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Posted in: From outbreak to surrender: World War II in the Pacific See in context

“History will always be written by the victor and the losers will always be depicted as the antagonists”

If you don’t want to go down in History as aggressors, don’t invade other countries, don’t commit war crimes, don’t fight wars you cannot win.

I’m referring to Imperial Japan. Seems like pretty good advice for America as well.

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Posted in: Japan-S Korea feud set to flare over wartime labor row See in context

Left wing, Right wing, in Korea when you get in domestic political trouble, blame Japan.

Enough. Japan has apologized. The Emperor apologized. Compensation was paid. That the South stiffed the victims is the South’s fault.

Japan and South Korea reached (in my view a pretty unfair to the South) an agreement on forced sex slaves. For better or for worse, the sovereign government elected by the people signed the deal. Then they broke it.


And I am a “Yasukini-hater.”

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Posted in: TikTok lovers rage against Trump threat of U.S. ban See in context

This is definitely all about Tulsa. And Trump’s demand for a piece of the sale price amounts to extortion. It’s really no different from the yaks that walk into an izakaya and say “Nice bar. It’d be a shame if something happened to it......or you.”

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Posted in: Pompeo says Trump to take broad action on Chinese software See in context

This is a real issue and Secretary Pompous is the last person who should be delivering it. He has no credibility on anything regarding Chima.

As a fellow Kansan, I can tell you the man is regarded as an embarrassment. There’s a reason he didn’t run for Senate this year. He would have likely lost.

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Posted in: Japan's summer season transformed by coronavirus See in context

I’m writing this year off. Stay home. Stay alive. Come back next year vaccinated.

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Posted in: MLB boss says 'no reason to quit' as more COVID-19 cases hit See in context

I don’t see how MLB is going to get in a 60 game season. The league didn’t thing things through and the players are not taking containment measures seriously enough.

Let’s not even start with College Football.

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Posted in: Trump floats idea of election delay See in context

Trump is going to lose BIGLY. That’s why he’s flailing. -33% growth in the quarter 150,000 preventable deaths All on his watch. “I alone can fix it!” Remember that? He’s a fraud and even his supporters know it deep down

no, he cannot delay an election. So he’ll do the next best thing. Counter-sue. Muddy the waters, walk away claiming victory. It’s what he did with his casinos. It’s what he did with his “university”. It’s his whole life. His entire life is a testament to failure.

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“if people can put on a mask and go to the store they can put on a mask to go vote. Masks plus social distancing works right? 

we shouldn’t still be counting votes weeks later like NY state did.”

But where are the clowns? Send in the clowns. Don’t bother, they’re here......

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Posted in: U.S. to withdraw about 12,000 troops from Germany but nearly half to stay in Europe See in context

Thankfully, this takes time to execute and Biden will likely reverse the order.

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Posted in: As virus aid talks stalemate, Trump scorns help for cities See in context

Trump and the GOP don’t need the “fake news” to brand them as incompetent. They do that all by themselves.

Lets suppose that the $600 in extra assistance is cut off and the localities are unassisted. Whom do you suppose that those newly indigent and unemployed city workers are going to vote for?

What effect will that have on the sputtering recovery and whom do you suppose the voters will hold accountable for the ensuing economic collapse?

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Posted in: Britain unveils plans to tackle 'obesity time bomb' See in context

Fat chance!

Sorry, I just couldn’t resist.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports single-day record of 366 new coronavirus infections See in context

I recently needed emergent care (Kidney stones) and had to call about 4 different hospitals before I found one that would let me come in because they were not taking new patients due to Corona. REALLY painful, but not life-threatening. It made me wonder “What if it were critical? Would I be able to get treated?”

It’s not just the infected and the sick but also people needing but unable to get treatment or too scared to seek treatment that is making this a public health issue.

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Posted in: Kanye West posts series of rambling late night tweets See in context

While I have never liked his Narcissism, nor his “Music”, I think Kanye is suffering from a serious mental break that begs for an intervention ala Britany. Left to his own devices, this won’t end well.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 237 new cases of coronavirus See in context

There quite simply will be no economic recovery until confidence in public health is restored. As every (credible) public health official will tell you, error on the side of caution. Once you have exponential spread, it’s too late (Florida anyone?)

