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Garcia has always been a drama-queen and a poor sport. Several years ago after retrieving his ball from the cup, he spit (& not a litttle bit) into the cup for all the following players to enjoy. When he was called out for it on tv by the announcer in an interview, he seemed surprised that anyone would have the audacity to question him,

Good of luck with that attitude at Bethpage, Sergio. I wouldn’t be surprised if he throws a hissy mid-round and quits.

Good riddance.

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Posted in: Democrat Warren kicks off 2020 run, hobbled by ancestry row See in context


Boring, shrill, economically misguided, hypocritical and dishonest on her background. (Btw, I’m voting Democratic). Nope, unless she is the nominee against Dotard, hard nope. Even then, I’d hold my nose and take a shower after.

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Reparations were paid, the elected government chose to use them on infrastructure and graft. Apologies were made, they’ve been ignored. “Final agreements” were signed, then ripped up.

70 years after the War’s end, the Koreans are still moaning about it because of national ego and domestic politics.

Enough. Stuff it.

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Posted in: American woman brings pistol, bullets onto Delta Air Lines flight to Japan See in context

This is what happens when you force people to work without pay. Fun Fact: ATC is also working without pay.

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Posted in: Grown children surprised to find their fathers absorbed in internet rightwing sites See in context

This is not a phenomenon limited to Japan. I know several people in America with retired parents who’ve fallen I to the faux “news” orbit and now spout off embarrassingly about globalists (aka Jews), “others” (non-whites) and the conspiracy against Gods anointed one.

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Posted in: Prosecutors seek 10-year-term for ex-MtGox bitcoin chief Karpeles See in context

Problem is, he hasn’t confessed and they can prove essentially nothing. The coins are gone. That’s all they know. Who and how is completely unknown.

I am guessing a face-saving conviction on the related issues and a time-served/suspended sentence.

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Posted in: As Japan OKs law to let more foreigners in, tiny rural town wants to go further See in context

Resident since 98. Permanent Resident now. It’s not actually that hard if you’re employed and keep your nose clean.

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Posted in: Transport ministry calls 25 airlines to meeting on pilots drinking See in context

Those here who say nothing is going to change are completely wrong. This has everyone’s attention, both in the industry and in the relevant govt. agencies. I cannot say for certain that there will never be another incident, but I can say that their frequency will drop dramatically and the atmosphere that allowed the JAL crew to believe that they could sneak a drunk First Officer on board is a thing of the past.

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Posted in: How Carlos Ghosn has been spending his days in a cell in Kosuge See in context

The detention center is where the interrogate him until he breaks. If he doesn’t confess, the odds of a conviction are 50/50. I’m not commenting on my opinion of his guilt or innocence. I’m just stating an opinion on the nature of criminal justice in Japan.

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Posted in: JAL fires co-pilot jailed in UK for drinking excessive alcohol before flight See in context

He will never fly again anywhere ever. JCAB will pull his license and he won’t get a new one any where else because of his criminal record. Good riddance. What I want to know is what happens to the 2 Captains who knew that he was not fit to fly and were obviously covering for him? The consequences of their obstruction will show how serious JAL is about cleaning this up.

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Posted in: JAL pilot, 10 times over alcohol limit, jailed for 10 months in UK See in context

Forget abot the Co-pilot. His career in aviation is over. JCAB will pull his license the moment he gets out. What I want to know is what happens to the 2 Captains who (I VERY strongly suspect) knew he was unfit to fly and were going to sneak him on the plane to sleep it off. What happens to them determines how seriously JCAB will deal with this issue.

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Posted in: Japanese prosecutors say they will detain Ghosn as long as needed See in context

In other words “until he confesses because we can’t get a conviction without one.”

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Posted in: Japanese folk rituals approved as UNESCO intangible heritage See in context

Look at the traumatized children screaming their heads off while the adults laugh. Isn’t our culture wonderful? And don’t even get me started on the UNESCO “seal of approval “.....

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Posted in: Royals sign 16-year-old Japanese pitcher out of junior high See in context

Good news, he avoids the arm-destroying Hell that is Koshien. Bad news, he’s playing for the Royals. I’m from Kansas City. The team is Gawd-awful and will be for at least another several years. I’m 48, not in great shape, and never played ball. I could play for this team right now. It’s that bad.

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Posted in: ‘Jisa Biz’ campaign to ease overcrowding on Tokyo trains starts Monday See in context

What a stupid term. Let’s just call it “Jiz”

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Posted in: 'Very limited' impact of World Cup on Russia's economy: Moody's See in context

Perhaps the idea of going to the middle of nowhere, getting scammed and having your phone hacked makes Russia less than appealing. I know I wouldn’t spend a dime there.

