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Posted in: Global ban on exports of toxic waste advances See in context

Idealists toxic wasting against the wind.

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Posted in: Gadhafi's body stashed in shopping center freezer See in context

Who in the big bad world really cares that Gadhafi is dead? It matters to the people of Libya of course and a nasty select group of business people who either don’t want past secrets told or want to get in there rebuilding what NATO knocked down. But is this going to make that big a difference to many lives? Not very likely is it? Just this weeks news. And maybe next weeks conspiracy. As we saw with Bin Laden he was no sooner announced as dead that we were being told why it wasn’t true. What added to the Bin Laden is alive conspiracy was that many of the team that were said to have killed him were themselves killed a few weeks later. Very neat getting rid of the witnesses that might say the wrong thing. Even here we have got one post that has already got in on the Gadhafi isn’t dead conspiracy. Any body got any good ideas how this might play out next week? A game a bit like fantasy football played out with dead heads of state. Oh dear! Just remembered the heir to Saudi has just died too. I wonder how that is connected to Gadhafi’s death. Not doubt we will learn the “truth” next week.

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Posted in: Gadhafi's body stashed in shopping center freezer See in context

Ghadafi is dead, and the images of that death may well have been gruesome but for many that was needed. Though it hardly inspires confidence in what the new Libya will be like. Now we can expect the factions to start fighting to find who is going to rule next. By the way wouldn’t a reasonably educated journalist use the word stomach rather than belly?

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Posted in: Okinawa noise pollution trial begins with 22,000 plaintiffs See in context

Why are these people living near an air base? Because it is and has been their home for longer than there has been an airbase. The people were there first.

The bases are not there to defend Japan, they are there as a first line of defence for the US. And if it ever did come down to a shooting war with China they would be destroyed on the first day. A defence again NK? Never going to happen.

These bases are used as training bases because there is next nothing else for them to do. So fine, if the US really wants to keep their bases, do so. But move all the flight training back the states. There is no need for it to be taking place from anywhere in Japan. A semi mothballed base that can be activated in a short time and no local noise. Is that really so difficult?

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“There is still a lot of radiation that is being leaked into the ground through cracks that is being kept a secret from everyone”

“a secret from everyone”

A secret from everyone but you and now all JT reads.

I do accept that there are others that deserve recognition for the work and risks they took. But with “logic” like yours I’m not going to get too worried about anything you say I should be worried about.

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Posted in: IBM unveils computer chips that mimic human brain See in context

“IBM unveils computer chips that mimic human brain”

Men’s brains or women’s brains?

And will they think about sex every nine seconds?

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Posted in: Belgian soccer match halted after Fukushima taunts See in context

Wow! Kawashima is somehow in the wrong because a bunch of savages have now respect? Maybe some people need to get their priorities sorted out. Football is nothing more than a sport, and it would seem a sport that attracts the lowest life forms as supporters.

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This is not the celebration at the end of a war, this is the celebration at the death of a single man, all be it one that deserved to die (assuming that he is dead). Celebrating the end of a conflict, an end to the killing makes sense. But what we see here is not an end to anything other than one man’s life. What we are seeing is barbaric, it is not how any civilised person should behave. To be pleased that Bin Laden is dead is fine, but to dance in the streets because was killed is obscene. Relating what is seen here with anything in history is refusing to see just how obscene it really is, this is your America in the 21st century, is this how you want your country to be seen, just like the Arabs that celebrated the destruction of the World trade center?

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It is early days yet to be accepting everything the White house has to say about this. I would normally be one of the fist to knock the conspiracy nutters but this just smells so bad that it almost invites conspiracy theories. Nobody other than the hit team has seen the body, and then they say it was dumped at sea. Was it and was he killed? Not sure that the US would want him seen to be taken alive, but on the other hand this man has a lot of information in his head that the US with enough time could extract. Saying that he is dead and the body has been thrown in the sea makes perfect sense if what you really want to do is put his friends minds at rest while taking your time over extracting all he knows. The fact is nobody is ever going to see him again whichever way it went. But let us not assume that we are being told the truth, that is not something that governments do.

The team that went in and got him (however they “got” him) deserve nothing but praise. The fact that Pakistan has yet again been shown to be totally corrupt and not to be trusted shouldn’t surprise anybody. And the fact that Americans are out on the street celebrating is just a little too disgusting.

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Posted in: A look at political unrest in the Middle East See in context


I suppose getting the Sunnis out isn’t such a bad idea, having Sunnis and Shiites living together will in the end lead to them killing each other, it normally does.