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Posted in: Gov't decides to pay Go To cancellation fees for Tokyoites See in context


sonwe the tax payer get to take it in the shorts while neither the hotel operator, nor the party that cancelled suffer any loses???

Profits are privatized and losses are socialized......

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Posted in: Trump to resume coronavirus briefings; backs mask wearing See in context

I especially like the part where the second sentence starts with something like “We had excellent ratings. We had the greatest ratings in cable tv history.”

So it’s all about him, his success. His ratings. His popularity.

Mary was right; he checks every box on the narcissistic personality disorder diagnostic checklist.

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Posted in: Go To fiasco may see gov't paying Tokyoites' cancellation fees See in context

This program seems to embody the goal prioritization, scenario analysis and contingency planning that we have come to expect of the Abe “administration.”

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Posted in: Kanye West holds chaotic opening of 2020 presidential bid See in context

By all means, let’s replace a narcissistic sociopath with a narcissist with bi-polar disorder. They both have wives nearing their hot mom expiration dates and zero policy curiosity

I honestly can’t figure out If this is Kanye’s desperate attempt to stay relevant, or a cry for a mental heath intervention. Certainly the Kardashian clan don’t have his best interests at heart.

He is a wet fart in a hurricane. The last 3 years have shown that competence matters and that the presidency is not an entry level job.

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Posted in: John Lewis, lion of civil rights and Congress, dies at 80 See in context

What a wonderful man. This year just gets worse and worse.

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Posted in: No Tokyo Olympics likely means no Beijing Winter Games either, says Pound See in context

Beijing should have the games pulled or boycotted because of their behaving HK, the South China Sea, East China Sea and Taiwan.

they are free-riders in the West and it’s time for that ride to come to an end.

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Posted in: China vows retaliation after Trump ends preferential status for Hong Kong See in context

Having studied the CCP extensively in college (many years ago) I can say that it is irredeemably evil. It is a black hole of power and corruption.

If Communism could succeed anywhere in the world, it would be China; a country of poor people, a confusion history, and utter corruption in the past. And yet the only way the CCP stays in power is by locking up and/or killing anyone who dares to speak out against them.

I am a liberal Democrat and I warn everyone that the CCP is a nationalist, expansionist, aggressor. They want to creep forward and then present us with a dead end choice. They think we need China. China needs our markets, and we are militarily stronger (for now). It’s time to draw a line.

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Posted in: Go To travel campaign comes under fire See in context

If you were an aging resident in the boonies (let’s be honest, that’s a majority of the population) would you want a bunch of people from Tokyo descending on your moderate sized (Kanazawa for example. Beautiful city btw) city? Full disclosure, I’m “from” Tokyo.

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Posted in: Tokyo lifts coronavirus alert to highest level; 165 new cases reported Wednesday See in context

Is “red” anything like “double secret probation “?

On a personal level, as a 25 year resident of Japan, this is so depressing..... on so many levels...

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Posted in: Man arrested after video surfaces, showing him let elementary school daughter drive car See in context

This is called “childhood” in Kansas.

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Posted in: U.S. base in Okinawa confirms 32 more coronavirus cases; Iwakuni base reports several See in context

It sounds like the USMC, was negligent in not reporting cases it knew about to the host government. If so, it’s politically stupid and not being a good ally.

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Posted in: New coronavirus cases hit daily record of over 60,000 in U.S. See in context

You know, when the weather warms up it will just go away as if by Magic.

118 degrees in AZ today. How warm does it need to be?

it really feels like under Trump, the Federal government has just given up.

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Posted in: Americans face testing delays as virus surges See in context

But I thought the tests were “beautiful”, and that anyone who wanted one could get one?

(if you’re willing to wait for 5-12 hours in your car and 5-10 days for results).

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Posted in: Americans face testing delays as virus surges See in context

So. Much. Winning. November 3rd cannot come fast enough.

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Posted in: Trump's bluster can't beat a virus, calm a restive nation See in context

Failure - Sometimes a man’s entire purpose in life is to serve as a warning to others. Trump is such a man.

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Posted in: At least 8 Mississippi lawmakers test positive for COVID-19 See in context

Because, science.... Who knew government could be so hard?

This is going to be a tsunami election for 2 reasons: 1. People have grown tired of Trump’s bit (lie, bully, lie commit crimes). 2. Trump’s supporters are going to die in statistically significant numbers.

8 members of a state assembly is just the top of what’s coming.

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