am? No

Does the way I dress a attract attention from racist discriminatory losers? Yes

Am I responsible for them bei g racist and discriminatory? No

In comparison, I think the way girls dress at times is the same as the above personal example.

They dress the way they do for reasons. Some girls like style or feel more comfortable dressing a certain way. Some girls are just promiscuous.

But should the way they dress be blamed for someones action? No

Is the way they dress acttracting unwanted attention? Yes

Should they possibly use some common sense and dress differently if they don't wish to receive this attention? Possibly, arguably no. Depends on their reason for dressing that way. As in my case where I react differently to temperature, I should not have to dress and feel cold and uncomfortable because people are mocking me. However, if you are walking up the street jiggling your boobs in a bikini in the middle of winter... Well.. I think we can all agree that's a bit different.

In conclusion,

Yes, it is true, short skirts attract the attention of perverts.

Yes it is true the bus is a known place for these perverts to gather.

Yes it is true girls in Japan like wearing them for style.

No, they are not to blame for the perversion of others.

No, advising women to dress differently when putting themselves in a situation in which they know they will be surrounded by perverts.. Is not suggesting that they are to blame. It is telling them to take precautions against these people, because these people are attracted to that sort of dress. It is the same thing as telling someone to make sure to bring protection to the bar, to carry a gun when in a bad neighborhood.

So.. I feel that people have really over reacted to this poster in other words.

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