EGYPT: “The death toll in Muslim-Christian clashes over the burning of a church rises to 13, with about 140 wounded”

No change then, those two well known religions of peace getting along as usual.

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Posted in: Crane dance See in context

The picture is fine and the cranes are as ever elegant.

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Posted in: Protesters hit by hail of gunfire in Libya; U.S. freezes Gadhafi assets See in context

Finally the West starts doing something and what do they do, they box the rat in so that he has no way out (even if he wanted one). Gaddafi, his family and friends now have only one option, fight it out. Bright thinking from the UN, US and all who think (claim) they are trying to help the people of Libya. The only safe place for Gaddafi and Co. is Libya under Gaddafi control. Sounds like the makings of a blood bath.

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Posted in: Dior suspends Galliano for alleged anti-Semitism See in context

At this time it would be wrong to judge this racist scum for insulting these nice people so I will of course wait until he is deservingly hung from the nearest lamppost. However I do know that some people should face terms in prison when they write “I don't know nothing about France and her laws,”. Don’t know nothing is only too true. It’s painful to read so how could you write such a thing?

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Posted in: Pakistan's intelligence agency ready to split with CIA See in context

“To regain support and assistance, he said, “they have to start showing respect, not belittling us, not being belligerent to us, not treating us like we are their lackeys.”

But whatever else the CIA does it will never be so stupid as to actually trust the ISI.

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Posted in: U.S. weighs response to Somali pirates' hijacking of yacht with 4 Americans See in context


“Why should America invade another country?”

Because it is good for your arms business.

“Americans are tired of being the local police.”

You might find that had “the local (?) police” stayed at home more often the world may no be the way you want it to be but it would be a lot less dangerous for a great many people.

Nobody is asking the wonderful US to invade again, we all remember what a fantastic job you made of it the last time and how when it got a little too hot and unprofitable you just did a runner.

Besides what are your super troopers going to do if the do manage to capture the pirates, build another illegal prison outside US jurisdiction and keep them there for how long? You really do over value your own worth.

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Posted in: 70,000 protesters surround Wisconsin Capitol See in context

I read the headline “70,000 protesters surround Wisconsin Capitol” and thought finally the democracy demonstrations had spread from North Africa to the US.

Well, maybe next year.

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Posted in: U.S. weighs response to Somali pirates' hijacking of yacht with 4 Americans See in context

Given what they were doing, bible distribution, they must have god on their side so we can all (including the US government) leave this to their god, he is sure to see that the get home safe.

Well think about it, sending in a team of highly trained American killers to take out the pirates is hardly a christian thing to do is it?

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Posted in: At this point in time, who has the best claim to the disputed four Russian-administered islands off Hokkaido? See in context


“They're Russian islands, bottom line. Any claim to the contrary is moot. They were taken in war, and are lived on and administered by Russia”

Will you clarify something for me?

Do you believe what you have written to be both a normal and acceptable way for things to be? Simply, do you believe this is right?

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Posted in: Israel claims Iran warships planning to transit through Suez Canal See in context

Sarge "Iran warships" “If there is ever an all-out war with Israel, those Iranian warships will be destroyed.”

Too true, but what if those ships do come through the canal and then do try to dock in Gaza? Is the Middle East stable enough at the moment for what will follow? I am not even sure the world as a whole is stable enough for what might happen.

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Posted in: Norwegian shipper: Kill pirates on the spot See in context

Pay any blackmailer once and you will go on and on paying, with the “price” creeping up all the time.

Anybody that sees piracy as a good career move needs to read the job description and that job description needs to include the warning that they might at some point get a big hole blown in their head or be left out at sea to swim a few hundred miles to the nearest land. If the applicant accepts these conditions of employment then fine. Become a pirate.

As much as we all agree that the world does need human rights there must be a point where the rights of the victims take priority over the rights of the victimiser. And as much as they may claim to be, the Somalis are not the victims here, the crews of those ships take priority and have a right to real protection.

“Halima Hassan, a sister of one of the dead pirates, said her brother was innocent and was killed as he was guarding the coast “from illegal fishing vessels.”

Since when did bulk chemical carriers take time out to do a little fishing?

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Posted in: Egyptian army sides with Mubarak See in context

Pro-Mubarak supporters have come on to the streets of Cairo and there have been violent clashes between demonstrators and police in Alexandria. Will Egypt manage to avoid serious violence between now and Friday? It’s not looking good. But let’s hope that daylight will calm things down.