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Posted in: The Dude abides: 'The Big Lebowski' at 20 See in context

You’re killing your father, Larry.

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Posted in: Decapitated cat found on Tokyo street See in context

Sounds like we have a serial killer in the making on our hands.

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Posted in: Lockheed Martin to propose stealth hybrid of F-22 and F-35 for Japan See in context

Yeah, that's "unlikely" to happen. First, the US has refused to sell the F-22 airframe or ANY part of it to anyone, even the British. Second, you don't just slap f-35 sensors in the new plane, it would take time and a WHOLE lot of money. 3rd, As someone pointed out, the U.S. needs to sell as many f-35s as possible to get the unit cost down.

I agree that Japan's fighter fleet needs an upgrade, but the off the shelf f-35 a (and maybe b versions) will meet its needs at a much lower cost than this proposed franken-plane (oh, I like that one. I'm trademarking it!)

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Posted in: Voter support for Abe slips amid calls for Aso to quit See in context

How on Earth is Aso still around? The man makes Ishihara look like a lightweight when it comes to saying stupid things.

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Like an incurable STD, they go dormant, sometimes for years and then fester when you least expect it.

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Posted in: Famed music producer Tetsuya Komuro quits showbiz after reports of extramarital affair See in context

He should not have called a press conference. They’re just ritual murders without an actual death. That said, the geinojin who calls one and says, “it’s none of your business and no, I don’t owe the public an apology for my legal private behavior.” wins my eternal support.

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Posted in: S Korea invites former 'comfort woman' to state banquet with Trump See in context

Waiting for Donnie to say "there were very good people on both sides."

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Posted in: 'Black Widow' sentenced to death for several murders See in context

mmwkdwToday  07:36 pm JST

Many people here seem to take pleasure at wishing her to Hang, though I wonder if it would be the same, were they to be the one who escorts her to the Scaffold, Puts the rope around her neck, and pulls the trap door lever ?

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in general I agree, but for her, I'd have zero trouble and I'm not a vindictive person by nature.

And not for nothin, but either they were VERY lonely, or she was very skilled in the "physical arts."

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Posted in: JAL 1st Asian airline to operate AVANT on Boeing 787 aircraft See in context

Isn't it great what you can spend money on when the government writes off your debts, let's you fire 1/2 your staff, lets you cut the benifits of ALREADY RETIRED workers by 50%, and says that you don't need to pay taxes for 5 years no matter how much profit you make?

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This fight was a farce from the beginning. McGreggor shouldn't be holding a pro-boxer's jock much less fighting.

Remember in the early days of UFC? No rounds, no gloves, no weight categories. You could fight or you couldn't.

there are a few good fighters, but mostly I see people with no defensive skills to speak of. No footwork, no head movement and certainly no blocking. If these guys could fight, they'd be pro boxers. But they can't generally speaking, so they go to the minors AKA MMA.

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Posted in: Families worry about daycare shortage in Japan See in context

This is a problem that could be solved with money which means that it isn't a problem. Consider two related issues:

Japan has the lowest female labor participation rate of OECD countries even though more women say in surveys they want to work.

Also, JAPAN has a pitifully low birth rate. Women who delay having more (or any) children commonly site a lack of daycare because they either need or want to work.

The common denominator is a lack of child care. This is unconscionably bad governance.

Build more facilities. Not enough licensed providers you say? Pay them more money. The extra costs should be more than made up for by additional tax revenues both now (more working mothers paying more taxes) and in the future (a larger or at least less small pool of workers).

I guess the fact that is so blindingly obvious is one reason the old men running this society cannot see the solution. We definitely need more women in politics.

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Posted in: Japan's 2nd-quarter GDP blows past expectations on robust domestic demand See in context

If this bears out, it's quite strong growth. It also means that the target of 2% inflation is no longer illusionary.

Hopefully growth plus a shortage of labor will increase pay in the aggregate.

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Posted in: Japan reveals plans to put a man on moon by 2030 See in context

Never. Gonna. Happen. I'd love if I were 6'6", but that's not a reasonable explanation either

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Posted in: Are Japan's bookstores in the path of yet another storm? See in context

I haven't purchased a physical book in years, not because I don't read, I read as much as I can - several hours a day. It's that I get all content either on line r via my kindle (I purchased 3 titles last week). It's cheaper, with less clutter, I can carry literally thousands of titles everywhere, and it's better for the environment.

Any business model that sells a physical version of what can be digitized and transferred wirelessly is going the way of the dinosaur.

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