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Posted in: Japan to stiffen rules for foreign university student enrollment after 1,600 go AWOL See in context

There have been similar problems in the UK in recent years, with certain small Universities being used as gateways for illegal immigration.

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Posted in: Illustrator shows different types of perverts encountered on Japanese trains See in context

I'm not entirely surprised TBH, saddened but unsurprised, there is definitely a streak of perversity in modern Japanese culture. When I was in Vienna visiting the Belvedere, I wondered why all the statues had darkened boobs - I soon found out. The male Japanese tourists were taking turns groping the busts of the statues! no one else, just Japanese tourists. later that day I was waiting for a train in Vienna station, and was sat next to a young Japanese woman. There was a very drunk man sat behind us and his arms were all over the poor woman (possibly by mistake but I'm not sure. After about five minutes of this, I suggested to her that she move to an empty seat across from us, which she gratefully did with much bowing and thanking. It saddened me that she felt she had to endure this situation, and that she only acted when advised to do so by another male, it was almost as if she needed permission from a man to escape the situation.

It's very easy for westerners to call Japanese women out for not making more of a fuss, but they have not been brought up in the Japanese culture that moulds women to quietly accept what happens to them. What excuse the men have I don't exactly know - possibly none.

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