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Posted in: Muslim dignitaries pay their respects at Auschwitz See in context

I am not always sure I like the way that the Holocaust is presented, it gives the simple minded the opportunity to use it as a means of saying the Jews are using it as a victim card. This however is different in that the Holocaust is being used as an example of where racism can ultimately lead. Reading the British papers over the last week in an attempt to try and get a better idea what is happening in Egypt I have been really sickened by the accepted level of anti-Jewish feeling that is being openly expressed in many of the papers, and the comments sections have been horrendous. (Dear Mod they really do need your critical eye). I think we have all seen how some people will use the word “Israel” when they really mean “Jewish” but last week it was openly anti-Jewish AND anti-Israeli. I have never read any national paper that printed such things before. Maybe what the Aladdin Project can help in some small way. I hope so, because poison is poison no matter who it is given to.

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Posted in: Egypt's military promises no force against protests See in context

Triumvere at 12:43 PM JST - 1st February

“On the contrary, I see enormous potential for a freer, more democratic world here.”

I know what you are saying and do sort of agree with you, but we have seen potential for so much good hijacked before and it is that possibility that I have at the back of my mind. And without trying to deride Islam we have seen it used very effectively in the past as a means of controlling people. And seldom for the good. As a mechanism for getting and keeping control of a country Islam is a very good tool. I’m not at this time knocking it as a religion but we know how it can and does get used. That is my fear and my reason for doubting that any good will come out of a general popular uprising against the ruling dictators in the Middle East. I would like to believe and to be wrong, but can’t.

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Posted in: Egypt's military promises no force against protests See in context

Watched the Mubarak speech on Aljazeera and he seems to be totally out of touch with what is really happening on the streets. His speech seemed designed to split the demonstrators and sap their will to continue. Made himself sound like every bodies favourite uncle and said he would die on Egyptian soil and the reaction from the crowd made that sound very possible because they were not at all happy. If the momentum holds and the military stay calm, and the police don’t get a chance to create trouble then Friday should be Mubarak’s last day. One way or another.

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Posted in: Report warns of Iran nuke disaster due to computer worm See in context


Thank you for saying what should have been said in the (none)article.

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Posted in: Egypt's military promises no force against protests See in context

Triumvere “Tunisia was one thing, but Mubarak goes down we'll see popular revolutions across the Middle East. This could be a dawning of a new era.”

And probably not a good one.

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Posted in: Egypt's military promises no force against protests See in context

I came by to see what everyone was saying and found two posts neither of which I can really disagree with. Glycol57, although I can fully understand you reticence re having the military take over I also well understand Mike’s fears that the Brotherhood might just hijack all that has been achieved this far. There is middle ground here if the military could be trusted to take control of the country for a set period with a promise of election on a particular date. Yes, we have seen this done before with some African countries that never did get their elections. But I think that the military in Egypt might be a tad more trustworthy. Besides I have a strong suspicion the Egyptian military have no wish to go up against the Israelis again and that might help them avoid falling under the leadership of Islamic crazies.

I have one serious fear about today though, the army has said they will not use violence unless the demonstrators get out of hand and commit crimes against the country. But we have already seen that Mubarak has put troublemakers out on the streets, police in plain clothes, what if that is done today and it is these agent provocateurs that create the spark that the army can use? Not nice thinking on my part I know, but we have all seem far worse in other places. Let’s all hope that I am very wrong.

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Posted in: Life's for the birds See in context

Foxie at 07:42 PM JST - 26th January

Perhaps you could go on to list all the infectious properties of the human being and then tell them to return to their natural habitat.

Pigeons have the same right to be where ever they want as you do. The fact that somebody has taken the time to feed them is really quite nice. What an incredibly cold and barren place cities would be if there were no natural life forms other than grey soulless human beings?

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Posted in: Defense rests See in context

just-a-guy at 03:55 PM JST - 13th January “i wonder how many Japanese sdf members died in their duty in th past 50 years that need such a huge memorial stone!”

What would rather they did, build a little one and add to it with each new death? Lego style memorials thought of by “Just a guy”.

By the way, are you having trouble with you keyboard caps key again? Strange how it only functions for the letter “J” and “!”. Maybe a new keyboard would be a good investment.

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Posted in: Arizona shooting once again ignites gun control debate See in context


The constitution was written as a protection of the people from government, it never had a thought about criminals, Indians maybe, but not criminals.

And magazine capacity is an issue. My guess would be that this crazy used a 19 round magazine and then needed to reload and it is only because he needed to reload that anybody got a chance to get near him to stop him. Limiting magazine capacity would have reduced the damage he did. Why does anybody outside a war zone need 19 or 31 rounds?

“He should have been in a hospital or institution where he couldn't have harmed anyone.”

But he wasn’t because he has civil rights given to him by that same constitution that you hold as paramount.

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